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1) Message boards : Questions and problems : Raspberry Pi, BOINC Manager versions / Fresh install procedures on PiOS (Message 107789)
Posted 10 Apr 2022 by MarkJ
Bullseye is the current release. If you install buster you are installing a release that is at least 2 years older. The repositories for buster will contain the 2yo version of BOINC (probably older). Debian has a buster-backports repo so you could pickup the version that went into bullseye. If you want to use buster-backports see http://= As far as I am aware there isn't a bullseye-backports repo.

As for 32 bit vs 64 bit it depends on what projects you are using and the version of Pi you have. The Pi zero, Pi1 and Pi2 can only do 32 bit. The Pi Zero 2 W and Pi3 can run 64 bit but its somewhat slower than a Pi4. 64 bit apps tend to use more memory so you'd really want at least 2GB. I have a mix of Pi3's and Pi4 8GB. They are all running 64 bit. Projects are Einstein on the Pi3 and Einstein and Rosetta on the Pi4's.
2) Message boards : Questions and problems : boinc-client crash and reboot my machine (Message 107690)
Posted 3 Apr 2022 by MarkJ
You know you can run BOINC without VirtualBox. Its only needed if the project in question only have that type of work unit. I'm still crunching for Rosetta although they have a "rosetta python projects" which uses vbox. I'm running their normal CPU work units only. VirtualBox allows you to run virtual machines. In the case of the various BOINC projects they supply work units which are a VM image.

The Linux versions of BOINC don't keep an old version of stdoutdae around. They use the standard Linux way of doing things. You can view the log by doing a "sudo journalctl --unit=boinc-client" command in a terminal or ssh session. The journal entries can go back quite some time (I have some from Sept 2021 on one machine).

As for directory naming on Raspberry Pi OS, they are following the Debian standard. Debian used to use /var/lib/boinc-client and other Linux distros use /var/lib/boinc. The later BOINC releases have both folders and a symlink from /var/lib/boinc to /var/lib/boinc-client so they are basically the same directory.
3) Message boards : Questions and problems : Boinc on Raspberry Pi 4 on Bullseye 64bit Raspberry OS (Message 106215)
Posted 28 Nov 2021 by MarkJ
The boinc-client service is disabled by default in the Debian 7.16.16 package so it won't auto-start when you boot, apart from the first time you install it. Use the "sudo systemctl enable boinc-client" command to set it to auto start, without the quotes. To start it manually you can use "sudo systemctl start boinc-client".
4) Message boards : Questions and problems : V-Box 6.1.12 (Message 106214)
Posted 28 Nov 2021 by MarkJ
VirtualBox is written by Oracle. It looks like they're up to 6.1.30 at the time I write this. Their download page is:

Edit: It looks like Dr Who Fan replied 52 seconds before me
5) Message boards : Questions and problems : headless raspberry pi (Message 104540)
Posted 8 Jun 2021 by MarkJ

I have a few headless raspberry pi4's but do not see an option to install and configure a min setup on the CL. anybody have experience with this?

Basically install Raspberry Pi OS - the "lite" version on your SD card. You'll need to enable ssh so you can login to the Pi seeing as its headless. Once you've got the Pi booted you ssh into it and do everything from the ssh session (eg OS updates, install BOINC, edit config files).

They are much easier to manage if you set BOINC up to allow remote control and then you can use BOINCtasks to do the usual things you would have done via BOINC Manager. Its also great at displaying a "farm" wide view of what is running. I have 12 Pis all headless running BOINC 24/7.
6) Message boards : Projects : Asteroids@home: My username unknown, couldn't upload results (Message 103286)
Posted 28 Feb 2021 by MarkJ
There has been some progress. Latest news says:
Server status update
BOINC server is now running but it is still a temporary solution and there is still some additional work that needs to be done. New workunits should be available in a week or two.

Radim Vančo (FoxKyong) 26 Feb 2021, 13:25:25 UTC

The server status page is showing the upload and download servers as being active. Scheduler requests return "Project is shut down for maintenance". Give it some more time for things to return to normal.
7) Message boards : Questions and problems : gui_rpc_auth.cfg exists but can't be read. Check the File permissions. (Message 102252)
Posted 19 Dec 2020 by MarkJ
I usually do a chown boinc:boinc on the two BOINC folders (/etc/boinc-client and /var/lib/boinc-client) and don't seem to have issues. For the manager I added a desktop shortcut but modify it to add --passwd xxx to its command line so it can connect. This is under Debian buster using the repo version of BOINC with the Mate desktop.
8) Message boards : Questions and problems : How to install Boinc on Fedora with GPU and SELinux? (Message 102248)
Posted 19 Dec 2020 by MarkJ
What GPU (or GPUs) do you have in the machine? Please post your BOINC startup messages for the GPU detection and advise what kernel version you are running.

I suspect you've been caught by the "GPL condom" as the kernel developers called it.
9) Message boards : Projects : Asteroids@home: My username unknown, couldn't upload results (Message 101842)
Posted 29 Nov 2020 by MarkJ
From their home page:
I am sorry for the current problems, unfortunately the database server crashed - hardware failure. I can't say now when it will be running again. I will post any news I'll have.

I expect they’ll be offline for a week at least, maybe longer.
10) Message boards : GPUs : Specifications for NVidia RTX 30x0 range? (Message 100852)
Posted 25 Sep 2020 by MarkJ
So doesn't look like the app is using the second FP32 pipeline. So responding like previous generations. Typically not exactly double the crunch times. So the card might be slightly more productive doing doubles compared to singles at the expense of using a lot more power.

Maybe it needs to be recompiled with the latest CUDA toolkit to take advantage of the additional pipeline. CUDA 11.1 was just released with support for RXT30 series cards. Phoronix article here
11) Message boards : BOINC client : Authentication error (Message 100675)
Posted 10 Sep 2020 by MarkJ
Normally you have to also supply the password (the one in /etc/boinc-client/gui_rpc_auth.cfg) so try this (substituting the password).
boinccmd --passwd PASSWORD --project_attach (my-key)
12) Message boards : Questions and problems : Boinc put object in my /home (This is for Linux) (Message 100674)
Posted 10 Sep 2020 by MarkJ
I installed Boinc to run Einstein. It put some files in a directory I keep clean of such files. I want Boinc to work. Can I move them to a folder, such as /usr without having to remove/re-install or otherwise work with this? I would like to create a folder in /usr with the name: boinc and put them there. Will this interfere with normal operations?

You haven't said where you got this version from or which flavor of Linux you are using.

If you installed the T-Bar all in one version then it puts all the files into your home folder. The official versions that come from the Linux repos do not. Most repo versions will put their files in /etc/boinc-client and /var/lib/boinc-client (or /var/lib/boinc).
13) Message boards : Projects : Coronavirus projects? (Message 100526)
Posted 29 Aug 2020 by MarkJ
A bit off topic. Thanks for the links Richard. Perhaps we could have a section or message board with links to the project calls and their files rather than relying on someone's google drive. If we could put them in one place. The BOINC project server would seem to be a logical choice.

Maybe we could replicate them on say Radio BOINC Network, if they are willing to host them (I haven't asked them). I figure people will be on there to listed about BOINC anyway so might be interested in what is going on.
14) Message boards : Questions and problems : nVidia not detected on MXLinux (Debian) (Message 100260)
Posted 9 Aug 2020 by MarkJ
Have a Latitude E6420 notebook with an NVS4200M chipset (Optimus) with current MXLinux.

I installed the 390 legacy drivers then installed BOINC. Both are from Stable. The GPU wasn't detected.
I tried restarting BOINC and rebooting to no effect. I can't seem to find anything on my searches to resolve this especially since a lot info is several

Under Debian I install nvidia-driver and nvidia-kernel-dkms. If you want OpenCL you’ll also need nvidia-opencl-icd. You’ll have to reboot after installing them.

Given it’s an old GPU you might be out of luck with CUDA support.
15) Message boards : GPUs : second gpu not in uses (Message 100199)
Posted 3 Aug 2020 by MarkJ
But some GPU projects require CUDA drivers, not just OpenCL. If you have a problem with getting work from a project you know supports NVidia cards under Windows, you may need to download a new driver direct from

His cards are listed as AMD Radeon so he won’t be doing any CUDA work.

It should say Config: Use all GPU’s in the log if it found it.
16) Message boards : GPUs : second gpu not in uses (Message 100197)
Posted 3 Aug 2020 by MarkJ
It doesn’t say it’s using all GPU’s so it didn’t like it. Recheck each point Jord has mentioned.

Also current version of BOINC for Windows is 7.16.7 I would upgrade to the latest version otherwise you might have issues connecting to certain projects.
17) Message boards : GPUs : second gpu not in uses (Message 100177)
Posted 2 Aug 2020 by MarkJ
Do you have a <use_all_gpus> tag in cc_config.xml?
18) Message boards : Questions and problems : Second manager window. (Message 99274)
Posted 13 Jun 2020 by MarkJ
When I try to connect a second manager window to my second computer, it asks for the machines name and password. Completing these results gives me "The password you have provided is incorrect, please try again.". I have just logged into that machine, and am sure, the name and password used are correct. Both machines are connected to ports on the same router. Both run Windows 8.1 x64. What is going wrong here?

It’s not your Windows (or Linux) password. It’s the one in gui_rpc_auth.cfg which is in your BOINC data directory.
19) Message boards : Questions and problems : Peer certificate cannot be authenticated with given CA certificates (Message 99187)
Posted 9 Jun 2020 by MarkJ
Yesterday (Mon 8th of June) Debian issued an updated ca-certificates. They added 13 and deleted 15, although it doesn't say which ones. I wouldn't be surprised if this has caught a number of organizations out, not just BOINC. I can still communicate with all my projects so they don't seem to have broken anything as far as I can tell.
20) Message boards : Questions and problems : BOINC Manager won't come up in Linux Mint (Message 99150)
Posted 6 Jun 2020 by MarkJ
Been running BOINC for years, been running it on Linux Mint for >1 year and now I can't get it to bring up the Manager. Tried restarting, tried a couple of simple command line things (sudo service boinc-client restart), quick searched the message boards.

I'm no pro at Linux; anyone have any advice for what to try next?

There was a similar message from David Pickett. He ran a strace on it and it would look like there is a desktop file that might be causing the issue. See this message

That suggests that in your home folder there will be a file called BOINC Manager-xxx that probably stores information about where to position it on your desktop.

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