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Posted 2 Aug 2011 by potoole77
I was just looking over the top 100 contributors and the vast majority of them have the Primegrid as their top project. While it's nice to have bigger prime numbers, it seems to me that using all the computing power to help cure cancer, AIDS or some other disease would be a better use of all that power.

Other top project seem to be Milkyway@home. Again, nice projec, I personally love the study of galexies, but I think curing disease is more important.

I understand that finding a prime is sexier because you can get you name on record as being the one who found it and the medical projects are more anonymous.

I know this is all volunteer and people are free to do what they want. But it seem to me that better cryptograpy or new models of the galaxy are not nearly as important as curing disease and saving lives.

Am I missing something in the data that makes these results misleading?

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