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Posted 16 Jun 2011 by Profile myF!SH

Over the last few weeks I've been looking through the svn trunk and especially at the servers website interface, which allows people to view their work units/task assignment as well as the computers they have working on it.

Looking at the code behind this web interface it became apartment that, over the years many people have made changes to it, using their own coding styles and techniques to generate the page, which made reading and understanding it a nightmare. For example one function call which was fallowed was four functions deep, surly that's slowing the page down, another thing which was picked up was the fact that there are classes which have all their methods set to static, so in reality they are just function which are not utilizing the benefits of using classes.

From this I propose that the web interface to be rewritten using a PHP framework which like Yii. Using a framework like Yii will speed up loading times as well as development as many features are built in (e.g. validation), separate the HTML and PHP into there own sections using a Model View Controller (MVC)design patten, which will enable people to create addons using modules and to change the page layout without sifting through PHP. As well as this, it will allow developers to create clear, easy to understand code and good documentation.

I know that this is a BIG task to undertake as it may involve creating a new database/modifying the database which it turn all mean the application (BOINC Client/Server) may need to be changes (I don't know how much of the database is being used by the application).

So if anyone is interested in helping with this or want to put forward your own thoughts please reply.

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