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21) Message boards : BOINC client : Installing from .rpm on Fedora 8 (Message 16434)
Posted 4 Apr 2008 by Milos Jakubicek

Attached to a few projects, got "platform i386-pc-linux-gnu not found". Boooo!


this has been caused by Koji (the Fedora Build System), which is set to export i386-pc-linux-gnu. I've overridden it in the configure, so it should be fixed now. An update is pending in the updates-testing repository for both F-7/F-8, or you can download the RPMs from Koji to test them: (F-7) (F-8)

Please if it works for you set a +1 in the updates system, as soon as it will reach karma +3 it will be pushed into the stable repository (or after pending 14 days):

In case of any troubles just mail me...or there is also

22) Message boards : Documentation : BOINC description (Message 15570)
Posted 25 Feb 2008 by Milos Jakubicek
Thanks, I'll definitely use Eric's description.
23) Message boards : Documentation : BOINC description (Message 15495)
Posted 19 Feb 2008 by Milos Jakubicek
Hi folks,

what should be the BOINC description when making a RPM package of the client?

Right now it is:
"The Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing (BOINC) is a software
platform for distributed computing: several initiatives of various scientific
disciplines all compete for the idle time of desktop computers.

The BOINC core client program is required to participate in any project that
uses BOINC. A central server distributes work units and collects results via
this client. When attaching a local machine to a project, it will also
dynamically download the project's application program to be then wrapped by
the BOINC core client."

I found also a short variant:
"This software allows your computer to participate
in distributed computing projects that are based on BOINC (Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing)."

And Eric Myers suggests:
"The Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing (BOINC) is an open-
source software platform which supports distributed computing, primarily in
the form of "volunteer" computing and "desktop Grid" computing. It is well
suited for problems which are often described as "trivially parallel". BOINC
is the underlying software used by projects such as SETI@home, Einstein@Home,, the World Community Grid, and many other distributed
computing projects.

This package installs the BOINC client software, which will allow your
computer to participate in one or more BOINC projects, using your spare
computer time to search for cures for diseases, model protein folding, study
global warming, discover sources of gravitational waves, and many other types
of scientific and mathematical research."

It's up to you! I just want to know...

Milos Jakubicek

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