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41) Message boards : Questions and problems : Not sending work: Last request too recent - what does this mean? (Message 94343)
Posted 18 Dec 2019 by MarkJ
I get "Not sending work - last request too recent: 22 sec". To me that means I have to wait 22 sec (which is clearly not true - it's actually telling me a useless piece of information - when I last made a request). This is shown the same in the standard Boinc Manager and in Boinctasks (although in Boinc manager I have to go into the event log to see it - Boinctasks shows it in the messages tab). Why doesn't it say "Please wait a further 2.5 minutes"?

Those messages are in the log (Messages tab in BOINCtasks and Event log in BOINC Manager).

The back-off timer is shown on the Projects tab in BOINCtasks and BOINC Manager. In both cases it is shown on the right side where it displays other info such as “No new tasks” and “Scheduler request in progress”, etc.
42) Message boards : Questions and problems : Not sending work: Last request too recent - what does this mean? (Message 94298)
Posted 16 Dec 2019 by MarkJ
If using manager under status it says communication deferred and counts down to when you can request work again. under the projects tab.

[Slaps self on face] I forgot about checking in there (I use Boinctasks to control all my machines which shows the above). Although I still stand by my assertion that the response I got should have told me the time before possible communication, not how long since I last asked.

It’s a countdown timer, so it is the time until you can make another scheduler request. Once the timer goes away you can tell it to update, or let BOINC do it on its own.

Note that you can sometimes manually make another request before the timer expires provided you aren’t asking for work, example you set it to ”no new task” and then tell it to update which would report any completed work and update any prefs changed on the project website. The timer would then restart from the project back-off interval again.
43) Message boards : BOINC client : gpu ONLY tasks not executing on Boinc (Message 94259)
Posted 14 Dec 2019 by MarkJ
I prefer working from the idea that the controls are centralized to the software, rather than remote.
Remote settings mostly work if you have multiple devices that are relatively identical (meaning, all have Nvidia or ATI GPUs, or all run CPU jobs), and can work on the same settings (eg: do Seti on all my devices).

There are two things for that. One is BOINCtasks and the other is an account manager.

BOINC supports a few different AM’s such as BAM and GridRepublic where you can standardise your settings across projects. See

BOINCtasks is good for managing a fleet of machines. See
44) Message boards : Questions and problems : Are Risc CPUs supported? (Message 94258)
Posted 14 Dec 2019 by MarkJ
Yes, I know ARM is supported, but is the RISC architecture supported?
There exist RISC V based servers, would they be compatible with the ARM software?

There are many RISC architectures. They are not compatible with each other. Apps compiled for ARM CPUs won’t work on the Alpha, Power9, RISC V or Sparc, etc.

The projects will support the popular ones, like the x86_64 and ARM. Then there are different OS’s to consider. They don’t have the staff, time or budget to support less common architectures or OS’s. As Richard has said you could possibly get the source code and compile it on your target architecture if it’s not specifically supported.
45) Message boards : Questions and problems : Are Risc CPUs supported? (Message 94248)
Posted 14 Dec 2019 by MarkJ
Seeing they're basically a derivative of ARM processors, I wondered if boinc and possibly any projects supporting Risc CPUs?

Actually RISC CPUs were around well before ARM came along. There are a number of different ones and they are not compatible with other brands.

The Raspberry Pi uses an ARM chip along with many other low-power devices, particularly mobile phones and tablets. There are a few projects supporting the Pi (Asteroids, Einstein and Seti that I can think of off-hand). A few projects also support Android tablets. Because of their low-power design they tend to be slow, like 10 hours a workunit or more.
46) Message boards : Questions and problems : Xeon phi (31S1P) still beneficial in 2019 (Message 94189)
Posted 11 Dec 2019 by MarkJ
I bought a Intel 31S1P Xeon Phi, a passively cooled PCIE card, because it was cheap.
Now I want to know what to do with it. So Boinc it will be.

1- Are they considered CPUs, or GPUs? (I presumed they'd be a CPU co processor using the PCIE interface)?
2- Are there any projects supporting this card?
3- Does Linux support this PCIE card?
4- Are they still relevant to today (considering the later Nvidia and AMD GPU alternatives out there with 4000+ GPU cores)?

As far as I know there aren’t any BOINC projects that can use the Xeon Phi. You would be better off using an AMD or Nvidia GPU which various projects can make use of.
47) Message boards : GPUs : GPU 0 suspended and GPU 1 always computing (Message 94119)
Posted 9 Dec 2019 by MarkJ
Given that cc_config.xml is an optional file, does anyone happen to know whether the file and the symlink are created 'empty' by the installer, or whether they appear after first use?

From memory the package installer has a cc_config.xml that has a couple of the logging flags set to their default values, so it’s not an empty file and it’s present once you’ve installed the boinc-client package.
48) Message boards : GPUs : GPU 0 suspended and GPU 1 always computing (Message 94084)
Posted 8 Dec 2019 by MarkJ

The 4 files in /etc/boinc-client/ are sym linked to the ones in /var/lib/boinc-client/ so while it appears you have one in each folder they are the same files. You can edit it in either folder.
49) Message boards : Questions and problems : BOINC not seeing 3rd GPU (Message 94082)
Posted 8 Dec 2019 by MarkJ
could use some help....
thanks :)

We could too. How about providing some information?

Lets start with the top 20 or so lines of the BOINC log where it shows which devices are detected, what OS you’re running and if it found the cc_config file or not.
50) Message boards : BOINC Manager : Raspberry Pi updating. (Message 93899)
Posted 25 Nov 2019 by MarkJ
Was wondering is there a terminal command to update the BOINC software version ? Don't really want to remove and re add the software again on the older Pis

I can't see a update section inside the manager

The usual way to keep all the software up to date is using apt or aptitude. BOINC doesn’t have an update function.

From a terminal window (or ssh into it from another machine) and at the prompt type:
sudo apt update (to update the list of available packages)
sudo apt upgrade (to download the updates and install them)

Buster has BOINC client and manager version 7.14.2

If you’ve been running them for a year then you may still be running stretch. I’d suggest clean installing Buster if you’re still on stretch. That means download the image from and re-image your SD card and then reinstall BOINC.
51) Message boards : Questions and problems : HTTP Timeouts On All Request Types (Message 93859)
Posted 22 Nov 2019 by MarkJ
Have you tried setting http 1.0? From the BOINC client configuration page:

Set this flag to use HTTP 1.0 instead of 1.1 (this may be needed with some proxies).

Put it under the options tag. After that restart client. I wouldn’t expect any difference if browsers and other things work fine but you never know.
52) Message boards : BOINC client : Controlling BOINC with household programmable thermostat? (Message 93736)
Posted 16 Nov 2019 by MarkJ
If you could write something to pass the on/off to the system you probably could just use boinccmd to suspend processing. Maybe just touch a file for the “on” event and have a script that checks if the file exists every 5 minutes or so and then issue a boinccmd to resume or suspend.

One drawback would be if BOINC stays suspended for a couple of weeks then tasks will time out so you’d need to somehow finish off the work on hand when you transition from winter (heating mode) to spring or summer.
53) Message boards : BOINC Manager : Boinc in a Raspberry Pi with VNCServer does not show BoincManager (Message 93735)
Posted 16 Nov 2019 by MarkJ
There is BOINCtasks, see You can use it to control BOINC on multiple machines. It’s great when you have headless (ie no keyboard or screen) computers. No need to install remote access software like VNC, BOINC manager or X11.
54) Message boards : Questions and problems : Can’t connect to localhost (Message 93119)
Posted 7 Oct 2019 by MarkJ
Jessie had 7.4.23, stretch had 7.6.33 and Buster has 7.14.2. We’re currently testing 7.16. If you’ve used the repo version I expect you’ll be running the 7.4.23 version. You can do a “boinccmd—version” without the quotes to see what it thinks it’s got.

Back to the issue at hand, can you see if boinc-client is running. If it installed correctly then it should start up when the Pi does. Try “sudo service boinc-client status” without the quotes to see if it thinks it’s running “sudo service boinc-client start” to get it going.
55) Message boards : Questions and problems : Can’t connect to localhost (Message 93113)
Posted 6 Oct 2019 by MarkJ
Ian, you refer to running Jessie, the current version of Raspbian is Buster. Is there some reason you are 2 OS versions behind?

The command line tool used to have issues. What happens if you cd to /etc/boinc-client and do the boinccmd from there?
56) Message boards : BOINC Manager : boincmgr will not start on Ubuntu LINUX when left over file /home//BOINC Manager- (Message 92984)
Posted 28 Sep 2019 by MarkJ
I just tried under Debian using the repo version of BOINC (7.10 in this case). It creates a "BOINC Manager-<ID> file in the users home folder while the manager is running. Its deleted when you exit the manager (successfully). I guess because yours crashed it got left behind.

It looks like its designed to prevent running more than one instance of the manager per user. I tried the "File -> New BOINC Manager window" option and not surprisingly it doesn't work.
57) Message boards : Questions and problems : relocate default disk location on Raspberry Pi (Message 92311)
Posted 29 Jul 2019 by MarkJ
Not quite what you asked for but I did knock up some instructions on moving the Rpi root partition to an external drive. You can find them here. I had to use them last week under Buster so they still are correct apart from Rsync already being installed.
58) Message boards : BOINC client : Operation failed: authentication error (Message 92288)
Posted 24 Jul 2019 by MarkJ
cd to /etc/boinc-client and then do the boinccmd, it needs to read the gui_rpc_auth but assumes it’s in the current directory.
59) Message boards : Web interfaces : On some projects "sort" has unexpected side effects (Message 92216)
Posted 18 Jul 2019 by MarkJ
I believe that CPDN used to have something on the server side checking keywords on their messages in order to thwart the spammers. GPUgrid are running an old version of the BOINC server software so it’s possibly still in their version. Best to ask one of their project staff to see if they know about it.
60) Message boards : Questions and problems : It appears that CPU tasks take way too long to crunch when GPU is active (Message 91946)
Posted 27 Jun 2019 by MarkJ
Have you checked the CPU and GPU temps? Use GPU-Z for the GPU details and some other utility to get the CPUs temp readings while running. I assume you’re running Windows.

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