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Posted 9 Feb 2012 by Hadrian
Apologies if this is the wrong forum.

I have been running BOINC for a while and I notice if I leave my PC with it running after a while it opens a window in the task bar. Why is it doing this please ? Fine if I detect on the icon then great but if I don't why is it happening please ?

I use Windows XP Professional.

Have I ticked the wrong box on installetion ?

Many thanks
2) Message boards : Projects : News on Project Outages (Message 40983)
Posted 5 Nov 2011 by Hadrian
There are significant problems on POEM

The system has been changed but is far from working.

Firstly it is impossible to tell POEM about the problems as I cannot logon to their system as I am told the URL is wrong.

Every work unit has the same characteristics 347 gflops. On my system this would take two minutes, so far it has run for nearly two hours.

I have subsequently aborted another 20 units as they all say 347 Gflops and 49 secs.

Every work unit does not have a proper time each one say 49 secs, as you process time remaining goes up not DOWN.

This really is a very bad implementation of a system change .

Considering we "donate" computer time this change seems to be a waste of resources.

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