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1) Message boards : Questions and problems : Many boinc subforums are locked (Message 104538)
Posted 7 Jun 2021 by tckosvic
Many subforums of boinc questions forum are locked, e.g., boinc manager. I am logged in. I cannot respond to any existing message. I think this is as evidenced to the locked icon that shows on boinc manager many other subforums also. Hovering over message also says locked.

I think, within a message, I can only send send a private message to a responder but cannot post a response on the thread.

Someone see if I am right? If I am right, I hope someone can unlock these subforums.

thanks, tom kosvic
2) Message boards : BOINC Manager : closing boinc manager now kills client (Message 100871)
Posted 28 Sep 2020 by tckosvic
I am running openSUSE leap 15.2 with boinc manager 7.16.6. Closing boinc manager now kills client and stops computations. This is a real pain to keep boinc manager minimized and not close it by accident. I try to run boinc for extended periods unattended. Now I have to check it and keep starting boinc client when I accidentally close boinc manager..

In openSUSE 15.1 which I ran until a week or so ago, I could close boinc manager and boinc client would keep running. I accrued 1.2 million status points running boinc calcs on 9 processors. This was painless. I believe the boinc manager for openSUSE 15.1 was 7.16.3 but I am not completely sure.

First, is this the expected behavior for version 7.16.6? If not, are there any settings I can adjust.

If this behavior is now standard, I would like to reinstall 7.16.3. Where can I get a copy? openSUSE wont reinstall the 15.1 boinc version.

alternatively, I could compile the code given patch code and instructions as to what changes to make to stop killing boinc client.

thanks, tom kosvic

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