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1) Message boards : Questions and problems : Cannot accept friend requests (Message 104359)
Posted 11 May 2021 by Doobleshaft
I've seen something similar posted about this before but haven't seen the query answered/resolved.

BOINC often gives me a message saying I have a friend request but I cannot accept that friend request. At first the page it would go to would not let me login, get a password reminder or create a new account but now that's resolved, BOINC seems to be directing me to the wrong place for friend requests from Science United.

I get messages like:

Please login to Science United to view this friend request.

The message came through on BOINC so something has gone wrong but where? Is it a fault in BOINC or is it Science United at fault? I can't work out how to get any support for Science United so asking here and hoping someone has seen this and knows how to resolve it.

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