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1) Message boards : Projects : Any news from QMC@Home? (Message 69084)
Posted 20 Apr 2016 by Tapio
QMC@home havent been active in many years. Do anyone know why silence? Is project totally dead or not? There are no message board etc.
2) Message boards : Projects : QMC@home/ (Message 64746)
Posted 7 Oct 2015 by Tapio
Waiting for message board to QMC@home.
3) Message boards : Projects : QMC@home/ (Message 62929)
Posted 6 Jul 2015 by Tapio
4) Message boards : Projects : QMC@home/ (Message 61615)
Posted 15 Apr 2015 by Tapio
Still waiting. But...maybe in 2016.
5) Message boards : Projects : QMC@home/ (Message 59911)
Posted 22 Jan 2015 by Tapio
I had an email correspondence with Martin 6 months ago about a number of problems with the cleanmobility application:

  • checkpointing (failure to maintain the geometry optimization count, resulting in the additional calculations for the first cycle being repeated every time a task is restarted).
  • progress (jumps to 100% when it is starts its "FINAL ENERGY EVALUATION AT THE STATIONARY POINT" calculations). The task I monitored was at 100% for 180 hours (only 44.5 of them were necessary, the excess being due to a first cycle repeat following an enforced computer restart).
  • deadline (14 day limit for tasks which can run high priority for well over 5 weeks on a C2Q Q6600).
  • workunit settings (initial quorum=1, replication=2). Combining that with the deadline problems means that lots of tasks can end up being needlessly reissued, with only the first reported one being credited and the results from the others being thrown away. I reported one task after it had run high priority for 40 days only for it to be flagged as invalid because someone else had a successful completion 2 days earlier. I aborted another task after 45 days because the WU had been purged (doing valid science for other projects was more important than completing something which was going to end up in the bit bucket).

It was 6 months ago. What is status now?
6) Message boards : Projects : QMC@home/ (Message 59395)
Posted 7 Jan 2015 by Tapio
Cleanmobility has a lot of work
But no forums and no message from admins

I wait forums before i join.
7) Message boards : Projects : QMC@home/ (Message 58427)
Posted 4 Dec 2014 by Tapio
Any news? Do i need wait to 2015?
8) Message boards : Projects : QMC@home/ (Message 56453)
Posted 6 Oct 2014 by Tapio
That's good news, we don't have to wait long now because Summer ends Sept. 22.

Yes, but WHICH YEAR?

From a message dated 28 Jul 2013:

A few days ago I sent Martin Korth (Project Scientist / Administrator) an email with several observations and questions about the web site and project/tasks:

1) There is no forums at the web site as of yet. How soon will the forums return so we can post questions, problems, etc we have encountered with the software?

and received the following reply:

1) The forum will be going online with the offical project release in September.

I want to check why I had 102,542 credits on 3rd May, and have the same amount now, despite crunching packets for them during that time.

September is gone. There is no message board...but maybe in september 2015.
9) Message boards : Questions and problems : 2500k + GTX 580 beating out 3930k +GTX690???? (Message 45401)
Posted 22 Aug 2012 by Tapio
I have two machines running milkyway@home the first being an 95 2500k @4.8ghz and a GTX 580, the second being an i7 3930k @ 5ghz and a GTX 690. What doesn;t make sense to me however, is how the first machine is seemingly doing better than the second.

3930k details--

2500k details--

Hey. Milkyway@home project requires a Double prediction support from graphics card. Both graphics cards (580 & 690) support DP calculation, but the gtx 580 is designed for DP calculation better than 690. If you want more out from 690 gpu use it for single prediction projects. Example: project. do not need DP, so that project works really well on gtx 690.
10) Message boards : Questions and problems : Tell me about GPU crunching and cooling for the GPU (Message 41158)
Posted 14 Nov 2011 by Tapio

The price of the computer ($3675) is ridiculous. There is no way I would pay that much. I went to my local computer store and bought all the components off the shelf at retail price, assembled the thing and ended up with a nice i7 2600 @ 3.4 GHz (Sandybridge) with NVIDIA GTX 570, 500 GB disk, 8 MB RAM system, 850 watt power supply, all stock air cooled. The side of the case id offand always will be because I cut it up for a sheet metal project. The GPU and CPU run around 60 to 65 Celsius, maybe 70 on a real hot day (no air conditioning here) which is very acceptable. Put Linux on it of course. Cost $1200 CDN, no BS. You can do it too, no BS, and have 2 for less than the price your buddy is talking for 1. There is help available if you want it.

Umh. You have 8 Mb RAM system. I wonder if you can run any boinc project. you mean 8 Gb RAM? (1 Gb =1024 Mb ram)
11) Message boards : Projects : EDGI Demo Project (Message 40867)
Posted 28 Oct 2011 by Tapio
Zarck, you kill me.

How do you find all these new, obscure projects?

I also wonder this.
12) Message boards : Projects : EDGI Demo Project (Message 40854)
Posted 27 Oct 2011 by Tapio
This project is in very alpha stage. I wonder also why you post only link to this page.

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