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Posted 16 Jun 2008 by Marlin Borsick
I wasn't sure where on the Seti site to post a comment. If you can give me some direction as to what forum or address to direct my problem to, I will do so. I do appreciate the thought.

I agree with you that I should have been informed of the FFT file. Seti has never, in the years that I've been running it, downloaded anything other than data for processing. The fact that it's downloading this particular file had me concerned a month ago and even more so now.

I'll look around the Seti site and see if I can get an explanation for this behavior.


2) Message boards : Questions and problems : Virus or Spyware? (Message 17877)
Posted 15 Jun 2008 by Marlin Borsick
For the past month I've been getting notices from my antivirus and antispyware vendor that a file which is being downloaded from either you or Seti is being flagged as a virus or whatever.

The file name is libfftw3f-3-1-1a_upx.dll

I had set the AV software to ignore the risk for some time now. However in the past couple of days, this file is being downloaded again, and now my PC is showing signs of an infection losing things like the loss of multimedia, the networking icon with a red X, etc.

I have found that disabling BOINC/Seti has the effect of allowing my services to function again, so I have to consider disabling BOINC completely until this is resolved.

I would appreciate it if someone can verify that this is a legitimate file or provide me with some kind of resolution here.


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