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Posted 28 Feb 2024 by Profile NullCoding*
WEP-M+2 ( has been down for over a month now and there have been no announcements (or posts here, that I can see anyway) regarding it. It may be down for good. This was a favourite project of mine due to the support for exclusively Mac and Linux, which made it more competitive for a smaller group of people (if you're into that sort of thing); I'd imagine many people haven't heard of it or simply don't bother because they're primarily running Windows.

Searching for the project admin, Dr. James Wanless, brings up a lot of results for some motivational speaker (not a mathematician) whom I'm positive is a different person entirely, so that's no help.
2) Message boards : Projects : News on Project Outages (Message 99192)
Posted 9 Jun 2020 by Profile NullCoding*
WEP-M+2 ( has been down for a few days with database issues. Unsure if the administrator has a timeframe for restoring the project, as the site will not load.
3) Message boards : Projects : OProject@Home (Message 60286)
Posted 13 Feb 2015 by Profile NullCoding*
I think the project is dead.
I got no response from the admin and the university. :|

Scouring the web for anything relating to the project in any of its incarnations (they've changed URLs once or twice I believe) certainly seem to support that claim.

Shame, really. There was no indication of extended downtime, which is unfortunately not unheard of in the BOINC world. What's odd is that OProject had a fairly diverse set of applications, was pretty transparent with regards to their development process(es) and application(s), and their admins weren't the silent, practically reclusive types found at the kind of poorly-run projects that get too big for their britches - running out of funding, not making enough work, not communicating re: project updates etc - and shut down.

At least, to the best of my knowledge/memory, OProject was running just fine until they announced an impending upgrade, after which point (as indicated in several posts above) they seem to have dropped off the grid entirely.

Even stranger considering Lukasz appears to have renewed registration on the domain in mid-November of last year. I assume that's a promising sign, but the silence is a bit deafening at this point.
4) Message boards : Projects : Welcome back, Correlizer (Message 60285)
Posted 13 Feb 2015 by Profile NullCoding*
I noticed this months ago - all the old info seems completely absent from the server...

A month since the last message, and still no signs of life.

That's quite a lengthy testing/deployment phase they've got...
5) Message boards : Projects : Any Other NCI Projects? (Message 60237)
Posted 10 Feb 2015 by Profile NullCoding*
None of which I am aware, except La Red de Atrapa Sismos, the Mexican counterpart to QCN. Credits and user accounts are separate from QCN. Different project, same software + premise.

Surveill@Home is another nci project, but is not accepting new users and hasn't for quite some time now. I'm not sure they ever will, or if they are even still particularly active.

Generally speaking, nci projects are uncommon because most parallel or parallel-capable applications are compute-demanding, whereas a more passive, less-demanding application (e.g. a web crawler) is relatively easy to deploy without enlisting outside help - unless it's a massive undertaking, but scientific projects likely to use BOINC tend to be relatively targeted in their goals.

NCI applications are perhaps better thought of as "daemons" like the sort that one finds on UNIX-based systems (or "services" on Windows). Their primary function is to support and/or monitor the operation of another program. Dividing the compute load in such a way allows developers and end-users alike more control over the way a program runs, and also isolates the monitor from what it's monitoring in case of a crash or exception - to prevent data loss, mostly.

WUProp, for instance, simply monitors BOINC by hooking the host system at a low enough level that it can gather detailed data on project applications, at runtime, at a system-specific level. QCN and RAS are nci because they are merely monitoring the built-in accelerometer in a laptop or tablet (or the readout from a USB version) and not doing any actual processing of data.

The vast majority of BOINC projects process data rather than gathering it. In most cases, the data is already gathered by an outside source (e.g. SETI, Einstein, MilkyWay, POGS) and simply needs to be processed according to various parameters on a scale that makes anything but distributed computing a cost-prohibitive platform.

Hope that answers your question fairly well.
6) Message boards : Questions and problems : Amazon AWS setup (Message 60233)
Posted 10 Feb 2015 by Profile NullCoding*
AWS informed of this as well. I run BOINC on my web server hosted through AWS. When people mentioned they had difficulty loading my site - especially dynamic content that relies on a MySQL backend - I was informed that the "micro" class instances are quite limited in terms of compute strength.

Technically speaking, all instance types are somewhat limited in that they are effectively run through a Xen-like hypervisor rather than being true dedicated servers - although such an option does exist within AWS, albeit at a significantly higher price tag.

I ultimately found it impractical to run BOINC on AWS, but my budget constraints differ considerably from the average user, so you may be better off.

If you are dead-set on running BOINC (and nothing else) you may want to look into a compute-optimised instance. The current generation is much more efficient and powerful than the last, including in terms of credits/dollar. If paying for compute time for BOINC is not out of the question, it may be worth a look!

Protip: don't use spot instances for BOINC thinking it'll save you time and money. Because of the innately ephemeral nature of spot instances, the AMI effectively resets with each restart, meaning all unreported work gets lost and it reverts (upon restart) to a state where it's doing tasks that project servers won't even accept. That caused issues for me, so don't bother. On-demand or reserved is your best bet.
7) Message boards : Questions and problems : Problems with Omega drivers (Message 58946)
Posted 24 Dec 2014 by Profile NullCoding*
Hey - never mind. I found the problem (at least for me) is attributed to a beta application being run as a test project by Bitcoin Utopia, although they have not labeled it a test project so I got those tasks even with "run test projects" unchecked. Meh.

Check their fora for people complaining of the same lock-ups and freezing. Doesn't seem to be related to GPU driver for them, although the issues seem to all be with AMD cards anyway. :P

I was genuinely worried my card had overheated, too. Would not be the first time. In fairness the last one was defective.

Currently since disabling that app in Bitcoin Utopia the whole machine is running smoothly. I am playing RuneScape in high detail as usual with steady high framerate whilst BOINC does GPU tasks and as yet, no errors to speak of.

Fingers crossed. This machine's CPU may be slowly dying, too, or the motherboard, or perhaps this is where I excuse myself from providing further speculation on potentially BOINC-related crashes...
8) Message boards : Questions and problems : Problems with Omega drivers (Message 58945)
Posted 24 Dec 2014 by Profile NullCoding*
Gigabyte HD 6850 1GB (stock)
Windows 7 x64
8 GB DDR3 1666
Phenom II x4 965
BOINC 7,4,36

Latest Omega driver installed today. I can barely use the computer at all now. The mouse movement is so jerky it's like I'm watching a movie that shows only every hundredth frame. Yes that bad.

Resource monitor is showing 0% CPU usage (as I no longer run CPU WUs on this machine due to heat!) and memory usage at 25%. This machine is built on budget tech from 2012, I know, but it's never ever done anything like this!!

GPU tasks are running to completion, but it locks up entirely at times. No BSOD, just...freezes.

Windows Event Logs show critical + warning messages related to a game client, so I've let it run without playing that game...nope, still errors pointing at MOM.exe and KERNEL_POWER related failures. I assume they caused the game client to crash, not the other way round.

So...yes, I am having issues.
9) Message boards : Projects : Open Source Projects (Message 50259)
Posted 20 Aug 2013 by Profile NullCoding*
PrimeGrid, PrimeGrid, PrimeGrid!

The sources for each of their applications (if you include different platforms, there are at least forty apps) are readily available, albeit sometimes hard to find - ask and you shall receive, though. The apps on which their apps are based are also well-known open-source initiatives.

They publish their findings in a pretty official manner with the University of Tennessee at Martin, and monumental findings are documented by mathematics reference entities pretty much world-wide.

Oproject is another where the source is very open. Says right on their front page. :)

Quake-Catcher Network also recently released their source code model(s) but haven't had new tasks in awhile to my knowledge.

That's all that comes to mind right now but you'll find that in the spirit of distributed volunteer computing, most projects are very transparent with their results and publishing. Most will gladly give their source code to interested developers but for stability reasons, deployment is usually handled by a core team (or sometimes even just one person).
10) Message boards : Projects : News on Project Outages (Message 49770)
Posted 2 Jul 2013 by Profile NullCoding*
Collatz has been back up for a couple days now. :)

• NRG (Najmanovich Research Group) is out of disk space on their BOINC server and have been for nearly a week now. It is nearly impossible to even post on their message boards, but it can be logically assumed that they are aware of and working on fixing the issue.

• Donate@Home appears to be in the stages of re-purposing or retiring the project, and are not sending work.

• BitCoin Utopia is out of work, though I am helping the admin(s) out with upgrading/re-configuring their cloud-based BOINC server and resources so that the project can move forward full steam...

• POEM is/was having database issues, and as of now is out of GPU work. CPU work is available, but work in general is sparse and only sporadically available in large enough amounts to constantly feed crunchers. Still awaiting a detailed report from the admins, unless it's all related to their database outage.

• SubSetSum@Home is sending new work in small bursts only, as they test their new application. Tasks must be done with the new application; no older anonymous platform apps will validate WUs!

• ABCLLL@Home is still out of work and no definitive ETA has been provided for their next batch.

• SIMAP has work again - approximately a month's worth, according to their main page.

Well that's what I know.
11) Message boards : Projects : No CPU Intensive projects - List (Message 49769)
Posted 2 Jul 2013 by Profile NullCoding*
BigData is CPU intensive, but I can understand assuming it's not because they run web-crawler apps (for Weibo analytics, and not much else far as I can tell)

I've tried to get in touch with whomever is behind the project but can't get too far. Not even sure why the Institute for High-Energy Physics would even be interested in Sina Weibo traffic, but whatever floats your boat I guess.

I just realized I'm nearly ranked in the top 10 at that project. Whoops. Well, if by "non-CPU-intensive" you mean "can churn out decent credit on a budget laptop," then sure...
12) Message boards : GPUs : Ivy Bridge + OpenCL + OS X 10.9 (Message 49716)
Posted 25 Jun 2013 by Profile NullCoding*
Or maybe nobody knows...!

Collatz offers an intel_gpu_100 plan class app for 64-bit Windows only - I assume this means OpenCL 1.00 or later, which is fine. I've got a 3770K new-in-box without any other components, or I'd be testing/running that for sure...

No ideas? Anybody...?
13) Message boards : GPUs : Ivy Bridge + OpenCL + OS X 10.9 (Message 49642)
Posted 18 Jun 2013 by Profile NullCoding*
I've been fiddling with a lot of developer stuff lately, and set up a temporary testing environment running OS X 10.9 13A476u from an external drive (USB 3, so the bottleneck is much less noticeable). Actually, I primarily want to compile my own applications, and then test BOINC applications. So I started with BOINC itself.

For now, I'm not building it from source, so I am using 7,1,17 which is, at the time I'm writing this, the current beta. I attached to a couple reliable + stable projects. So far, so good. :)

I noticed that WUProp@Home either doesn't notice my Intel graphics (older server software?) or just doesn't query the onboard chip because there aren't any live applications using the intel_gpu plan class that I know of...yet. No point in collecting and aggregating data in a category for which there IS no data, I suppose.

But PrimeGrid sees it! It looks like this, leading me to believe that OpenCL support is present by default in OS X 10,9. Perhaps that's because it's a development build?

Before I even ask about applications in testing for Intel HD Graphics 4000/5000, I want to know if OpenCL is even a thing for OS X besides AMD GPUs. I've crunched tons of Collatz in the past on a farm of iMacs with AMD 6750Ms running OS X 10,7,5, but have had a very difficult time running NViDIA OpenCL apps (or cuda_opencl, or opencl_nvidia, or what have you) on this new MacBook Pro. I seem to remember running pure CUDA apps in the recent past, but from what I understand, the driver broke itself around April and there's still not a working version?

I looked for OS X OpenCL drivers from/for Intel, but the closest I found was Linux (no specific distro, just "Linux"). On the PrimeGrid page, where it's seeing Intel HD Graphics 4000 - is that BOINC beta reporting it, or OS X 10.9? Are the drivers even there? I don't see any tangible way to find out, since I don't know of any applications for OS X utilizing Intel graphics, and don't have the time or resources currently to go about trying to port the Linux drivers to OS X!

If I'm getting way too ahead of myself, okay, how about this: I've got a 3770K in the mail (supposedly) and plan on building a system around it, even if just temporarily. That would run Windows, for which there are definitely Intel OpenCL drivers available. The only socket 1155 motherboard I have currently is a H67 chipset, and Z77 would probably be the best choice for a 3770K, I guess.

(while I have your attention, any clues about NViDIA GT650M CUDA and/or OpenCL on OS X 10,8,4 or 10,9 would be appreciated... :))
14) Message boards : Projects : BigData@Home (Message 49070)
Posted 10 May 2013 by Profile NullCoding*
Project main page
Project apps - Windows + Linux

Run by Institute for High-Energy Physics at Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing. This project started within the last month or so at the time of writing this post. :)

The site is nearly empty, but they have currently 2 functional applications, both of which analyze web data via crawling and spiders on sites such as Weibo (Chinese social networking site).

If any translation help is needed to understand what's going on, I'm happy to help.

Currently you can connect + run project via BOINC Manager smoothly. You have to manually type in "home.php" for instance, on the website itself. No message boards, yet.

I would try contact the admin(s), but I have no idea who they are!

15) Message boards : Questions and problems : CPID split (Message 48914)
Posted 2 May 2013 by Profile NullCoding*

Weirdly, all but primaboinca is now restored at my first CPID and I've done nothing to set anything in motion.

Well then, sorry for complaining so much. I guess it'll work itself out. still doing the work for the science after all.
16) Message boards : Questions and problems : CPID split (Message 48882)
Posted 1 May 2013 by Profile NullCoding*
Ah, check this out. It split me this past Friday 26 April.

so that's one oddity clarified...
17) Message boards : Questions and problems : CPID split (Message 48881)
Posted 1 May 2013 by Profile NullCoding*
All of my hosts run WUProp@Home and, I believe, NRG. I may have one or two hosts not running NRG, but they all run WUProp@Home and have for years. It's the first project I add with a fresh install.

I haven't attached any "new" hosts in over a month, just so you know.

I have updated BOINC on almost all my hosts (I think?) and I have three currently out of commission...but they've been down for months...and all of my hosts are running at least 7,0,28.

Like I said, this happened randomly. Two days ago was when I first noticed negative credits, and now I no longer have a WUProp@Home badge on my "real" CPID!

Strange thing is that both WUProp@Home and NRG list my original CPID at /home.php and also the full list of my projects. FreeDC et. al. are still reporting I do not participate in WUProp@Home, primaboinca, or Enigma@Home...but NRG is back at my main stats page...and the "new" CPID also lists NRG...huh?!

This is bizarre.

Edit: Check out my signature. See the WUProp badge? That's back now. But do you see an Enigma badge? I don't, at the time of posting this. There ought to be a bronze one.

I haven't truly lost any credits anywhere, but somewhere deep in the BOINC-o-sphere, something has gone awry and now I appear to have fallen victim to some sort of odd meta-quantum-entanglement involving me, my e-mail address, and my computers.

I mean...on this laptop, for instance, I am attached to several projects with the same exact e-mail address, username, and team, but a different CPID. I haven't checked the hosts yet, but if you look at my stats page(s) you'll see about 150 hosts reported whilst I actually have historically had fewer than half that number. The system just doesn't seem to think there is but one of me!
18) Message boards : Questions and problems : CPID split (Message 48864)
Posted 30 Apr 2013 by Profile NullCoding*
Goodness, I do post here a fair bit. Sorry for making another thread, but this is yet another problem I can't seem to address!

Usually, to look at my stats, you'd go here:

but for some strange reason, you have to go here now, too:

What the heck?

(I posted full URLs instead of using BBCode to hide them so it's easier for you to see those are totally different CPIDs)

Within the last few days, I noticed:

a) negative credit/day reported on Free-DC and BOINCstats and other stats sites for "Combined," but no negative credit/day per any project
b) badges disappearing from my signature(s)!
c) projects no longer on the list of my projects
d) why?

Yes, it's the same e-mail address for every project on every host and no, I do not use an account manager, and no, this has not happened before.

It's gone the other way, where I register on a project and it takes a couple days for it to migrate to my normal CPID (the 21db3eee... one)

On NRG, for instance, I am ranked 30-something-ith in the world, and WUProp gets my results from every project I crunch...I'd rather it all "be under one roof," but I can't change the address associated with my account anywhere because they're all the same address anyway.

Seriously, the weird stuff always happens to me.

Any ideas?
19) Message boards : Questions and problems : Download Failures (Message 48863)
Posted 30 Apr 2013 by Profile NullCoding*
Interesting, but that likely won't make a difference. My provider is Verizon FiOS, and there are six (or more?) other machines in the house without this problem. Plus, the machine being finicky is physically right next to the router.

I don't think this is a BOINC issue anymore. The OS may be corrupted but I haven't got time to fully triage it as I'm usually at work...where I triage other people's computers. :)

Thanks for the suggestion, though. I did not think of that!
20) Message boards : Questions and problems : Download Failures (Message 48786)
Posted 23 Apr 2013 by Profile NullCoding*
Ok, no, I have never participated in CPDN (sorry)

I said [name a project] - that wasn't very clear - I meant this happens at any project. NRG, OProject, and PrimeGrid specifically as that's all that really runs at this machine.

I just tried yesterday using Ninite to update multiple apps/runtimes, and SIX of the downloads failed with hash check errors. -.-

Now I'm thinking it's not even BOINC-specific. Oh well. Back to the drawing board on this one.

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