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1) Message boards : Questions and problems : No projects can download fresh tasks? (Message 107092)
Posted 16 Feb 2022 by Shannon Jacobs
Well, I haven't checked all of them, but all the ones I've checked are refusing to send down any fresh work. The connection is working fine, and finished work was reported until it ran out of work. Affecting a number of computers, so it isn't one machine, but they are all connecting via the same network, so it might be some ISP-level problem. But only blocking in one direction?

I basically like my provider so I don't want to mention the name and potentially give a black eye for a hopefully minor problem, but it sure looks like no one else is seeing the same problem. So I guess I'm just asking someone to confirm things are normal before I start calling customer service to nudge them...
2) Message boards : Questions and problems : After I restart, BOINC Manager won't open again, ever. Wiped system, reinstalled, same issue. (Message 84397)
Posted 15 Jan 2018 by Shannon Jacobs
I've been seeing the same thing, and it's been getting worse with later releases of Ubuntu. At this point I'm pretty sure that it's basically a memory problem, with not enough memory available for the BOINC Manager to run.

Not a fix, but on my most troubled Ubuntu machine, I do have a poor workaround. There is a point during the startup when I have a pretty good chance of getting the BOINC Manager to open. It's just after the second group of desktop icons have been displayed. The first group uses standard icons, and then there is a second group of thumbnail-image-based icons. If I click at that time (and ONLY at that time), then the BOINC Manager usually opens and runs normally.

When it fails, you can see the sidebar icon throbbing for about 20 seconds after the click. If that has happened and the throbbing has stopped and the BOINC Manager has not opened, then it will almost never open after that. The only "solutionW is to reboot and try to hit the magic window again.
3) Message boards : Projects : News on Project Outages (Message 76311)
Posted 9 Mar 2017 by Shannon Jacobs
I used

in my hosts file, but it only gets you to the main page. Other servers and IP addresses are obviously required to hack it sufficiently, and not worth the effort. Thanks for the information anyway, but I'm just going to unhack it and wait for them to get their act together.
4) Message boards : Projects : News on Project Outages (Message 76310)
Posted 9 Mar 2017 by Shannon Jacobs
Hmm... Still nothing here. Is it possible that it will take longer in Japan?

As a twisted workaround, does anyone have the IP address if they are using a visible one? I could use the hosts file for the machine that is running over deadline...
5) Message boards : BOINC Manager : Wishlist for Mac (Message 67133)
Posted 25 Jan 2016 by Shannon Jacobs
Same problem with the tricky keys to select multiple units, but my concern today involves the redisplay of the BOINC Manager after restarting the computer. No can do. Only 'solution' I've found is to close BOINC Manager from the menu bar, and then restart it from the icon, and the manager reappears.

Mac is Macbook Pro, 13 inch Retina display.

Sorry if this topic is somewhere else in the thread, but I've been searching around for while already, and haven't found out. According to Murphy's Law, that means the discussion is in the next comment I would have looked at, or perhaps revealed by one more search of some keyword I haven't thought of yet...
6) Message boards : BOINC Manager : BOINC Manager stuck in "Reconnecting to client" status? (Message 58587)
Posted 10 Dec 2014 by Shannon Jacobs
There's a little red ball on the lower right of the icon, and hovering produces the message "Reconnecting to Client." It looks funny, but everything seems to be working normally, so I'm guessing its a minor glitch of the newest version?

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