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1) Message boards : Questions and problems : BOINC fails to run (Message 89390)
Posted 30 Dec 2018 by Cruncher Pete
Starting BOINC Manager (the icon) under Linux only starts the GUI, it does not start the client. You have to start the client separately, from the command line, using sudo /etc/init.d/boinc-client start
After that start the manager.

Sorry Jord but I don't think you are correct on this one. I am running various versions of Linux in dual Boot configuration on 16 Machines. By clicking or double clicking the BOINC Manager Icon is all I have to do to run the client. The Command line option is just another way of doing it.
2) Message boards : News : Project management changes proposed (Message 81215)
Posted 14 Sep 2017 by Cruncher Pete
I am just an average Boinc Follower trying to make some sense what is going on. The Fact that Robssmith is taking issue with Agentb, bot help desk Experts bothers me. If this is what we can expect in future where Experts disagree with each other in public, I fear it is not a good start. Surely since both of you are Help Experts your point of view should have been discussed in a PM.
3) Message boards : Questions and problems : [Discussion] 4th Generation BOINC credit system (Message 69566)
Posted 11 May 2016 by Cruncher Pete

P.S.: I don't know anything about the specific reasons why people hide their hosts but they should have the possibility.


My suggestion would be to allow Team Founders to see this data anyway, keep the average person from seeing it, but if you join a Team then the Team Founder CAN see it, after all it's THEIR Team that's being affected by the cheating. People used to hop from team to team when team total credit went with them, when that stopped some of the team hopping stopped, but some people still hop from team to team for various reasons. If someone is cheating and viewing their pc's can help stop that and allowing Team Founders to see all Team Members pc's can stop it, then I'm all for it. But as I said if you have 50 pc's because you are running a computer lab or whatever and wish to keep them hidden from the general user, I'm okay with that too.

That is a start and a good point for we are trying to make the job of a cheater more difficult so why do we want to help him by allow him to hide his computers. The guy in the computer lab with his 50 machines could possibly want to hide such numbers so that he bis credit be recognized under his name and not that of the computer lab. That alone is unfair as well as other IT professionals major corporation like IBM registering their machines as individual rather than as a team. But that is another matter.
4) Message boards : Questions and problems : Boinc over using memory (Message 69364)
Posted 2 May 2016 by Cruncher Pete

As I said before, posting logs of when things work without flaw isn't going to be of any help to anyone. The log snippet you showed before said you were using 3GB of RAM for BOINC and 5GB of RAM for non-BOINC.

I reread this thread and I find no information to what you are saying...

I just can't stand this anymore listening to an obnoctious moderator whose job is to keep any problems away from David Anderson. I followed this guys problems and at no timne did I find your help to be helpfull for when he did follow you, you constradicted yourself and even told him that he did not follow your advice for what he provided was not helpful. Admittedly, I did not reply for I did not have the answer. Your typical help is to tell your users that their messages is not understood, too short or too long as I have had previous experiance with you on this regard.

Go ahead, ban me, I no longer care, but I ask look at your method of operations, please do not judge users who have problems for they would not post here unless they are seeking help. Your attitude in replying to them needs to be improved When someone is in trouple, the last thing you want is to tell them that have a problem and it is their fault for not knowing better or following your advice to the latter. Please do not forget that this is an international; forum and interpretations of meanings are difficult at best. If you do not like my reply, than PM me, but I will not guarantee that I will reply as you said to your users unless it suits me...
5) Message boards : Questions and problems : [Discussion] 4th Generation BOINC credit system (Message 69205)
Posted 27 Apr 2016 by Cruncher Pete
I welcome the new discussion on the BOINC Credit System and in particular how to identify and stop cheating. I am just an average user who after years of supporting BOINC projects have built up a farm of 10 computers (down 2). I am an avid competitor and watched users of similar equipment for years. I change my tactics to get an advantage for whatever the credit system is it should be equivalent for similar users of similar equipment. From time to time, I noticed a sudden jump in credit that in reality does not seem justifiable from a user that had a static average credit. Was he cheating? I do not know. What I do know is that he was hiding his hosts. Therefore, it makes it hard to prove and for this reason alone, I would suggest that the current option to hide your host be removed for it should be able to be seen by all and sudden unrealistic changes would be easier to identify.

Following the event of Bitcoin and high credits there has been a lot of talk about creating stats for various devisions in BOINC, not unlike the problems when GPU's and their higher credits came in existance some time ago. One that has not been mentioned as far as I am aware is the unfairness of organisations and IT professionals in control of multiple computers, yet they are included in the same category as an idividual user who pays for his equipment, time and Electricity out of his own pocket. Whilst I admit it is great to have such persons in one's team, I beleive in the individual scoring they should be given another category.

Keep on crunching and have a nice day...P.S Note that I have not edited my name but have changed it elswhere to my true name of peter J. Shane
6) Message boards : Projects : SETI might be a was of CPU time (Message 68036)
Posted 28 Feb 2016 by Cruncher Pete
Sorry to waste your time Les but I am under the impression that this is the BOINC Forum and in particular BOINC Project forum. Since SETI is a BOINC Project kgets is quite entitled to voice his opinion here for it is a general comment about SETI. Since I do not crunch Seti at the moment opinion of other users are welcome by me and MY time will not be wasted. You are assuming too much by saying it wastes OUR time, although I must admit I am unaware of who is included in OUR time. Are you speaking on behalf of others or is it just your opinion? Never the less if kgets is actually wants a qualified answer to his question sure, SETI Project would be an ideal starting point.

Keep on crunching and have a nice day...
7) Message boards : Questions and problems : Resource share apparently does nothing at all (Message 67500)
Posted 4 Feb 2016 by Cruncher Pete

The resource share on its own does not dictate how much work a project can ask for, not until all eligible projects have run for a while and BOINC knows what's what. So initially even on an RS of 2 you will get a full cache of work, just as much as you've set the work request for, but if you let that sit for several weeks or months, you will see that BOINC learns and eventually not take up as much work anymore.

I guess it had a purpose when a rival project to SETI came on sceen but with multi projects now Resource share is useless for I doubt any user will wait for several weeks or months before BOINC learns to share resources.
8) Message boards : Projects : Appeal to Project Managers (Message 63779)
Posted 23 Aug 2015 by Cruncher Pete

If it concerns you, why aren't you contacting the project admins instead of posting it on the BOINC boards? You presume project admins are monitoring the forums here. Some do, but not all and they shouldn't be expected to be monitoring these forums.

I have done so more than 6 weeks ago. It is simple realy, if they do not wish to tell me what is going on I just crunch another project. The only reason I posted it here is for users to be aware that someone cares and as you said some project admins might even read it here for a lot of them are also crunchers.

Keep on crunching and have a nice day...
9) Message boards : Projects : Time to Retire: (Message 63362)
Posted 1 Aug 2015 by Cruncher Pete
Time to Retire Slinca.

A user in BOINCStats reported a month ago that this project has had no work Units issued for over a year.

DC-Stats confirms that the project has not exported stats for 23 days.

I attempted to contact the project when it was still active with no success. Now the server has been down for at least a week.

Jord, I beleive you are the Committer for maintaining the List of known Active projects. I will leave it up to you to leave it or remove it. I made the mistake last time of removing a project based on information available to me too early, I learned my lesson.
10) Message boards : News : New governance model (Message 63125)
Posted 20 Jul 2015 by Cruncher Pete
Some clarification seems to be needed here.

[quote]We as users are left to make up our mind in absence of any Administartive policy weather we should trust any project and in deed weather they are doing what they are doing is legal and legitimate. The BOINC software and the Berkely administration will not admit to control the use of the software and any Tom, Dick and Henry can start a project because the Management Committe does not care who uses the software and for what purposes.

BOINC is open source, anyone can create their own project for their own purpose and it is up to them to create a community around their project. Nothing has changed there. You, as a contributor, decide your level of trust and involvement in any BOINC project, always. UCB may stop at endorsing any particular project, but they certainly never controlled any of them. PMC/BMC would act no differently there.

That is a fair enough answer for it is documented so. I wish to point out though that to date the BOINC System and that is the Software Component and Documemntation was controlled by one person. There was no clear process of review. There was no community involvement or need to find a consensus of the user. This was a Dictatorial system. Therefore the public was duped. Now that David Anderson is no longer getting paid, he is too busy managing other interests and he passed the controlling management to his friends that helped him before. He said: Boinc has transitioned to a Community based Governance and in his documents he has referred to a Community Based Consensus. What he did not say is that the members of the Project Management Committee is appointed by him without Community consensus. As stated by one of the PMC members, they are not empowered to deal with questions of Day to Day problems and questions and we will not get an answer from the PMC on such questions. Yet David stated that Committers have no more authpority than contributers the question is begged to be asked who included statement in the documentation and why? Oh, hang on users not supposed to know that, users do not need to know that, all thay have to do is download the software and use it.

I submit this is just my point of view. Just a few days ago David was interviewed on UTube and unless I am blind and dumb, I could have sworn that he said that BOINC was created to help in Scientific Research. He never mentioned that anybody including Terrorist Organisation may use it for it is an Open In frastructure Software with no rules. If such thing happens it will not be the fault of the software for BOINC passed responsibility for using to the user neither BOINC or the University of Berkely is responsible for anything in the software or its documentation. I beleive that is one basis for discussion alone.

I sir am not dumb and neither am I a sheep. The backbone of the New Governing system is in place. Now is the time to voice your opinion if you do not like what is going on for David stated that input is welcome (at some place that I have no time to find at the moment) you should find the link in this thread. I have said my point of view there as was requested. I am not demanding anything. I am just a voice crying out in the wildreness. I can offer suggestions but that is only one users opinion. What I do ask is that if anybody asks a question there please give some indication when may we receive an answer. I do not need an immediate reply, an idication would be nice for i might just think that it will never be answered. If you look at any good software support system if you ask a question, the system will give a reference number and tells you that a reply will be provided in a certain number of hours, days, months or years as needed. I am refering to the questions Jord asked. Some questions were answered with a question and I am still curious what is the official reply that was asked for it effects me as well.

What I am upset about is that BOINC is not transparent. It hides elements from the public view and makes decisions without Community consensus or awarness. Only 26 members of the Community at large have read the admin_list since it was started 17 days ago. Why wern't we asked what should be included in the Governing Document? Why PMC appointments made without consultation? We are not even introduced who they are and what their responsibilities are? Stakeholders are not informed because I am told this is a Software Development Committee. Since David has handed over responsibility am I to trust faceless individuals who only care about the code of the software. Who makes documentary statements and desitions, another group of faceless people. No, it can't be for Jord asked this question. A PMC members said that it is made by the contributors and Committers. David states that conmmitters have no more authority than contributors. Than who is the authority who already included this in the documentations. There is no appointed committee that is open and transparent. A PMC memebrs states that it is up to the committesr and contributors. Now, hang on, I was appointed by David to manage the list of known BOINC Project List and he stated manage it as you see fit. That makes me a committer by the terminology used that means I do not need to aks anybody, I can just go ahead and make a rule without consultation. Is this the intention. I submit the PMC needs a lot of work and clarification for this is not a professional system that one should trust and waste money on. The venue has been set. go ahead and voice your opinion at the appointed list. I am not asking or demanding anything here, I am just generalizing.

Time to search out other Scientific project based software issued by other Universities that runs Non BOINC but Sientific projects like Folding and numerous others. Leave BOINC to gamers or any individual who wishes volunteers to donate their computers for unknown reasons.

Yup, you possess the absolute freedom to do that, any time you so choose. You always have had that freedom.

We have a good Offical Forum to discuss matter relating to BOINC but the management tries to keep us in the dark by running numerous obscure lists and offside group discussion in Google for example.

I think this criticism is both unfounded and unfair. I have no doubt that this has been an incredibly difficult time for the project team and I believe that they have done what they deemed best, given that the financial rug supporting this project has been pulled out from under them. Google groups is cheap and available internationally and unencumbered by UCB list access/permission policy. What's the better alternative than Google?

I bag to differ on this but I respect your views. What was the need to hurry and why was this such a difficult time. They all had the same time as Einstein or Houdini. What we need is community involvment not just a system of Dictatorship. A critical review of decision is needed in order to create a software and suitable documentation that suits most stakeholders. But as I said before, I am just one voice. You can fool some of the people some of the time but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.

It is working. 97% of the community said nothing in eleven days. Is it because they do not care or is it because it was intended to be hidden?[/url]

I suspect that the majority of the community (your 97%) doesn't even need to know and probably wouldn't even notice. They are users. They download a client, connect, crunch, get help from the message boards if necessary. Not many of them interact at the BOINC co-ordinator level. They interact with their project and project administrators. As long as there's a binary download or their repository contains a client, what more do they really need to know? This is one of the intrinsic benefits of BOINC, a simple interface to a highly complex and hidden ecosystem.

I am sorry I disagree. I joined BOINC at the time of SETI Classic for I was under the impression that by allowing somebody to enter my computer I need to trust them. That trust is not easy to come by when you are being duped that the software was designed to help Scientific research and by the fact that it runs a BOINC Software it has certain inbuilt method to keep out unwanted individuals. I obviously was misinformed and misdirected. As stated earlier David on UTube emphasized Scientific research yet we had users before, now and no doubt in the future who used the software for personal use. BOINC Condones this. The idea is good and we are let to believe that we are protected to some extent yet almost everyday a professional Antivirus system states that beware this software is not trusted. I Joined because friends of my compatriots who I left behind come home sick and Died of Cancer. I have family members who have died of cancer and Muscular dystrophy. I am paying $200.00 a week plus for Electricity just to allow my machines for used for scientific research be it finding a cure for illnesses or finding Extraterrestrials in the Universe. I want a simnple software that I can trust to use for such purpose and we as users should have an input what we need. What we do not need is backing people who runs project for unknown reasons or use it for spam begging for donations to pay a university student to deliver A poster outside the campus or run a project that does nothing but issues credit. I do not understand how your complex hidden ecosystem fits in this debate.

The remainder (your 3%) that are discussing this will be sufficiently motivated to engage further, which they are doing and the new Governance structure will accommodate that.
11) Message boards : News : New governance model (Message 63076)
Posted 15 Jul 2015 by Cruncher Pete
I am sorry guys, for I was all confused. My interpretation of the BOINC Governance change from what David Anderson said that he is handing over the Governqance or if you like the Management of BOINC to a Community Based system where the Community Consensus will dictate for he certainly indicated that in his mission statement..

I was wrong, I got confused between the meaning of Governance model of the whole BOINC Community, that is all stake holders, Userts, Project ,managers etc, and an alternative meaning using the same name that only refers to the Software Management aspect of BOINC although the words Software Management is not mentioned in the mission statement. This confusion is illustarted by a member of the current Project Managemnt Committee (PMC). See full text of emails [url]!search/BOINC/boinc_admin/aq_stcsZ49c/yTUe1GFEI4QJ] Here [/url]

Christian Beers states: "The BMC (lets call it that) is responsible for THE BOINC project. The source code that can be compiled into the client. The principal investigator (I think he means Instigator) of BOINC has decided to turn control over the Software Development Community in general. The BMC does not have control over the usefulness or activity of the Project Adminstrators."

The above bags the question, who is in charge of the day to day activities of the project overall. It is not the PMC for Christian stated that activity is in the hands of contributors and committers. After eleven days to date they are all nameless faces, their responsibility have not been made and there is no change from previous administration where nobody can give a clear statement that this is a policy of BOINC. We as users are left to make up our mind in absence of any Administartive policy weather we should trust any project and in deed weather they are doing what they are doing is legal and legitimate. The BOINC software and the Berkely administration will not admit to control the use of the software and any Tom, Dick and Henry can start a project because the Management Committe does not care who uses the software and for what purposes.

Time to search out other Scientific project based software issued by other Universities that runs Non BOINC but Sientific projects like Folding and numerous others. Leave BOINC to gamers or any individual who wishes volunteers to donate their computers for unknown reasons. We have a good Offical Forum to discuss matter relating to BOINC but the management tries to keep us in the dark by running numerous obscure lists and offside group discussion in Google for example. It is working. 97% of the community said nothing in eleven days. Is it because they do not care or is it because it was intended to be hidden?[/url]
12) Message boards : News : New governance model (Message 63024)
Posted 12 Jul 2015 by Cruncher Pete
David Anderson wrote:
BOINC's funding from the U.S. National Science Foundation has ended, at least for the time being.
-- David

I think one of the visible results of this will be the end of Boinc Workshop...

Not necessarily. I do not espect that the National Science Foundation should fund the wages etc of certain organizers, and neither can I see that ordinary users would have sufficient spare cash to pay such overseas venues of this nature. There are other options where you can stay at home and join the venue via Video Conferencing for example. If the PMC is strong and represent all form of volunteers than it can be organised without too much cost.
13) Message boards : News : New governance model (Message 63012)
Posted 11 Jul 2015 by Cruncher Pete
Firstly, I am concerned about the lack of publicizing such a major change. It is hidden in a list that not many users see. Its importance is even lost in a one sentence thread in the BOINC Forum until Ageless pointed this out and quoted the main elements of the change. It is not even mentioned in any of the Stat Sites that users frequent often.

Secondly, Since it is supposed to be based on Community Consensus, where is the community input in appointing members of the PMC. I see that there are two members representing Stat Sites, High Academic representation from Project Management and one or two Developers. I don't see this as a balanced representation of the BOINC Community. I concede that the initial appointment needed to be made in a hurry hence no Community input but it is unbalanced. Volunteer users for example are not represented. Ageless for example who have been listening to users complaints and suggestions in the BOINC Forum for years would have been an ideal candidate to represent the users. There are others who for years have been providing a service for testing your software and report its faults should also be represented.

Just my two cents worth...
14) Message boards : Projects : Appeal to Project Managers (Message 62888)
Posted 3 Jul 2015 by Cruncher Pete
There are a number of reasons why Volunteers give up their time, machines and pay high electricity prices in order to support your project. Some project managers spend a lot of time in maintaining the project and communicating with their user database. Unfortunately, there are some who do not appear to care about their users and fail to advise them of what is going on.

The purpose of the thread is to appeal to those project managers that do not make good use of the provided "NEWS" option in the BOINC project software to keep the user base up to date of project developments. Short items could be posted here of impending Downtime's necessary for maintenance, Work Unit issues like impending shortage due to implementation of new ones or cessation of issue of WU's due to some reason. The positive of using this method of Communication is that users can make good use of the RSS feed option and be warned to adjust their machines accordingly, rather than be idle and just give money to the Power Companies. It is understood that some Project have not updated their software for some time for a variety of reasons. It is also known that some projects have altered the software for their own needs and use of this feature might not be available or incompatible. If that is the case, than please consider alternative methods of communicating. For example there is the option to use the "Notices" whereby users get notified by the provided option in the BOINC Software they are using. Failing that, there is also the option to write a short email of impending issues to either the Official BOINC Forum or BOINCStats. Consider that information of a general nature posted in your Message Board might be hidden and gets lost amongst a multitude of other issues that is written in a Message Board and is time consuming to read all the posts of all projects.

Whilst I can not speak for anybody else, I can say this. The cost of Electricity is going up and up and it is not sustainable any longer to just set and forget a number of projects. One need to choose carefully which project you wish to follow and why. Obviously, if the Project Managers do not spend much time in talking to their user database and keeping them current as to what is going on in their project than they are likely to loose support from me and other like minded users. I appeal that you review the amount of time and method you use to communicate with your users. I might even be blunt..If you have no time to talk to us than you do not deserve our support.
15) Message boards : Projects : Time to Retire: (Message 62819)
Posted 30 Jun 2015 by Cruncher Pete
See the thread: "Listing of BOINC-based projects" for explanation.

Time to Retire: SLinCA@Home.

A user in BOINCStats suggested that we retire SLinCA for the following reasons:

1. Has not had any work in about a year (August 2014).

2. No updates in the NEWS section since September 2013.

I second that suggestion since the website: and Add that the Message Board is in Ukranian or Russian and it is difficult to log in or register to leave a message despite some suggestion what each of their local word means. I think there is a Database error there.
16) Message boards : Projects : Listing of BOINC-based Projects (Message 62818)
Posted 30 Jun 2015 by Cruncher Pete
Post: shows a list of projects whose information has been verified by the BOINC project. There is also a link to a complete list of known BOINC projects. My issue is with the Complete list of projects and in particular when should a project be listed there and when should they be removed.

Bear in mind that the BOINC developers and the University of California have no control over the creation of BOINC-based projects and in general do not endorse them. Projects are independent:each maintain its own resources without a central control..Therein lies the problem. As a volunteer user if we just spend 1 minute on each project to check if it is still Active it will take you over an hour a day. On the other hand if we reduce the size of the list to those who are considered Active, issues Work Units, give information on what is going on in their NEWS section we could save considerable time.

I propose that we discuss in a thread: "Time to Retire" any project that we consider should no longer be listed. Give your reason why and allow a week or so to let others comment before it is removed. Remember that if we make a mistake or the project suddenly appears again, it will be easily be reinstated.

Your thoughts please. Personally, I believe that if a project does not talk to their users in the NEWS section (an area designed by the software developers for that purpose), does not issue work units without explanation for a Month than the project does not deserve to be listed.
17) Message boards : Questions and problems : Resource management (Message 60346)
Posted 17 Feb 2015 by Cruncher Pete
Pete, I sympathies with you for the same reason I now only run just one project at a time until I achieve my target or get sick of running it. Jord was doing a good job in explaining the reasons why this is so. Having said that, I think it is time the Developers are made aware of this. It is an option that is not an option for it does not do what we expect it to do. It is not good enough to expect that it might take multiply weeks before your selected option takes effect. It seems to me that the option is useless for it is controlled and effected by your cache. For example the lowest cache setting is not suitable for me for I wish to run my project and a backup one should the project develop a problem for at least three days so that I can go away from home on a long weekend without worrying that my machines will waste electricity if the project is down. Clearly the option to have the maximum of 10 days cache would result in an extraordinary time before BOINC sorts itself out and balances the two project to your wishes.

My recommendation is that you either run just one CPU project at a time or write to the developers or Dr David Anderson your concern. The more feedback they receive from users the more likely they will look at the problem, for I too consider it to be that the option is not what one expects should you wish to use it as either its use is not well explained or having to wait for a month before it might take effect is useless..
18) Message boards : Questions and problems : Boinc start on boot not working correctly. (Message 60062)
Posted 1 Feb 2015 by Cruncher Pete
The clue from your post suggests that you have updated Boinc by installing over the previous version you had. Try uninstalling than Reinstalling BOINC and see if that problem still exists.
19) Message boards : Projects : Project Retirement Policy (Message 59830)
Posted 19 Jan 2015 by Cruncher Pete
Thank you Gary for putting a light on the subject that kind of answers my question that Jord chose not to answer. Having said that, I am not going to give up debating the issue for what you guys are doing is misleading and plain wrong to only advertise projects of your choosing and disregard those that you think does not meet the mark. It seems to me that over the years anytime somebody complains and justify that complaint he is shot down. What is bothering me however is that you seem to pick just a word here and there without quoting all of my sentence or answering the meaning of the paragraph suggesting that I am just a demanding kind of individual, whereas my intention was to put forward a constructive criticism and offering advice how to improve the software. In that light see my reply how I feel about your answers.

Answer: Ad hoc, no policy, subject to the vagaries of the people with the root password. Not what you want to hear, but what is.

I take it by that answer that Jord was evading to answer the question and that is why he did not reply. I should clarify that, I am not against him for trying to guard the developers of the software. It now seems obvious that option for us to choose a project should not have been included without thought of how it is going to be maintained in order to be up to date and actually give New users in particular an option to choose a project.

I demand

Why do you pick just one word out of my sentence. Please tell me why I can not demand an answer questioning where I might see an official policy on this. If there is no policy than why evade the answer, just say so. Why tell everybody that certain projects are not included because it does not meet the requirement. Since there is no policy than why give an answer that is not known.

As regards directing me that I should write in the developers forum or directly to Dr Anderson. First of all, I was under the impression that this forum was an official forum as it uses the official Boinc URL and it appears to me that it has been used as such for years. Secondly, it has been known to users that Dr Anderson do not have time or interest in any user bar his inner circle. I personally have written to him twice before about another matter with no reply.

No doubt for daring to suggest that we have a policy on this I am a markt person
and in time I will be told to shut up or banned.

Keep on crunching and have a nice day...


Ad hoc and it is up to projects to publicize themselves, not the BOINC software developer(s).


Please tell me how an individual project is going to tell all BOINC users of their activity unless options in the BOINC software points out their existence and website address. The current method of advertising certainly does not help them very much or give choices to the users. Furthermore, why give users an option in the software if it is not maintained and kept up to date.

As regards directing me that I should write in the developers forum or directly to Dr Anderson. First of all, I was under the impression that this forum was an official BOINC forum as it uses the official Boinc URL and it appears to me that it has been used as such for years. Secondly, it has been known to users that Dr Anderson do not have time or interest in any user bar his inner circle. I personally have written to him twice before about another matter with no reply. Since you appear to be on the inner circle, please pass my concern to him for consideration.

No doubt for daring to suggest that we have a policy on this I am a markt person
and in time I will be told to shut up or banned.

Keep on crunching and have a nice day...
20) Message boards : Projects : BOINC Manager - Add Project Choices (Message 59825)
Posted 19 Jan 2015 by Cruncher Pete
I am on a campaign to improve the efficiency in which we provide users choices what project to crunch. As I am still awaiting an answer to my question regarding Official Policy which we could follow, I started this thread as it is related to the problem users are experiencing and highlights the problem, yet keep the debate open regarding the Policy in the original thread titled: Project Retirement Policy.

The BOINC Manager under "Add Projects > Projects choices" lists a number of projects from which users may choose a project of their choice. The problem is that the list is not being kept up to date leading New Users in particular confused for it is advertised by the Official BOINC Manager.

I pointed out in another thread that for example ABC@Home has not exported their stats for 231 days, it has not issued any Work Units since April 2014 and there is no mention in their News Section why this is so. Three moths ago the Admin indicated in an obscure thread in the Message Board that not many users have time to read that she HOPES to reactivate the project soon. There are a number of listed projects are in a similar situation and I am concerned that by following that list it confuses everybody for it is not updated and there is no clear policy to say when is a project Active, Inactive or Retired. How long are you going to say that this project is Active? Surely 11 Months of Inactivity with no News on their website is long enough to say that it is NOT ACTIVE, INACTIVE or RETIRED or any other Terminology than Active. It is not inconceivable that as a New User who is directed to this list chooses ABC at Home, finds that he can either not join it or will not receive any Work Units and after trying DistRTgen and other projects in similar situation he will give up on BOINC thinking that it is no longer alive and give up trying to help Scientists in their research and switch off. The question was in fact been asked of me by a New User of my Team some time ago why is such and such a program listed as active when they can not get any work or in deed can't even access their site. I am not a New User and have been around long enough to know what upsets users. To brag I am world number two in the combined list of projects and as such indicates that I have spent a lot of time on reading what annoying problems users experiencing that no body seems to care for when they voice their opinion they are disregarded.

Another way of looking at this list is to try to join an Active BOINC Project but you can not do so easily without research for it is not listed as a BOINC Project. I found 16 of those projects and I see no reason why they should not be listed unless whoever is responsible to keep this list up to date has no time to police it. I will not list the 16 projects at this stage to conserve space but would like to know and I am asking this question: why projects like WUProp, Yafu, Citizen Science Grid, BOINC Utopia just to name a few are not eligible to be listed?.

In summary, I would like a list of projects listed in BOINC Manager Add Project Choices that gives a true indication what choices we have to crunch. As Volunteers who spend a lot of their time and money deserve to have an up to date list of available projects to choose from. Create a reasonable Policy to follow and keep the list up to date. If whoever is responsible to date to do this is unable to do so because of other duties etc, than ask for Volunteers to administer it. I have indicated that may be many willing users who could do so including me who have the time to research and edit the list as required provided a policy is created.

Keep on crunching and have a nice day...

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