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1) Message boards : BOINC client : 6.2.14 mass deploying (Message 18946)
Posted 30 Jul 2008 by Mike
I have a bunch of machines which I am permitted to deploy boinc. (I run the Rosetta project).
I plan to deploy / maintain upgrades through group policy in Active Directory and SMS.

However, I have been stuck using thelazyslug MST generator and that is not updated very frequently. I also do not wish to depend solely to that program.

Is there any documentation on all the switches I can pass to the .msi package where I can customize things like team name, user id, project, run silent, don't install this ect ect? Perhaps there is a local transform file generator around?

I plan to update from 5.10.45 or whatever it was in a few days and I really don't have the time / opportunity or man power to go machine to machine.

2) Message boards : BOINC Manager : Wishlist for Mac (Message 18496)
Posted 15 Jul 2008 by Mike
1. I would like a way to hide the BOINCManager in the dock and an option for the tray. This is very important for us system admins who wish to deploy BOINC to many, many machines and don't want users clicking things. (Don't tell me service...)

2. Growl notifications would be interesting as well. I like that idea.

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