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1) Message boards : Questions and problems : BOINC Manager V7.16.5 is issuing "annoying" messages which I would like to suppress (Message 97534)
Posted 12 Apr 2020 by Profile Joseph Stateson
With a number of "boinc rigs" I got tired of having to scroll through 1000's of annoying message just to find that the ones I wanted to see had already been purged off the 2000 limit that boinc tasks has.

FWIW, I added a message filtering capability to cc_config
<exclude_proj_msg>       <!-- put this in the flags section, not the options section -->
<proj_name></proj_name>  <!-- project name with correct syntax are isted in event messages -->
<msg_content></msg_content>  <!-- if enmpty, all are excluded -->

the message that were particularly annoying
<msg_content>settings do not allow fetching tasks</msg_content>
<msg_content>No work available</msg_content>
<msg_content>No work sent</msg_content>
<msg_content>No work is available</msg_content>
<msg_content>Resent lost</msg_content>
<msg_content>resend lost</msg_content>
<msg_content>already reported</msg_content>

Unfortunately, it only works with my app
2) Message boards : The Lounge : The Seti is Slumbering Cafe (Message 97297)
Posted 5 Apr 2020 by Profile Joseph Stateson
Just passed to say hello. I'm still alive.

My alcohol stock are depleting faster than the Seti WU.
At this rate it will last for only about one week only and i can refill it due the prohibition.
Did any one have a good link where i could read about how to produce moonshine in doors?

I picked up a water distiller for use with my Keurig machine as I got tired of cleaning the coffee maker. This was shorty before the corona virus hit. Timing worked out nice as it is hard to find distilled water. About 1/3 of the distillers listed by amazon did spirits and more show up googling "spirit distillers". My brother attended a renaissance fair 20 years ago and got into making mead and has a belly to prove it.

Have a nice day!

"Class 6" store at Ft Sam Houston
3) Message boards : Questions and problems : rosetta@home tasks don't download (Message 96810)
Posted 16 Mar 2020 by Profile Joseph Stateson
Network managers have lot of tools at their disposal. In addition to executables, the firewall can be programmed to block zips or allow zips but not those with executables inside. Depends on how secure or "locked down" down they want the system to be. I am guessing that there is also overhead (time) expended in examining the data which might cause the sender or receiver to give up.
4) Message boards : The Lounge : Best Mining Motherboards for BOINC? (Message 96704)
Posted 12 Mar 2020 by Profile Joseph Stateson
Got to looking at a 7 slot PCIe server: dual xeon 1366 for mining. multicore xeon's are considerably cheaper than any comparable gen 6 or gen 7.

Worked fine with Linux although I did have a problem with the AMD driver but that was due to the GPUs being unusual: "s9050" Windows 7 and 8.x worked fine with those low power HD7950 equivalents.
Currently have 8.1 installed only because I had an unused license.

DDR3 ECC server memory is cheap. The mombo is strictly for mining as no x16 slots and is not ATX or EATX size. Screw holes do not line up even with the mining rack.
Power supply requires an extra 8 pin but otherwise uses standard ATX power some of which have the extra 8pin.
It can do both Gen2 and Gen1 but not Gen3

I looked at inserting a license into the bios but didn't try. If one of my TB85 boards crap out I may get another and try my bios mod.
5) Message boards : Projects : Can we Cure Corona (Message 96676)
Posted 11 Mar 2020 by Profile Joseph Stateson
Insane, grocery here is out of Corona beer. How silly can people get!


poteet strawberry festival bought out all the corona beer from local grocery
6) Message boards : Projects : Can we Cure Corona (Message 96626)
Posted 10 Mar 2020 by Profile Joseph Stateson
Insane, grocery here is out of Corona beer. How silly can people get!
7) Message boards : Questions and problems : Highest PPD project on Nvidia GPU outside of Collatz? (Message 96609)
Posted 10 Mar 2020 by Profile Joseph Stateson
Unaccountably, GPUgrid has work. Starting about 2 weeks ago I noticed my queue was full on al systems. I had set GPUgrid to 100 resource and Einstein to 0 months ago and I rarely saw a GPUgrid. Big change. IMHO GPUGrid pays more GRC coins than other projects.

Currently, I have 18 GPUgrid executing (really need GTX-1060 or higher) and 22 queued. About 2 out of 3 are Linux.

My ATI boards all run Milkyway.
8) Message boards : BOINC client : purpose of XMLs: global_prefs and global_prefs_override on "leave apps in memory" (Message 96313)
Posted 3 Mar 2020 by Profile Joseph Stateson
Never paid much attention to any of those files. They show up during an install of boinc.
My "global_prefs.xml" is from WCG. Just looked at 4 Linux systems and one windows. They are all from WCG and I assume the rest of my "farm" also have WCG as the default source for parameters in global_prefs.xml. The first project I ever signed up for was SETI so unsure of how WCG got the default.

LHC at home has a warning that it does not checkpoint multi-core apps and recommends they be left in memory when restarting boinc. This applies only to Linux systems, and I was unaware of this until after I restarted boinc. It seems that the tasks resided in memory as the times did not get reset to 0 so I got to looking at why there were not reset.
jstateson@jysdualxeon:/var/lib/boinc$ grep "leave_apps" *.xml
global_prefs_override.xml:   <leave_apps_in_memory>0</leave_apps_in_memory>
global_prefs.xml:  <leave_apps_in_memory>0</leave_apps_in_memory>
global_prefs.xml:    <leave_apps_in_memory>1</leave_apps_in_memory>
global_prefs.xml:    <leave_apps_in_memory>1</leave_apps_in_memory>
global_prefs.xml:    <leave_apps_in_memory>0</leave_apps_in_memory>   <leave_apps_in_memory>0</leave_apps_in_memory>  <leave_apps_in_memory>0</leave_apps_in_memory>    <leave_apps_in_memory>1</leave_apps_in_memory>    <leave_apps_in_memory>1</leave_apps_in_memory>    <leave_apps_in_memory>0</leave_apps_in_memory>   <leave_apps_in_memory>0</leave_apps_in_memory>  <leave_apps_in_memory>0</leave_apps_in_memory>    <leave_apps_in_memory>1</leave_apps_in_memory>    <leave_apps_in_memory>1</leave_apps_in_memory>    <leave_apps_in_memory>0</leave_apps_in_memory>
sched_request_milkyway.cs.rpi.edu_milkyway.xml:   <leave_apps_in_memory>0</leave_apps_in_memory>
sched_request_milkyway.cs.rpi.edu_milkyway.xml:  <leave_apps_in_memory>0</leave_apps_in_memory>
sched_request_milkyway.cs.rpi.edu_milkyway.xml:    <leave_apps_in_memory>1</leave_apps_in_memory>
sched_request_milkyway.cs.rpi.edu_milkyway.xml:    <leave_apps_in_memory>1</leave_apps_in_memory>
sched_request_milkyway.cs.rpi.edu_milkyway.xml:    <leave_apps_in_memory>0</leave_apps_in_memory>   <leave_apps_in_memory>0</leave_apps_in_memory>  <leave_apps_in_memory>0</leave_apps_in_memory>    <leave_apps_in_memory>1</leave_apps_in_memory>    <leave_apps_in_memory>1</leave_apps_in_memory>    <leave_apps_in_memory>0</leave_apps_in_memory>

From the above it looks like the default WCG caused all projects to have the same parameters
(global),generic, home, school, work respectively (0),0,1,1,0 for "leave apps in memory"
I recall going to WCG and setting the 0,1,1,0 so can I assume that caused all the other projects to get set the same way ?
Looking at the "override" which shows "0" and reading this
It appears that the override in not applied automatically as an RPC call needs to be made to force it. Is that correct?

What is strange is that the Atlas app was "generic" venue and that was "0" in all of the above so it should have started from scratch but it seems to have been left in memory and picked up where it left off which is OK with me. OTOH, the project may have implemented checkpoint and didn't bother to update the warning.

If the venue is "work" and a "work" app is running on project X, and that venue requires the app be left in memory, I assume that BOINC will only leave that app in memory and not other venues or other project apps.
9) Message boards : BOINC client : Client lost track of how many CPUs were allocated. (Message 96296)
Posted 3 Mar 2020 by Profile Joseph Stateson
Do not want to repost everything that is over here

If you add up running tasks you are 7 short of the possible 24. I think the client allocated 8 CPUs for the first "atlas" but that project app only picked up one cpu, not 8. If it has only 1 CPU (not clear from looking at mpstat) then it will take weeks to finish. In any event, there are 7 unused threads and waiting WCG tasks that are unaccountably idle.
below image is from boinctasks but the manager shows exact same thing

10) Message boards : Questions and problems : 200 tasks downloaded for a project with a resource share of 0? (Message 96026)
Posted 24 Feb 2020 by Profile Joseph Stateson
I think what happens is that when your system contacts the projects it asks for data before doing anything else.

For example: Your system is in venue "default" and you go to the project and you set resource to 0.0 for venue "school" and select "school" for your system.
The next time your system contacts the project it asks for data and gets a boatload and then is told to switch to "school"
Thereafter, the next time it contacts the project its "school" venue says it can have only 1 work unit but only after finishing all tasks.

This has happened to me more times than I can remember. Suggest let a few tasks finish before aborting them all or you might get on the 24 hour blacklist.
11) Message boards : Questions and problems : AMD's Radeon open compute (RocM) has problem with boinc (Message 96003)
Posted 22 Feb 2020 by Profile Joseph Stateson
yea, next big thing if you buy the best AMD motherboard and GPUs money can buy.. Not going to repost everything from that thread over at Einstein, summery below as applies to linux:

ROCm or rocM or WTF it is called requires you have as many GEN3 PCIe lanes to the GPU as you have GPUs. It is part of all recent amdpro drivers, just needs to be activated to work.

Once installed, if you do not have enough "PCIe atomics" (nice word for gen3) then those GPUs not having a gen3 lane to the CPU disappear for apps like boinc. They will show up using, for example "clinfo", or "sensors" or any diagnostics program. So, like me, if you have 5 GPUs but boinc only sees a single one and all the diagnostics you run indicated there are 4 more GPUs available you starts suspecting that something is wrong with BOINC not realizing the problem is the AMD driver that wants to run only on a superhighway and ignores all the little x1 back roads.
12) Message boards : Questions and problems : AMD's Radeon open compute (RocM) has problem with boinc (Message 95996)
Posted 21 Feb 2020 by Profile Joseph Stateson
Been running the tests at Einstein using their beta app that relies on the RocM driver. Boinc does not see multiple GPUs, only the one in the X16 slot. Going to post url to the message over at Einstein rather than duplicate it all here. I actually was unaware of this driver prior to seeing the complaint over there that the app was not working.
13) Message boards : GPUs : PCI express risers to use multiple GPUs on one motherboard - not detecting card? (Message 95782)
Posted 9 Feb 2020 by Profile Joseph Stateson
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14) Message boards : Questions and problems : Manager without client (Message 95749)
Posted 8 Feb 2020 by Profile Joseph Stateson
I am guessing you already tried

sudo apt-get install boinc-manager

If you want the latest boinc version be sure to do the below first

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:costamagnagianfranco/boinc

However, there might be a problem accidently getting the boinc client when doing an update.

I assume the systems you want to control are on the local subnet. You might want to put in a remote desktop program such as\ VNC and use that.
15) Message boards : GPUs : PCI express risers to use multiple GPUs on one motherboard - not detecting card? (Message 95736)
Posted 7 Feb 2020 by Profile Joseph Stateson

I can't even service one GPU with that CPU. It's doing MW and Einstein Gamma instead. No matter how many Gravity tasks I put onto one GPU, the CPU can't keep up. I can max out all four cores of the CPU, while the GPU sits at 30%

You mention gravity and also gamma. I quit doing gravity due to low credit and problems with drivers on older boards. With "weak" CPU, the gamma ray pulsar seems to run nicely on ATI boards, not so on NVidia. This was discussed over at Einstein and it seems to be the way the polling is implemented as well as the hardware.

Following is a Linux system with a really cheap 2 core Celeron G1840. Motherboard is Hl61BTC I got down from the attic and put a pair of RX560 and a pair of RX570

The 11 minute 44 sec completion is typical for the RX570, not obvious from the picture, but the RX560 typical is 25 - 29 minutes. Note the CPU usage is at most %22 which works out nicely for the celeron.

On the other hand, the nvidia board uses up a full cpu. Both systems run 18.04

16) Message boards : Questions and problems : boinc.exe Phishing detection (Message 95701)
Posted 5 Feb 2020 by Profile Joseph Stateson
have same malwarebytes version but not seeing any problem with boinc. what projects are you subscribed to?
17) Message boards : Questions and problems : Preventing BOINC from using GPU (Message 95667)
Posted 4 Feb 2020 by Profile Joseph Stateson
I would go about in reverse.

There should be a setting in config, where you can (only) use a specific graphics card (or cards).

I agree, but you should not stop at just a config setting

First, the <exclude_gpu> should be rename to "<use_gpu> so that a "0" or a "1" can be changed. Currently to re-enable use of an excluded GPU the xml code must be commented out or deleted and a "read config" command issued unless you want to reboot.

What could be be done is up to the imagination:

From boinc manager, select a project
Select "properties" of that project
Imagine observing a bunch of check-boxes, one for each GPU and in group boxes named "NVidia" or "ATI" or "Intel". If you uncheck a box [X] boinc is told to put a '0' on the appropriate <use_gpu> and issue a "read config". Would look something like the following
18) Message boards : BOINC client : Concerns on windows development using older VS compilers: they have bugs (Message 95609)
Posted 1 Feb 2020 by Profile Joseph Stateson
Have been reading about changes to Visual Studio after 2013 at various web sites and how the improvements have helped.

I did try once to compile boinc client under VS2017 but gave up as way too many compiler problems. Clearly the software needs to be compatible with several platforms and a lot of different hardware and the newer compilers deviate a lot from Linux compiler.

Want to mention a problem I had a few days ago when using VS2013 with latest patches. AFAICT this is the latest compiler that works with BOINC.

I was using the VS2013 debugger to step through x64 code as I wanted to see what had been read in from the coproc_info.xml file. I had done a "clean" followed by a build all and the program seems to be working just fine.

When stepping through I noticed I was stepping through grayed out code. That should not have happened. Grayed out code is supposed to be excluded. I stopped the debugger to investigate. The code below the "SIM" was grayed out.
#ifndef SIM
// alert user if any jobs need more RAM than available
// (based on RAM estimate, not measured size)
static void check_too_large_jobs() {
    unsigned int i, j;
    double m = gstate.max_available_ram();

According to VS2013 intelligence, the macro "SIM" was set to 1. That was not possible as I was not running a simulation and clearly the code was being executed even though it was grayed out..

I added "#undef SIM" right before the "#ifdef SIM" and that cleared up the grayed out text.
Wanting to figure out what was going on and where SIM got set to "1", I started moving my "#undef SIM" higher up in the source code. When got to the following, the grayed out code returned

#undef SIM
    if (strlen(host_info.virtualbox_version)) {
        msg_printf(NULL, MSG_INFO,
            "VirtualBox version: %s",
    } else {
#if defined (_WIN32) && !defined(_WIN64)
        if (!strcmp(get_primary_platform(), "windows_x86_64")) {
            msg_printf(NULL, MSG_USER_ALERT,
                "Can't detect VirtualBox because this is a 32-bit version of BOINC; to fix, please install a 64-bit version."
lot of code is here
#ifndef SIM
// alert user if any jobs need more RAM than available
// (based on RAM estimate, not measured size)
static void check_too_large_jobs() {
    unsigned int i, j;
    double m = gstate.max_available_ram();

I got the grayed out code to disappear (back to normal) after moving the #undef SIM down below the following #endif
Somethng was confusing the compiler. I also noticed it took maybe 10-15 seconds** before the VS2013 "grayed" or "ungrayed" any code. I have never seen delays that long, but this is a huge program.

** it was taking 10-15 seconds depending on how far away the #undef SIM was from the #ifdef SIM problem area.

Want to point out that the program compiles just fine, it is just the VS2013 "inteliisense" that was unable to figure out what to color as gray or not.
The next day I looked at this the problem was gone. VS2013 had been closed, and the system had been rebooted after a Microsoft update to win10.
19) Message boards : BOINC client : 7.16.4 release info? (Message 95531)
Posted 26 Jan 2020 by Profile Joseph Stateson
Did not see anything about any 7.16

Poking around at GitHub I noticed that changes to source involve updating virtual box from 5 to 6. Think that was just 16.3 => 16.4
I know a full release notice will be made eventually but is there a way I can l check at GitHub to see what has been changed from 0->1->2->3 and then the 4?
20) Message boards : Projects : GPUgrid not always resuming tasks correctly (Message 95359)
Posted 20 Jan 2020 by Profile Joseph Stateson
Verified a solution to the problem that I had guessed

6 GPUs: d0 is 1660Ti (cc7 not supported by Asteroids at home) rest are gtx class (CC 6.0)

d0 was an excluded GPU for Asteroids.

d1..d5 were excluded GPUs for Einstein as it was OK for Einstein to use the gtx1660Ti

Unaccountably, d0 was idle. This is a different problem for a different post.

A gpugrid was running on d1 and in slot 0
There were 4 Asteroids running.

I did not want an idle gpu so I suspended all tasks, went to slot 0 and deleted the checkpoints. This forces gpugrid to start over.

After rebooting, I resumed gpugrid first. That got it d0, the best GPU, and it started up in slot 0 which is where the app was suspended in the first place. Al the other projects resume from suspension just fine and there are no idle gpus and no gpugrid "computation error" since it started from scratch, not where it was left off on a gtx1070.

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