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1) Message boards : Android : BOINC client not working on Android 5.0 (Message 57958)
Posted 21 Nov 2014 by planetclown
App will not go beyond the splash screen for me either after upgrading to Android 5/Lollipop.

BOINC 7.4.14
Nexus 7 (model ME370T, build number LRX21P)
2) Message boards : News : BOINC 7.2.39 released to the public (Message 52642)
Posted 18 Feb 2014 by planetclown
Sorry to mix this in with the screen-flickering posts. I noticed an issue with 7.2.39 and the add-on software BOINC LCS, which uses PHP to parse BOINC's client_state.xml file and presents it in HTML format.

It appears a new <language> element in the 7.2.39 client_state.xml file contains a character which prevents PHP code from parsing the XML file successfully. BOINC LCS works correctly once I remove the <language> element manually, but the element is automatically restored after some time. Changing the language value within the BOINC manager menu options does not resolve the issue either.

Is <language> a new element, is the stored value correct, and does this mean a fix to the BOINC LCS parsing code is needed (it currently calls the PHP function simplexml_load_file)?

Thank you

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