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1) Message boards : Questions and problems : BOINC Manager feature request: Prioritising Projects (not tasks, not project %) (Message 109761)
Posted 6 Sep 2022 by Tom
Feature request. Within a project, you can select different types of tasks, and if those types of tasks aren't available, grab whatever other tasks available to do from that Project.

But within BOINC manager, each parent Project gets a percentage. I want to flog a particular project 100% which takes up basically all resources on that PC. I do not want to run an additional project concurrently, which would affect my preferred project computations. But, if my preferred project runs dry of tasks, I want other projects to kick in to use my computer resources.

Rather than percentages, it would be preferable to have three priorities of projects, 1, 2, and 3. If priority 1's are available, then run only 1's. If 1's aren't available, then run 2's. If 1's and 2's aren't available, then run 3's. Percentages can remain, and are scaled to whatever is available for the given priority.

Thanks for considering.
2) Message boards : News : BOINC client 7.20.2 released (Message 109443)
Posted 27 Jul 2022 by Tom
Thankyou for the work in releasing ongoing improvements.

Some feedback on this release, in the installation where it discusses the Service Install, it says:

"Run project applications under an unprivileged account. This provides increased protection from faulty applications, and on Windows, it will prevent the use of applications that use graphics chips (GPUs) (A reboot may be required).

There's a fullstop missing after GPUs.

Also, it's not clear whether on Windows, whether it provides increased protection from faulty applications. I had to read this a few times to understand. Perhaps it should be an end of sentence after applications. Remove the word 'and', and then the word 'on' be the start of the next sentence.

3) Message boards : Questions and problems : Screensaver not loading project graphics (Message 100476)
Posted 26 Aug 2020 by Tom
In case anyone ever reads this, the DDU was coincidentally utilised with fresh driver installation when my VPN had dropped out. It turns out, the VPN connection prevented the screensaver from using project specific graphics. So strange, yet 100% repeatable.
4) Message boards : Questions and problems : Screensaver not loading project graphics (Message 100473)
Posted 26 Aug 2020 by Tom
Good news! My issue is resolved. Once I realised that something funny was going on with the drivers, I looked for that issue of GPU in general not working. Found another support thread which referred to another thread which referred to another thread, where a user suggested DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller). I ran DDU, reinstalled, and problem resolved. Screensaver is working for project specific graphics!

Howevveerrr..... PrimeGrid is still not detecting the GPU. But this is not relevant to my original post, so consider this thread resolved.

Thanks forum, for being a good bouncing board :)
5) Message boards : Questions and problems : Screensaver not loading project graphics (Message 100472)
Posted 26 Aug 2020 by Tom
Further to the above, I noticed last night that PrimeGrid was utilising the GPU fine for computation.

However, today, after uninstalling and reinstalling BOINC again, and removing and readding PrimeGrid, it is saying: GPU missing, Ready to start (0.0247 CPUs + 1 NVIDIA GPU) at 0% (a new task sent to me).

So there may well be an issue with BOINC accessing the GPU. Now my Rosetta tasks cannot 'Show Graphics', whereas yesterday that was working, although the World Community Grid can show graphics still.

Either way, the screensaver was not working for WCG project graphics, when I had removed all projects except for World Community Grid, which does not use graphics. The screensaver only ever just gives the BOINC green progress bars of the running tasks.

Is there something I can do to uninstall BOINC, wipe out all memory of allocated GPUs/GPU drivers, and reinstall BOINC?

Thanks in advance! :)
6) Message boards : Questions and problems : Screensaver not loading project graphics (Message 100471)
Posted 26 Aug 2020 by Tom
Boinc 7.16.17
Windows 10 Pro build 2004, 19041.450, Windows Feature Experience Pakc 120.2212.31.0
On various computers I have, same build of windows and boinc, same account and projects, project specific graphics are loading in the screensaver just fine.

In one PC, I wasn't getting screensaver graphics because it didn't have a GPU (using onboard graphics). I've then installed a Gigabyte Silent GT1030 2GB GPU card into this PC. On first boot, couldn't click the 'graphics' in Boinc, the buttons were greyed out.

I installed the latest Nvidia driver from the Gibabyte website specific for the card (v300 series), checked for firmware updates to the card (none), then installed the latest Nvidia driver for this type of card from the Nvidia website (v400 series).

GPU-Z detects the card and confirms it has OpenGL support, DirectX, CUDA, this and that. Seems fairly fully featured (for it's price point, anyway) but more to the point certainly capable of BOINC graphics.

BOINC graphics now load when I click on any projects running task and click the Graphics button; all good there.

In terms of the screensaver, it will load the standard BOINC screensaver, but regardless of the screensaver settings will never load the project specific screensavers. This is the only PC I'd really like the screensaver to load on, for my home theatre PC, and for it to be a talking point when guests visit.

I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling Nvidia drivers, uninstalling and reinstalling BOINC, check for windows updates, disabling all security software, reinstalling boinc whilst disabled, tried everything and still no luck. Any suggestions?

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