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Posted 3 Jan 2013 by doggybob
I realize now that I did not ask the question correctly. I don't need the password, I need to know where to enter it.

Oh well that's easy. You type it in the box to the right of where it says "Password:".

No? You haven't seen a box with "Password:" to the left?

Then try this:

In BOINC manager's Advanced View click Advanced -> Select Computer. In the Host box type localhost or just leave it blank in which case it will assume you mean localhost and in the Password box type the password you find in gui_rpc_auth.cfg.

Yes I know, it's like I can read your mind isn't it. ;)
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Posted 3 Jan 2013 by doggybob
I realize now that I did not ask the question correctly. I don't need the password, I need to know where to enter it.

I am assuming that since Boinc is saying the provided password is incorrect that there must be a place to enter it into Boinc.

If it matters, when Boinc didn't accept the password I was attempting to used Boinc in a separate identity on Win 7. Boinc works normally on the other identity.

And yes I have used Boinc on 2 different identities before and I told Boinc when I installed it to allow all users to use it.

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Posted 3 Jan 2013 by doggybob
Maybe you best go moderate your own forum and leave moderation of this forum to the mods chosen to do the job which I see does not include you.

Or are you saying they are idiots who can't do their job without your help?

Or are you saying your browser automatically comes to this forum in spite of everything you've done to stop it? And then it forces you to read all of these messages that disagree with your opinion? And you're not man enough to take that?

If you are insuinating that I'm insulting Ageless (the mod) that is incorrect.

Yes you are insulting him. You're implying he has failed to do his job and remove this conversation. It's his job, not yours, to decide when and how to interpret rules posted in this forum.

Go moderate your own forum. Here you're just another guest so act like a guest and not the moderator.

After all, if you don't approve of the content you don't have to read it unless, of course, you don't know how to prevent tyour browser from taking you here.
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Posted 3 Jan 2013 by doggybob
I misinterpreted your meaning, sorry. On the other hand your post was very open to misinterpretation. When you said "leave it blank" I though you meant leave gui_rpc_auth.cfg blank. You could have said "leave the password prompt blank" which would have made it perfectly clear what you meant.

The word "it" is always understood to refer to the last subject-noun referred to in the conversation which was gui_rpc_auth.cfg rather than the password prompt. Be very careful when using pronouns (it, them, they, that) instead of the nouns they stand for. They save typing but introduce ambiguity.

Now back to your advice to leave the password prompt blank... that doesn't always work for localhost. For example it fails when BOINC manager cannot find gui_rpc_auth.cfg. That can happen on Linux when gui_rpc_auth.cfg is not in the manager's current directory when the manager starts. In that case you must supply the password in the password prompt. There is a safeguard in the Linux version of the manager... if it cannot find gui_rpc_auth.cfg in the current directory it will look in user's home directory and if it finds gui_rpc_auth.cfg there it will use the password in it. So the smart thing to do on Linux is put a link to gui_rpc_auth.cfg in ~ (your home directory). That way no matter which directory you start the manager in it will always find the same gui_rpc_auth.cfg the client finds, the passwords will match and the manager will connect. Also put a link in the home directory of any other users who you wish to also be able to use manager to control client.
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Posted 3 Jan 2013 by doggybob
A blank gui_rpc_auth.cfg creates security risks because then anybody can connect to your BOINC client, attach it to their project and make it run whatever application they want unless you've taken appropriate counter-measures. Have you done so? Do you want to spend time learning what you need to do? Or would you find it easier, less time consuming and more secure to just use a password? YMMV.

Tricking you into running their application is every hacker's dream. You can make it easy for them or you can make it hard, whatever creams yer twinky.
6) Message boards : Projects : Pledge to run BOINC on my Android phone/gadget (Message 47019)
Posted 2 Jan 2013 by doggybob
I already fried two phones running BOINC apps on it. They are not designed to dissipate the heat they generate when running CPU intense apps for several hours.

Nor are they a vast resource just because they are so numerous. The fact is they take a long, long time to crunch a task. You pay the price of a new phone and in return receive a paltry number of tasks.

After the first phone fried I got a second, disassembled it and drilled numerous tiny holes (.037" diameter) through the case to help dissipate heat by increasing air flow. Didn't work, phone fried anyway. I think some electrically conductive debris worked its way through the holes I drilled and shorted something inside. I took it apart and cleaned it with compressed air but it's dead.

I would like to see the phone idea work but it hasn't so far for me in spite of 2 tries and now I'm out of ideas.

I'll offer you this deal... I'll take the pledge if you pledge to buy me a new phone when this one fries from overheating. It takes time to fry but they do eventually.
7) Message boards : Projects : SETI@home is a waste of time, computing power & electricity (Message 47018)
Posted 2 Jan 2013 by doggybob
Maybe you best go moderate your own forum and leave moderation of this forum to the mods chosen to do the job which I see does not include you.

Or are you saying they are idiots who can't do their job without your help?

Or are you saying your browser automatically comes to this forum in spite of everything you've done to stop it? And then it forces you to read all of these messages that disagree with your opinion? And you're not man enough to take that?
8) Message boards : Questions and problems : BOINC unable to connect to core client (Message 47016)
Posted 2 Jan 2013 by doggybob
The password is stored in the BOINC data directory in a file named gui_rpc_auth.cfg. BOINC client will create a random password and store it there if gui_rpc_auth.cfg is not present. You can open gui_rpc_auth.cfg in a text editor and change it to something shorter and easier to remember. Then restart BOINC client to force it read the new password (it reads it once at every startup and only once).

The name of the BOINC data directory is given near the top of the messages in the Event Log. The default on Windows is c:\programdata\boinc. On Linux its /var/lib/boinc-cient/ if installed by package manager, usually ~/BOINC/ if installled by Berkeley installer.
9) Message boards : The Lounge : Goodbye BOINC, It's Been A Slice (Message 47013)
Posted 2 Jan 2013 by doggybob
Hogwash, all of it.

Anyway I don't hear any desire from you to work on it so 'bye.
10) Message boards : Questions and problems : Problems with BOINC under Linux / Ubuntu 12.04 (BOINC 7.0.27 / 42) (Message 47010)
Posted 2 Jan 2013 by doggybob
Regarding idle detection:
I noticed that for example in Skype for Linux idle detection works fine - so perhaps it would be possible to link it to this status?

You might have something there. There is a Trac ticket for the idle detection problem. You could add your suggestion to that ticket.

Regarding "suspend when CPU use exceeds _ %" - but in that case I would get a problem with GPU usage again, right? I mean CPU usage would be below a certain amount (e.g. 25%) because I'm only using firefox but if GPU would be used I would get some problems with further usage - right?

I dunno. Try it and see.
11) Message boards : The Lounge : The Seti is Slumbering Cafe (Message 46998)
Posted 2 Jan 2013 by doggybob
3 consecutive posts from 3 alien hunters and a flame war hasn't broke out yet. Call Guinness.
12) Message boards : The Lounge : Goodbye BOINC, It's Been A Slice (Message 46997)
Posted 2 Jan 2013 by doggybob
Sounds like you might have hardware problems. Buggy RAM or CPU or something. When that much software has that many problems it's usually due to some faulty piece of hardware. Good software can't run properly on flaky hardware.

Figure it out for yourself.... there's something like 250,000 people running BOINC and you're pretty much the only one here saying it's totally FUBAR. Oh it has problems but it's not as bad as you say. If it was you'd see thousands of people here screaming about it.

There have been changes but most everybody else is still up and running fine. Ever stop and think about that? Hmmmm? Maybe what has really happened is that your RAM has gone bad? Maybe a key file got corrupted? BOINC is not the only thing that changes in your life, everything around you is in a constant state of change.

Those other people telling you it's all BOINC's fault... maybe they're just trolling you? Maybe they're just telling you crap to see how bad they can get you riled up?

Now go to your room and have a nap and a time out. You'll feel better when you wake up. When you're ready you can come tell us you're ready to go to work and then we'll make the magic work for you again.
13) Message boards : News : New project studies asteroid properties (Message 46992)
Posted 1 Jan 2013 by doggybob
So, now, how do I attach to this project, when the project is telling me that the email address has already been used?

That was already explained to you once in this thread but you have made it obvious you toss things out as rubbish before you even read them. Why should anybody repeat the advice when you act that way? From their perspective there is a good chance you'll throw another hissy fit and reject their advice as rubbish too.

Now go read and *think*. THINK before you let your emotions drive your fingers into bashing out more nonsense on your keyboard.
14) Message boards : BOINC Manager : PROBLEM and WISH: What if i would have added too many projects? Is there a mechanism in BOINC Manager for projects cycling? (Message 46991)
Posted 1 Jan 2013 by doggybob
Thank you very much for your generous fingerwork :) <-- this is real sincere smile.

[quote]I know users who have done exactly that... all projects in their list. They say it works very well (not perfect) if you configure certain options wisely.

TO be wise requires a mind space with less entropy,lol.

I think you have found a mind space with less entropy. It is more typical of Eastern philosophy and practice than Western philosophy and practice :)

The symptoms are everywhere: decline in Western art and science, the rise of religious dogma and the desire to be stupid (U.S. Republicanism), rampant crime, people electing monkeys (Bush, not just once, twice) as leaders. The West is slipping back into the Dark Ages. The East is emerging and it will be interesting to see whether it recovers its position as the centre of learning and culture or whether it follows the West into the abyss.

One case is that if volunteers mistakingly think that a long-time-100% processor and processing time occupation of their CPU may do harm to their computor or increase chances of the OS deadlock,they may possibly consider reduce the percentage of relevant parameters,such psychologically occurs frequently ,especially among beginners,and may possibly fail the scheduler.

Precisely! The scheduler will recover in time but it helps if you have a smaller cache as opposed to a larger cache.

Even i've noticed if i would set 100% percentage of the processor occupation,some slight pauses between operations in BOINC and other application may be felt frequently,i don't know why or do others experienced this as well.

Some users experience pauses, others do not. There are many possible causes for the pausing. One cause is when you set the option to leave applications in memory when suspended (aka LAIM option). If the host does not have enough RAM to hold the application(s) when it suspends then it can take several seconds to move the applications to the swap file. If several applications are forced to the swap file simultaneously the pause can be quite long. There can be another pause when the application moves from swap back to RAM. Sometimes it happens that the applications are continuously moving back and forthe between RAM and swap and in that case the host can freeze. If you turn LAIM off you reduce the pausing but unfortunately LAIM off causes some tasks to lose progress which requires them to recompute all or part of the data they have already computed.

I think a wizard or one-click Smart Configurer may help some volunteers to set those parameters WISELY,and tell them it's the best settings so far,even though may be totally psychological. LOL.

That is a very good idea. I have given a lot of thought to how such a wizard would work. BOINC is very complicated and its performance depends on many factors and a complex inter-play between those factors. There is much entropy in the system. Such a wizard could work but it would be difficult to program, I think. An optimist would say "It would not be perfect but it would help many users."

I know BOINC is not designed for volunteers to entertain themselves,but a banlanced mutual benefit may help BOINC grow bigger and better, like what those screensavers do.I am always wondering why project designers won't make more screensavers and make'em better and more spetacular as to attract more people to contribute... as well as, to amuse themselves meanwhile.Sci-tech research may also require a psychological co-solution,doesn't it?

Screensavers suck. They are a waste of CPU cycles and I won't waste another second on that topic.
15) Message boards : Questions and problems : Problems with BOINC under Linux / Ubuntu 12.04 (BOINC 7.0.27 / 42) (Message 46985)
Posted 1 Jan 2013 by doggybob
If you install BOINC from repositories it installs on an unprivileged user account named boinc. boinc doesn't have permission to access parts of the video subsystem which means it cannot cetect the presence of the CUDA drivers which means it thinks you don't have the 560 installed. You can work around that but I forget how, the info is posted somewhere here on the forum but I don't remember where.

The easiest fix is to uninstall BOINC using apt-get and reinstall it using the Berkeley installer. That way it installs and runs on your account which has access to the GPU.

Idle detection has never worked properly on Linux. Seems like they fix it and then some lib changes and breaks it. I've heard it works on some distros but not all. You can use BOINC's "suspend when CPU use exceeds _ %" or use other options to suspend crunching when specified applications run to get an effect similar to "suspend when computer is in use".

Your other problems sound like gnome/unity acting up. I've had problems with both gnome and KDE and have found the only solution is to turn off all the useless eye candy and never use the BOINC screen savers because they're nothing but trouble.
16) Message boards : News : New project studies asteroid properties (Message 46984)
Posted 1 Jan 2013 by doggybob
This project refused to allow me to attach. I put in my email address and password, the same ones on all of my projects, the response was that there ws already an account set up and that my password was incorrect.

I tried this several times on two separate computers.

I don't know what's going on.

How can you not know what's going on? It told you what's going on... someone already registered an account with that email address. The reason it told you the password you used is wrong is dead simple... the password you typed is not the password associated with that email.

How can this all be? There are a number of logical explanations:

1) You created an account there some time ago using the email address you always use but you gave a password that you don't normally use, perhaps you even made the same typo twice. No it's highly unlikely you made the same typo twice but it's not impossible. Then you forgot you created the account. Some time later you tried to create an account using your regular email address and password and now discover the account already exists and you don't know the password

2) You gave someone your email address, the one you use to create accounts at BOINC projects. That person knows you BOINC. They decided to prank you. They looked in the list of projects you're attached to (that list is at every project you've ever attached to and easy to find) they saw you were not attached to Asteroids so they used the email address you gave them to create an account there to block you from joining Asteroids. My wife did exactly the same thing to me because she thinks I don't pay enough attention to her because I'm BOINCing all the time. Give her some hot, sweaty sex, more than 10 minutes for a change and make her give you the password.

Your other option is to create a sockpuppet at Asteroids so you can PM the admin and ask him to fix things up. He might know how to do it, he might not, he might believe you or he might think you're an imposter trying to break into the real mitrichr's account.

The point is nobody here can help you so not much sense posting here about it. All it does is give people the wrong impression about Asteroids and makes them look like they're screwed up. I joined Asteroids no problem. Good project. Wish you were there ;-)
17) Message boards : Questions and problems : my PC is getting hijacked by !!! (Message 46962)
Posted 1 Jan 2013 by doggybob
I've been in the same situation on more than one occasion, I'm sure we all have. When it gets to the point where the system is so sluggish it takes hours just to teak a few settings or type out a plea for help then you're only banging your head against the wall trying to find the elusive setting that is causing the problem or will relieve the problem. Don't do that.

Sounds like Chrome is acting up. Delete it. Don't mess around tweaking Chrome settings, you've done that already or it sounds like you have so just delete it and all its extensions. Then reboot.

If that doesn't help then check system temperatures. Check CPU for sure, GPU and RAM if you can. Check for fans that are worn out and not spinning or are spinning too slow to cool things properly. Blow the dust out of the heatsinks and fans. You should blow the dust out at least twice a year even if nothing is going wrong so do this anyway.

If that doesn't help then suspect a BOINC project. BOINC itself is very safe, well behaved and rarely causes problems. However some projects send science apps that cause problems. Stop BOINC and make sure it won't auto start when you reboot. You may have to uninstall BOINC to make sure it doesn't reboot, I'm not sure, I use Linux and don't know how the BOINC autostart works on Windows. Then reboot. If it's better then you know it was one of the science apps BOINC was running.

If that doesn't help then virus scan. Maybe virus scan is one of the first things you should do.

If that doesn't help then I would say you've eliminated the prime suspects and you should then suspect the hardware. Run the standard diagnostics: memtest, prime95, whatever. Check RAM and CPU then disks. Get SMART reports from disks. You can try defragging and all that but I don't think fragmentation is the cause here.

Next slash and burn the software. Take no prisoners, shoot first and don't even bother asking questions later because they're all liars anyway. The strategy is:

1) Save everything you want to a DVD, thumbdrive, whatever because in a few minutes you're gonna wipe the disk and reinstall the OS if things don't improve quickly. Don't save any executables, they're all suspect. Save porn, links to porn, browser bookmarks, essays, homework, source files, text files, etc.

2) One by one uninstall any app you think might be the culprit. Uninstall one then reboot. If the problem persists then kill the next suspect. Burn everything they own or ever touched. Reboot after *every* execution, absolutely no exceptions. Repeat until things get better.

3) If all your apps are gone and it's still FUBAR then wipe the disk and reinstall the OS. The alternative is plunk around until you drive yourself crazy and gash your own throat just to stop the pain. Or you can flog the machine on Ebay and buy a new one.
18) Message boards : BOINC Manager : PROBLEM and WISH: What if i would have added too many projects? Is there a mechanism in BOINC Manager for projects cycling? (Message 46959)
Posted 31 Dec 2012 by doggybob
BOINC Version:7.028(x86)
I am not asking to cycle tasks,but to cylce projects.

Ah! Yes, my mistake. Thanks for correcting.

The quick and dirty answer to your question is that BOINC has a mechanism for cycling tasks and projects. The mechanism is called "the scheduler" because it schedules tasks and projects. Well, it tries very hard to schedule them in a sane way but there is a lot of entropy and chaos in the BOINC universe and it frequently overwhelms the scheduler. The amazing thing about the scheduler is not that it works well; it is that it works at all.

I've noticed that there seems to be a queuing mechanism for Tasks as i've seen some tasks may wait to be exectuted,but there seems to be no such a mechanism for Projects.

The mechanism is there but sometimes it's difficult to see that it is working. And sometimes it breaks down and does not work the way it should. There are things you can do to help it work better (more on that topic later).

If a user added all BOINC projects to his or her project list(may becos he or she wants all projects to equally share the computing power of his/her computor,like i am,or just for fun ),what would happen?
Would all these projects have to compete randomly for computing power?

I know users who have done exactly that... all projects in their list. They say it works very well (not perfect) if you configure certain options wisely. The projects do not compete randomly for CPU time. The scheduler attempts to make the process sane instead of random. I will attempt an explanation but ity's complicated, if I miss something I invite someone to point out my omission.

The scheduler is governed by the project shares you specify. At each project website you can go into your account, click the link beside the "Preferences for this project" item and set the "Resource share" preference. The default is 100. If you have 5 projects and they all have a resource share of 100 then the total is 500 and each project will receive 20% of your resources. If you add a 6th project and give it a share of 200, for example, then the total is 700. The first 5 projects will have a 100/700 share (14.3%) and the 6th will have a 200/700 share (28.6%). When you start BOINC client it obtains your resource share settings from all the projects you are attached to and calculates the percentages. The percentages are shown in BOINC manager in the Advanced View on the Projects tab. I don't think you can see the percentages in the Simple View which is BOINC's default view. Use the Advanced View if you want to see more details and get the big picture. Simple View hides many details.

The scheduler's 3 principle goals are:

1) schedule tasks in a way that respects the resource shares specified by the user
2) ensure that every task is completed before the deadline
3) keep the host working, i.e. don't allow the task cache to run dry

Those are the goals and they are good. How does the scheduler attempt to achieve the goals?

1) machine ops estimates + benchmarks + duration estimate correction ==> duration estimate

BOINC client runs periodic benchmarks in an attempt to measure the performance of the host in terms of floating point operations and integer operations (FLOPS and IOPS). Projects tag each task with an estimate of how many FLOPS and IOPS the task will require to complete the computation. The scheduler does some simple arithmetic using the benchmarks and the FLOPS and IOPS estimates to derive a task duration estimate which is an estimate of how much CPU time the task will require. The benchmarks and the ops estimates are both inaccurate, sometimes VERY inaccurate, so after a task completes the client compares the duration estimate with the actual task duration. If the actual duration was higher than the estimate then the estimate for tasks from that project is increased. If the actual duration is less than the estimate the estimate is decreased. The scheduler uses the duration estimates to decide how much work to download and hold in the tasks cache on the host. The mechanism works pretty good but obviously if the benchmarks are not accurate and/or the ops estimates provided by projects are inaccurate the mechanism becomes less reliable and the scheduler's ability to make rational scheduling decisions decreases.

2) usage tracking

The client tracks how many hours per day the host is up and running and how many of those hours BOINC is allowed to run and do work. Those figures are also used in scheduler decisions regarding how much work to download and cache. Again, the mechanism works well but it has potential flaws. For example, if you are in the habit of allowing your host to run 24/7/365 then suddenly change your habits and allow BOINC to run only 12 hours per day then you will probably find some of the tasks in your cache will miss their deadline. The reason is that BOINC was operating on the assumption that you would allow 24/7 usage and it cached tasks appropriate for that assumption not a 12/7 assumption. BOINC client will adjust if your usage pattern changes but that adjustment takes time.

3) task cache

The scheduler attempts to keep a number of tasks in a cache where they are ready to crunch immediately upon completion of running tasks. The cache helps mitigate situations where the host loses connection to the 'net for a period of time as well as situations where projects go offline or have no tasks available to fulfill host requests for work

4) the 1 day buffer and high priority mode

The scheduler attempts to schedule work such that tasks will complete at least 1 day before their deadline. Under normal circumstances tasks will run for the time specified by the "switch tasks" setting in your preferences. That setting is 60 minutes by default which would mean tasks willl run for 60 minutes then the scheduler will give tasks from other projects 60 minutes. If it appears that a task will not complete 1 day before it deadline the scheduler will raise that task to "high priority" status and allow that task to crunch continuously, exempt from the task switch rule, until it appears it will meet the "1 day prior to deadline" objective.

So that's how it's supposed to work and I've attempted to explain how and why it sometimes fails. Now the question is... What can you do to help the scheduler?

1) Obviously you should not change your usage patterns abruptly and drastically but sometimes that is unavoidable. It's your computer; you run it to suit your needs not BOINC's needs. However if you decrease the time alloted to BOINC then be prepared to manually abort some tasks while BOINC adjusts to the decreased on time.

2) Set a safe and prudent cache size. As I said, the scheduler works very well but the BOINC universe is full of chaos and entropy. Project admins make mistakes and issue tasks with FLOPS and IOPS estimates that are 10% of what they actually should be. At other projects the algorithm in use is totally nondeterministic and there is no way to predict in advance how long a given task will take. It can happen that you receive 1,000 tasks from a project and they all need about 5 hours to run then suddenly you receive a task from that project that requires 100 hours to complete. here is no way the scheduler can predict that. Therefore the smart thing for you/us to do is specify a very small cache. That way if something goes wrong we have a bigger time buffer between now and the approaching deadline in which the client can complete the tasks in the cache. In your website and local preferences you can set 2 cache related preferences. The "connect about every _ days" setting should be no higher than 0.1 days and the "additional buffer" setting should be 0. If BOINC has unrestricted connection to the 'net, even if it is just dial-up and not high speed, and if you are attached to several projects then the 3 goals I mentioned above will be met 99% of the time. I guarantee you that less prudent people will arrive in this thread in a few hours/days and argue that the 0.1 and 0 settings are ridiculous and that they use 1 and 2 instead of .1 and 0. In some cases those same people will complain their tasks constantly miss deadline and the only thing one can do is wonder why they won't decrease their cache settings and avoid missing deadlines. Their responses will range from the ridiculous to the bizarre. Be prepared for some giggles. Others will claim 1 and 4 works great for them and they almost never have a task miss deadline. To them my response is that they seem to have found a quadrant in the BOINC universe where entropy and chaos are lower than in the quadrant I live in. If 1 and 4 works then feel free to use it. if 10 and 10 works and you don't miss deadlines then go for it. However, if you need to decrease cache down to ridiculously low levels like 0.1 and 0 then that's what you need to do or be prepared to miss deadlines.

The safety net(s)

What happens when all attempts to avoid entropy and chaos fail and you have an expired (past deadline) task or one that is about to expire?

The answer to that question depends on which version of BOINC client you run, which version of BOINC server software the project runs and how the server software is configured. Older clients and older servers have less functionality and cannot deal with expired tasks the way newer client-sever combinations are able to. Also, I may not be completely up to date on this but I can give you the basics.

1) If a task is expired and if it has not started (i.e. it has status "ready to start" in BOINC manager and if the server is sufficiently recent and configured to do so and if the client is sufficiently recent to participate in the transaction, the server will send a cancel/abort message to the client to cancel/abort the task. The catch is that the sever *never* initiates communications with the client. Comms are initiated *only* by the client though the server can tell the client it wants a communication every x minutes and the client will fulfill that request. The point is taht you can have a task that is about to expire in say 10 minutes. It is still waiting to start. It could be canceled/aborted at that time without incurring lost crunch time but unfortunately the client might not contact the server prior to statring the task. If that happens then the task will not be canceled/aborted next time the client contacts the server. The user might receivbe a warning about the task prior to its expiration if the client is a newer version but if the user does not see the message then it does little good.

Many servers allow a period of grace for expired tasks. The period of grace varies between projects. If you return an expired task within the period of grace and it verifies you will receive credit for it. When a task expires some projects issue a resend which is another iteration of the same task sent o another host to make up for the expired task. If you return an expired task after the period of grace but before the resend task is returned you will receive credit for it id it verifies. Remember, not all projects operate that way and the period of grace can vary. If in doubt about any project's policy ask for details in the project's forum.

...allow all projects be run in order so that their task packages have an equal possibility to be executed.

I think you are saying tasks should be crunched in the order in which they are received. Unfortunately that can lead to missed deadlines in some cases. There are often situations where the scheduler can avoid missing a deadline if it crunches a task not in the order received. Humans tend to think the "first come first served" rule should prevail in all circumstances because it is appealing on some quasi moral-ethical-religio-economic level but it leads to tasks missing deadline when they need not miss deadline.

The scheduler is not perfect. It attempts to satisfy the needs of the volunteers as well as the needs of the projects. I think the scheduler could do things better if it did some things differently but there are arguments that suggest such practices would cause additional and unnecessary load on project servers or are problematic for other reasons.

I applaud all the developers who have contributed to the scheduler code. It's not perfect but so far nobody has come up with something that works better. Ofd course part of the rason for that is because the devs won't implement certain suggestions to see whether they work or not but that will change in the future when I own BOINC ;-) <=== (that's a winky and it means I'm being sarcastic and is different from a smiley, it's sarcasm because I will never own BOINC and everybody knows it, just to prevent the paranoid from thinking I'm thinking I am going to take over BOINC development, you can 'ave 'er I don't want 'er she's too fat for me)
19) Message boards : BOINC Manager : PROBLEM and WISH: What if i would have added too many projects? Is there a mechanism in BOINC Manager for projects cycling? (Message 46950)
Posted 31 Dec 2012 by doggybob
Does your host run 24/7 or do you turn it off or hibernate it for part of the day?

Which version of BOINC do you use?

You have asked for BOINC to cycle all the tasks in its cache. You don't explain exactly what that means so nobody can say whether its a good idea or a bad idea. If it means simply aborting all tasks that have not started yet then I don't think the BOINC developers would agree to that because it could cause problems for project servers (increased overhead and network load).

The problem is probably that you are caching too many tasks. If you're crunching many different projects and BOINC can connect to the network anytime it needs to then you are better off turning BOINC's cache off so that your host has only 1 task per core.

To turn caching off create a cc_config.xml file in your BOINC data directory and put <fetch_minimal_work>1</fetch_minimal_work> in it. If you already have a cc_config.xml file simply add the line. Otherwise create the cc_config.xml with a text editor. It should look like this:


See here for more details on cc_config.xml.
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Posted 28 Dec 2012 by doggybob
Very nice work indeed!! Love the fact it can hotkey between clients and work over ssh. Mon Dieu, c'est incroyable!!!

Please, please maintain and update this until you die. I will be your eternal slave forever if you do. Yes even in the next life I would still be your slave!

I want it big time but I cannot get it to compile on Debian 6.0.6. The configure script says it cannot locate lcrypto lib. I have installed every crypto related package I can locate but no success. No problem I can switch back to Ubuntu or Fedora to have boinctui, not in love with Debian anyway.

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