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1) Message boards : Server programs : BOINC Server (Message 40146)
Posted 12 Sep 2011 by krishnamohan
That's a preference setting. Check your Global Preferences, or local advanced preferences if you use those, for the option "Suspend work if CPU usage is above X%". By default this is 25%. Either increase it to something higher, or disable it by setting it to 0 or 100.

This option will suspend BOINC when any non-BOINC program takes this much CPU cycles.

I had setup the server and attached project. I am able to add new application. But when observing the results i cannot find any canonical results; their are comute errors in the results table when i browsed through html/project_ops.

What is the problem ?? How can i solve the problem??
2) Message boards : News : BOINC-based computing at University of Westminster (Message 39981)
Posted 3 Sep 2011 by krishnamohan

How can i setup a BOINC based project at our university lab.

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