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Posted 24 Mar 2008 by GMan
Hi all,

I have a question regarding privacy with Boinc. This is my situation.

I just started my new web design company and I typed my name in a Google to check for a results.

1st result is from LinkedIn, not perfect but thats OK
2nd result is from Boinc, hm... again thats OK
3rd result is my company website, that's what I want to see

... and then I have like a 30 results from Boinc all of them with a same statistic, MY NAME, and every result is from different Boinc country website.

Now, I really want to continue donating my computer time to Seti@Home program, I'm a member since 2001, but if this is going to result by flooding Google with my name and statistics so that my business and my privacy are jeopardized than I will really consider deleting my account (if this is going to help at all).

My question is: Is there an option to prevent Boinc from publishing my statistics online? I spent a lot of time trying to solve this but no luck so far.

Thank you in advance,
disappointed Boinc & Seti member

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