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1) Message boards : Server programs : Forbit 32bit app download on 64bit systems under linux (Message 53109)
Posted 11 Mar 2014 by jkalmar

We are testing our app and we have found that on 64bit linux system the boinc manager download sometime 32bit and sometime 64bit binaries from project server.

Is there a way (in the project config preferably) to tell boinc to use only 64bit binary on 64bit system and not also sometime 32bit?

2) Message boards : API : Running only one process but let it use multiple CPUs (Message 52147)
Posted 26 Jan 2014 by jkalmar
Thanks for help.

So there is no way to do it dynamically, using the current api.

I looked at the wiki and found that in the project config you can specifi that boinc will run only single instacne of the app, now we just need to query the boinc client config file and get the <max_ncpus_pct> VALUE </max_ncpus_pct> from it.

There are only few problems:
1. how can I get in my app the file location? in my linux mint it is located in /etc/boinc-client/global_prefs_override.xml but I have no idea where it is stored in windows nor if it is in the same path on other linux distros or mac.

2. you will have to wait for the current processed wu to be finished and then apply the new settings (if the user change his settings).

The second problem is a minor one - it can be solved in our app, but the first one is quite serious. So is there some way to get the config from client or at least the file location?

3) Message boards : API : Running only one process but let it use multiple CPUs (Message 52108)
Posted 23 Jan 2014 by jkalmar
Hello I'm new to this forum.

We have a multi-threaded app, we can limit the max threads it will use in the app itself.

Now, the user can set in boinc-manager to use only a certain number of CPUs(in %), but that will run also a certain number of processes (instances of the app), is there a way to always run only one instance of app (one process) and give it the number of threads it can use according to the user settings in boinc-manager?

I have already read the wiki, found this: but that didn't helped me.

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