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Posted 8 Feb 2020 by Ray Sutton
I want to install the manager on a laptop that, for contractual reasons, I can't install the client, my intent is to use the manager on this system solely to manage remote clients. The OS is an Ubuntu derivative but their manager package appears to be dependent on the client. Is there a way to install only the manager for remote control of clients, without a local client? I'll compile form source if that what it takes. Pointers, links, suggestions (as long as they;re not to abusive) welcome.
2) Message boards : BOINC Manager : Wishlist for Mac (Message 47604)
Posted 2 Feb 2013 by Ray Sutton
Another Thought,

It would be nice to have more control over the scheduling of work; my personal MAC tends to sit awake (for boinc) during the day while I'm at work, in the evening my usage varies from light web surfing to heavy Java development.

I'd like to be a say something like between 0900 and 1800 run on 100% of cpus at max of 100% cpu time and then between 1800 and 0100 run on 50% of cpus at a max of 50% cpu time and then between 0100 and 0700 run on 75% of cpus for a max of 50% of cpu time (this is when virus scans and disk main runs) and don't run in unspecified periods. Ability to control the GPU usage during the scheduled times would be critical to optimizing boinc computational cycles.

The schedule for my work Mac would, to a degree be a partial mirror image of the above.

I simply don't have the time (or inclination) to constantly retune boinc to my current workload, the above extension of the scheduling mechanism would serve to maximize (albeit course grained) the cycles I donate to boinc with minimal effort on my part.

I suggest either a fixed 24 1 hour, or an unbounded number of slots for this; for each slot the ability to control run/not, gnu/not, cpu/not, run on battery/not, after idle for, cpu%<, %cpus %cpu time, each schedule should have a block of 7 day of week checkboxes.

3) Message boards : BOINC Manager : Wishlist for Mac (Message 47603)
Posted 2 Feb 2013 by Ray Sutton
Something I just noticed, like 20 minutes ago, I installed a program called gfxCardStatus which displays which GPU is in use & programs dependent on it. I then started playing with the power connector to see what happens when going onto battery.

The GPU did not switch to the internal HD3000 chip an boinc was listed as the blocking program, on shutting boinc down the GPU switch after a few seconds.

My normal configuration allows computing while on AC power only in the expectation that when on batteries the program will not draw down battery life; clearly by locking the high performance graphics card this is not the case. I'm only getting about 3-4hrs best case on battery.

It would be nice if on detecting an "on batteries" condition if boinc (client/manager as appropriate) could fire up a lightweight daemon that simply monitors the power source and then cleanly exits. This would allow the system (MBP Early 2011 ML 10.8.2) to switch the graphics card for better battery life. The daemon would on detecting AC Power would relaunch the (client/manager as appropriate) to resume normal processing and thus keep this user reasonably happy.



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