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Posted 2 Apr 2011 by hobbesocrates

I have a couple of minor wishes, most preferred first:

1) Set a "Run For..." time. For example, I'd like to run at night, but only for a certain number of hours when I'm asleep (so i don't run it all night and overtax my computer/to give it time to sleep). I'd like to give it a command that says "Run For X Hrs" then stop, instead of setting a hard daily time (as schedules vary..)

2) Upgraded menu bar item (for the mac). Add features like "Suspend/Run" (not just snooze), "Suspend For...," "Run For...,"

3) Option to run application Only in dock or Only in menu bar item (Mac). I've found suggestions for not having any user interface at all (run as system process), but I would just like to have one interface, as having both seems repetitive. Possibly add an option to have it run only with a menu bar item and give an option to open full manager app window.

4) Track total data transfer over a certain time. I don't want to set a transfer limit unless I have to.

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