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1) Message boards : Teams : BOINC Wide team not propagating properly to projects (Message 79860)
Posted 31 Jul 2017 by Chilean

There seems to be a problem with the BOINC-Wide Team site... and I can't figure out how to fix this.
2) Message boards : Teams : BOINC Wide team not propagating properly to projects (Message 79746)
Posted 24 Jul 2017 by Chilean
I manage a BOINC Wide team, and for some reason, when updating the team info, it doesn't propagate to the individual projects. And whenever I modify the team info of an individual project, it reverts back to the original content. It's as if there's an old "version" of the team's description being propagated, even though I updated the info.

BOINC Wide team link (updated correctly):

Individual project ("old version", if I change something, it reverts back after a while): (Rosetta@home) (SETI@home)

As you may notice, what I'm trying to change is the photobucket link (they no longer allow 3rd party hosting :( ).
Anybody have a clue as to why this is happening? My email is validated and all, and everything used to work perfectly before...

Thanks in advance!
3) Message boards : Web interfaces : "" rendering as " " (Message 56445)
Posted 6 Oct 2014 by Chilean
For some reason, in my BOINC-wide team description, all the <br> render as &#xD; (in addition to adding a line). Weird thing is, this is not universal, as in some projects will render it correctly, while others will show "&#xD;".

Also, the team description stopped getting updated (or "distributed") among the various projects.


Yet it renders correctly in SETI & The Lattice Project, and of course the BOINC-wide team description:

Weird, eh?
4) Message boards : Promotion : Powered by BOINC logo (Message 38399)
Posted 13 Jun 2011 by Chilean
So I kind of re-made the "powered by boinc" logo into a higher resolution logo:

I used it in the "BOINC client–server technology" wikipedia article. I'm now currently translating the article into Spanish.


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