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Posted 7 Aug 2016 by Billy Ewell 1931
Beginning several weeks ago, the website for BOINC Synergy became "temporarily not available" and has remained in that status continually. Prior to becoming not accessible there occurred over the last few years an obvious diminishment in general interest in the site and its messaging board function(s) became virtually silent. Does someone have knowledge what is going on and if there is a plan to return to normal operations? I am inclined to believe the servers have been shut down because of a lack of financial support. I did on one or two occasions send a contribution to pay the monthly operating cost of approximately 85 American dollars.

By the way, the BOINC Synergy team website probably had (has) the best graphics, etc. of any team I have researched. What a shame to lose such a tremendous function that I believe was created primarily by one Australian, now medical doctor: Doctor Zain Upton; hopefully correct!

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