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Posted 14 May 2008 by Erik Johnson
First and foremost, I'm glad to see this forum get started. I've been frustrated with the lack of Mac support for BOINC, and this will be a good place to share information on how to get BOINC for Mac back on track.

I've been a longtime BOINC contributor, but I've recently stopped using BOINC on my Mac because of flaky behavior. I would REALLY enjoy contributing to the project again if the problems are resolved.


1. BOINC will not automatically suspend when the user is active. It starts out okay, but after a few hours (not sure of exact time), BOINC just ignores the fact that the user is working on the system, and CPU remains at 100% (working on a BOINC project). This only affects Leopard (worked correctly under Tiger). This is a fatal error in my book, and caused me to remove BOINC from my system.

2. Control entire BOINC farm from single manager instance would be fantastic. I've got three dual-core Macs currently spinning idly -- I'd love to put them to work by managing everything from one spot.

3. It would be great to see some kind of visual progress indicator on the launch icon, showing not only current run state, but also a sense of completion of task (perhaps a muted bar graph showing work completed for up to five select projects?

Thanks to the Mac development and support team at BOINC. I'm really excited to get the key issue resolved and to start contributing cycles to the project again.

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