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1) Message boards : Projects : News on Project Outages (Message 50104)
Posted 7 Aug 2013 by frank
flashawk: the electrical work was supposed to be complete by Monday...then the system re-build/repair work would start...don't forget Rule 1 of IT: everything takes longer than it takes !!!
2) Message boards : Projects : Urgent: Need a list of BOINC projects that are funded by the U.S Government. (Message 50076)
Posted 5 Aug 2013 by frank
hello smalltalk

Climate Prediction (cpdn) is not funded by the USDA, but it is doing research on Weather, which affects most of the Agriculture in the US...

3) Message boards : Projects : Seti Server(s) Unavailable? (Message 35824)
Posted 21 Nov 2010 by frank
here's what i have done to keep the machine working on something at all times:

i set up SETI to run 100% of the time...

i set up CLIMATE PREDICTION to run 100% of the time...

so, when SETI work units are available, SETI runs on 1 core...and CP runs on the other core...

when there are no SETI work units available, CP runs on both cores...


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