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1) Message boards : Questions and problems : Astropulse (Message 56629)
Posted 11 Oct 2014 by Thunder
How do I stop Bonic from adding this annoying Astropulse to its scan functions? It takes forever to analyze 1 Astropulse.. I prefer to just scan Seti@home...
2) Message boards : Projects : Seti Server(s) Unavailable? (Message 35427)
Posted 26 Oct 2010 by Thunder
Due to a never ending NON response from the Seti website of projects not available and project servers are not available, I have decided to remove the whole thing.
No sense wasting my CPU time on something that does not EVER work!

Maybe in the future you get it fully functional again I may reinstall it! Until then, sorry to say 1 less person, and many fewer computers to help SETI!

Best of luck!

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