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1) Message boards : Projects : SKA Distributed Project Perth :Western Australia (Message 40393)
Posted 27 Sep 2011 by Ross Mendrik
Joined up and processing..
linux (UBUNTU64) and XP and works nice alongside the boinc projects ..10 apps running concurrently
pleasantly surprised.
Forum is up and working
Joined the Boinc@Australia team
2) Message boards : Projects : SKA Distributed Project Perth :Western Australia (Message 40186)
Posted 15 Sep 2011 by Ross Mendrik
Just listening to Perth Radio The SKA Consortium bidding for the SKA in Australia has just started up a Distributed Computing project .. BUT didnt go with BOINC client Have a JAVA based solution .. more than a bit disappointed
3) Message boards : GPUs : Debian/Ubuntu/Mint/Derivatives - GPU recognition fixes (Message 37657)
Posted 1 May 2011 by Ross Mendrik
Has anyone successfully run 6.12.26 -""
I have been following this thread and was happy to see the above so I could get my 5850 running on Ubuntu 64.(10.04LTS) However the boinc version above just makes the computer freeze between grub and the login. I have gone back to 6.10.58 At least that doesn't crash even tho I still dont have the ATI GPU recognised in boinc.
4) Message boards : Questions and problems : Command to report results rather that upload/update (Message 18099)
Posted 29 Jun 2008 by Ross Mendrik
I was wondering if there is a option to report results using the command line tool in the format as below:

--project URL operation
Do operation on a project, identified by its master URL. Operations:
reset: delete current work and get more;
detach: delete current work and don't get more;
update: contact scheduling server;
suspend: stop work for project;
resume: resume work for project;
nomorework: finish current work but don't get more;
allowmorework: undo nomorework
detach_when_done: detach project

update: contacts the server but does not force a report on uploaded work units

from boincview
Sending scheduler request: To fetch work. Requesting 222 seconds of work, reporting 0 completed tasks

This seems to be the case even when there are units uploaded but not reported

The only option is a manual update from the button menu in boincview. Here you can in one manual operation tasks
2.update projects
3.get more work when needed

I would like to automate this task in linux using crontab

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