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11-1-2022 at 1:14 PM - PDT

[Post Surgical Update:]


Knee is still 'tight' at the kneecap. Pain is moderate to low. The tightness makes more 'uncomfortable-ness'
than pain. In the early AM as I'm waking, it's at its worst. I try to wait 10 to 20 Min. to 'settle in' before taking
my first pain pill of the morning.


Things are really moving forward in a constant positive direction. I took my first Post Surgical Shower
today. (WOOOHOOOO!!!! DE-STENCHIFIED!!!!!!) :-)

NOTE: I'm down to 9 pain pills left. I called the doctor's office, (prescription is marked 'No Refills'), to
obtain a refill of them. They are now working on re-authorizing the pain meds.

All-in-all, I think things are going pretty well. :-)

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Posted 23 Oct 2022 by TimeLord04
12:09 PM - PDT

Thanks, everyone. :-)

I've brought Hackintosh Andromeda downstairs for easy access to her and the internet.
My main reason for the computer move is that I will have some changing appointments,
and some new appointments to make in the next week or two. I WON'T be able to
easily make it up and down 14 steps to the regular spot for Andromeda....

Andromeda is now on the family room 'card/gaming' table, off in a corner of the family
room. She took the move well, the only thing I didn't bring down was the Altec Lansing
ACS-45.0 two satellite and one sub speaker system. I think mom and dad just might
frown on that.... So, for now, sound is achieved through the HDMI Cable to the BenQ
EL2870U 28" 4K Monitor.

Back to the surgery. In exactly 24 Hours, I will be wheeled into surgery. It will last approx.
three hours. They plan to send me home on Tuesday morning, IF all goes according to

I will keep you all apprised on my progress over the next week or so. IF all goes well,
I'll get Andromeda back upstairs into the Attic/Office in a couple weeks. (AND, hooked
back up to the Altec Lansing speakers.)

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Posted 23 Oct 2022 by TimeLord04
10-23-2022 at 2:26 AM - PDT

1.) [GRUMBLE:] I go in to the hospital, tomorrow for knee surgery.
Left knee, 'Total Knee Replacement'.

2.) [GLORY:] I will have a new, bionic, left knee, tomorrow.

(Mixed feelings, MUCH!!!???!!!)

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Posted 10 Oct 2022 by TimeLord04
TL, Good thing you didn't report your own spoofed email, who knows what might of happened.

About a dozen years back my Yahoo primary had supposedly sent one of my Yahoo aliases a (spoofed) email about "discounted men's pills."
Y-Mail allowed you to view the full email headers info without opening or marking as read. For fun, I decided to trace the "real" senders IP address and saw it's origin was from a foreign country notorious for faked emails.

I have to say that in all the years have been using a Gmail address, my spam count is probably less than 1 a year that makes it to my inbox or spam folder.

An additional free bonus I use extensively with Gmail is you can create and apply automatic filtering and/or categories to incoming mail.

10-10-2022 at 3:32 AM - PDT

Dr. Who Fan,

Another nice thing about my e-Mail Provider is that with my Aliases, there are NO Passwords/Passphrases associated with them.
I CANNOT 'Login' to my e-Mail Account with them. So, should someone try to 'Hack' in, it's essentially impossible to hack my
e-Mail Account with the Alias. :-)

Also, when I do send from my Alias to my Alias(es), a trail is created by having the Sent Mail end up in my Sent Folder. This,
obviously, DID NOT happen with the Spoofed e-Mail.

[EDIT:] Also, I was unaware that Y-Mail was now allowing Aliases. Way back in the day, on my first Y-Mail Account,
this option was unavailable.

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Posted 10 Oct 2022 by TimeLord04
10-9-2022 at 5:36 PM - PDT

RE: Spoofed e-Mails.

My e-Mail Provider lets me create "Aliases" for me to use, instead of my Primary e-Mail Address.
So, for "Business", my computer stuff, I use an Alias. This morning, I had, (in my Junk Folder), an
e-Mail supposedly from my Alias to my Alias. YET, I DIDN'T create nor send said e-Mail.

Hovering over the sender, it clearly had my Alias SPOOFED! I deleted the Spam, accordingly, and
DID NOT hit "Report as Spam", because I was afraid my e-Mail Provider would censor or block
my Alias against my own use as well.

It's getting QUITE maddening now.

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Posted 31 Jan 2022 by TimeLord04
Don't forget the ever loved and widely used 'Dutch Oven'. 😀

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Posted 19 Jan 2022 by TimeLord04
Yvette Mimieux, Age 80. H.G. Wells "Time Machine".

R.I.P. 😢😢
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Posted 3 Jan 2022 by TimeLord04
I'm sorry to hear this, Gary. Get well soon, and God Bless.

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Posted 3 Jan 2022 by TimeLord04

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Posted 26 Dec 2021 by TimeLord04
QISmaS DatIvjaj 'ej DIS chu' DatIvjaj

That's Klingon: "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year"

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Posted 24 Dec 2021 by TimeLord04
Merry Christmas!!! :-)
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Posted 4 Dec 2021 by TimeLord04

e-Mail Address validated!!!!! :-) :-D

Good, Saturday, afternoon everyone.

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Posted 12 Sep 2021 by TimeLord04
Firefox 91.0.2 here, Pages are loading fine... Actually getting into Threads is another matter... Seems just a bit sluggish, intermittently.

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Posted 22 Aug 2021 by TimeLord04
8-22-2021 at 8:51 AM - PDT

[Third Glory:]

+8 Days of good service on DISH. NO ISSUES!!!!! :-) :-D

I now consider the matter resolved and closed. :-) :-D

We finally have 21st Century TV, Internet, and MESH Networking! :-) :-D

I can FINALLY de-stress, unwind, relax, breathe better, and sleep better.
I can go on my trip in a month to my brother's place and NOT have to
worry about getting calls from my parents that the TV isn't working....

THANK GOD!!!!! :-) :-D

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Posted 21 Aug 2021 by TimeLord04
8-21-2021 at 10:50 AM - PDT

This is my first time Posting in this Thread... I never felt I had anything of great issue to Grumble or Glory about until now....

For the last 6 Months, my family and I have gone through TOTAL TV HELL!!!!

We had a TOTAL NIGHTMARE under AT&T U-Verse TV service, (Original U-Verse TV, NOT DirecTV Satellite service), due
to the fact that we HAD to connect TWO Bedrooms via COAX. This was due to the fact that our home, (built in 1978), DOES
NOT have Ethernet in the walls, ANYWHERE! U-Verse TV and COAX NEVER seemed to mix properly. So, after YEARS of
various issues that COULD NOT get resolved by U-Verse, we switched TV service to DISH Network, (satellite), BUT kept
U-Verse Internet service. (50Mb DEDICATED Internet service. Which I've tested and beats COMCAST XFINITY Business
200Mb service - NOT Dedicated....)


Since February 24th, the day of Installation, we've had NOTHING BUT ISSUES with DISH Network! Due to the prior issues
with U-Verse TV, we INSISTED that DISH provide 4 Wireless Joey STBs, (Set Top Boxes), along with their latest Hopper 3
DVR. On February 25th a 2nd Installer had to come back to the house to install, (and first, sell us), a Linksys MESH Network
system solution. This consisted of ONE Linksys AC2200 Tri-Band Node as our new Router, (behind the U-Verse NVG-599 Gateway),
and TWO AC1300 'Child' Nodes elsewhere in the home. One Child Node was installed in the Master Bedroom to accommodate
one of two DISH Wireless Access Points to serve the Master Bedroom Wireless Joey Box, the other Child Node was placed in the
upstairs spare bedroom which is just outside of the reclaimed attic space nook where ALL our electronics reside. (Gateway, Hopper,
three Vonage Devices, my three computers.) I call this nook the 'Office'.

We had SUCH pixelation issues that I had to purchase two more AC1300 'Child' Nodes. I then stripped out the two DISH Wireless
Access Points. THEN, connected each 'Child' Node by Cat-5 Ethernet to EACH Wireless Joey Box.


By going Ethernet at each Joey Box to each 'Child' Node, the Joeys were DIRECTLY connected to the MESH Network. NO MORE

[GRUMBLE Continued:]

Next, we encountered CONSTANT drops of connectivity between the DISH Hopper 3 DVR and the U-Verse Network. (Both Wired
and Wireless to the U-Verse Gateway. (Feb 24, and 25th....) After the MESH Network was installed, I moved connectivity to the
MESH Router Node - AC2200.... I first connected by WiFi. STILL the Hopper dropped connectivity NIGHTLY AFTER completing
the TV Guide Update to itself AND the Joey Boxes. I then moved connectivity OFF WiFi and went wired by Cat-5 to the second
Netgear GS-108 Switch, (daisy chained to the first Netgear GS-108 Switch which holds connection to THREE Vonage Devices),
and from the 2nd GS-108, wired directly to the second Wired Port on the AC-2200. The first/Primary Port of the the AC2200
plugs directly to a free port on the U-Verse NVG-599 Gateway.

STILL, NIGHTLY, the DVR drops connectivity and ASSIGNS ITSELF an "Internal, Non-Routable IP Address of 169.x.y.z...." NOTE,
the AC-2200, NOR the U-Verse Gateway forward that address to the Hopper 3 DVR. Instead, (just like the old Win NT 4 days),
the Hopper 3 is failing to keep ANY Network Connectivity at all, and gives itself this address.

Time and time again, I'd go through this with Level 1 and Level 2 DISH Phone Tech Support. Time and time again, they'd send
a DISH Technician to the house. In April, the Technician that came to the house contacted his "Advanced Engineering Team"
which asked him to ask me what U-Verse Gateway we had. I told the Tech we have the NVG-599. (NOW, the 599, (per U-verse
Techs whom were at the home MANY times in the past), state that the 599 is IDENTICAL to the newer 5268AC Gateway, both
electronically and physically. ONLY firmware updates are different between the two Gateways....) The Advanced Engineering
Team told Geo, (the Tech), to turn 'Bridge Mode' on the Hopper "OFF" and reboot the Hopper.

This was done, and for six days, the issue 'seemed' resolved; however, we then started having the same connectivity issues
NIGHTLY! So, since April, I've been waking up between 4 and 4:30 AM to reboot the Hopper DVR to regain Network Connectivity
and provide TV Service to the Joeys and to the home.

FINALLY I got fed up with all of this, and did an Internet Search for "Why does DISH Hopper equipment have issues with U-Verse
Gateways?" or some wording close to that effect. My third search on this led me to some Website with ONE U-Verse Customer
whom also was on DISH and claimed the DISH HIC Device was the ONLY remedy to keep the Hopper 1 connected to the
Network and provide consistent and constant TV Services throughout the home.

I THEN contacted DISH Phone Tech Support ONE LAST TIME! I ACTUALLY got a Level 2 Tech, (Ethan, DISH Phone ID, "VHN"),
who stated my equipment and connections were ALMOST identical to his, and that "...YES, an HIC Device WILL resolve the
issues." A new Technician Service date was scheduled for us to FIRST replace the DVR, (in case it was defective), AND
install the HIC Device.

The Tech that came out was a Contractor, NOT a DISH Network Employee Tech. He had NO HIC Device available. He had
to go BACK to San Jose, (with traffic), which would take 2 Hours to do. THEN, he could search his Home Base for a HIC,
and come back to install the HIC and new Hopper 3. HOWEVER at 6 PM, a week ago Thursday, the Tech NEVER came
back! I called in to Phone Support AGAIN and got Violet who said that Tech Notes showed that Anthony, (the Tech who
went to get an HIC Device), states that his Home Base DID NOT have a HIC anywhere available. She insisted I speak
to her Supervisor whom just got out of a meeting. I was placed on HOLD for 20 Minutes. I hung up and called back
a week ago Friday morning. Got a NEW Tech scheduled for a week ago, today. THIS TIME the Tech WAS/IS a DISH
Network Employee Tech. (Will.) He replaced the DVR, set it up for Bridge Mode OFF, and installed the HIC Device.

[Second Glory:]

As of today, day of good service #7, we STILL have PROPER and GOOD Network Connectivity to and from the
MESH Network, to and from the Hopper 3 DVR! ALMOST 6 FULL MONTHS to the day that we started this
endeavor with DISH!

Installs SHOULD REQUIRE that an HIC Device be installed at the Hopper to resolve such issues IN THE
FIRST PLACE! We SHOULD NOT have had to endure this NIGHTMARE.

Should we have good TV Service tomorrow, I WILL consider the matter completely resolved and closed.

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Posted 7 Jul 2021 by TimeLord04
A couple of weeks ago:

Joanne Linville dead at 93.

(Star Trek, (Original Series), "Enterprise Incident" - Romulan Commander.)
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Posted 27 May 2021 by TimeLord04
William Shakespeare - (NO, NOT that one...)

The first elderly Brit to get the COVID-19 Vaccine, dead at 81.

(News released a couple days ago... Surprised no one else posted before me.)

R.I.P. :'-(
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Posted 1 Feb 2021 by TimeLord04
Dustin Diamond, (aka: 'Screech', "Saved by the Bell"), dead at 44 - Cancer. :'-(

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Posted 5 Jan 2021 by TimeLord04
Tanya Roberts - Dead at 65, Monday January 4, 2021.

While her partner prematurely declared her dead on Jan 3, 2021, TMZ reports she DID die Jan 4, 2021. (See article in Link above.)
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Posted 26 Aug 2020 by TimeLord04
American irony?????

I think, it is an excuse to find a fresher tagline.

Covid finger lickin' virus.

"A pound of salt and 10 herbs and spices?"

"Chickens have three breasts!"

"Half the meat, twice the price!"

"Extra Grease or Double Burned?"

"The Colonel is a cross dresser!"

I'm sure they will come up with a tagline to go with their swill.


"Do you want gravy printed with that?"


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