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1) Message boards : Questions and problems : i686 instead of x64 client and graphics (Message 51596)
Posted 28 Nov 2013 by oeai
it worked after boincmgr restart, when i've added manually symlinks for and crypto into lib64 to already installed libraries
and yes, it is about SETI project, that tries to run seticlient and setigraphics for different platforms all-in-one, so i just wanted to start a graphic to see what's happenning and when it fails, i v'e found that it is just starting i686
2) Message boards : Questions and problems : i686 instead of x64 client and graphics (Message 51594)
Posted 28 Nov 2013 by oeai
i 've installed with .sh script and boincmgr started tasks, but i wasn't able to start graphics, i found that i couldn't run because of missing libglut, but it was there in /usr/lib64, so i figured out that it is because i'm running i686 version, to test it i've renamed i686_bin, but it was trying to find i686 first and removed all tasks.
once again i've restarted client and looks like it's running now
also for x64 there was an issue with libssl and libcrypto it was looking for so.10 not just and i had linked to
maybe because of that it was trying to start i686 first
3) Message boards : BOINC client : My Wish List (Message 47416)
Posted 20 Jan 2013 by oeai
i want to propose the function of parallel computation for any downloaded task, so the task was splitted for chunks and those chunks can be run in parallel threads loading all cpu cores, right now it is doing this by the server but when i left the only task it is working for about few days loading only 1 core - so it is 25% for me, while this could be more and creating chunks is not so big deal i believe. and this what user could change in preferences prob if he wants to load more tasks from server or crunch it one by one choosing prioritization for each maybe depending on it's deadline status.

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