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Posted 27 Nov 2011 by HassanShebli
Dear Blurf:

Our frustration is caused by the continuous breakdowns of MW not the current situation.

I used to run 3 servers by myself for a relatively big company ( for accounting, data, and mail ) despite being pretty amature in server-related domain. And I used to go for a vacation for a complete month or so with no problem whatsoever !! that is because of something called ( BACKUP and REMOTE ACCESS) !!

Here are some advices I whish you consider:

*- Separate the website server form that data server so we can keep up and occasionally help.

*- Increase the WU quantity ( one or two weeks stack or even more ), and increase the size of the single WU so it take 1 or 2 hours to avoid the continuous connection from crunching machines every single second. My 6970 can finish a WU in 1.4 second approximately, and I donate 10 hours a day from my machine. That means 428 WUs per day for my PC, thus 428 connection request to the data server daily !!! So you do the math. It is consuming time ( connection problems and delay ) and money ( bandwidth, electricity, manpower ..etc ).

I know the second point were discussed many times previously, but no one could convince me and many other users why this is not yet done.

whish you the best
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Posted 27 Nov 2011 by HassanShebli
With all my respect that's ridicules . If there is a well, there is a way. I am not convinced what so ever that there are some restrictions from RPI regarding this issue!

Users asked MW people frequently to present a clear paper of their requirements ( hardware, money, staff...etc ) so users can contribute as possible, but no response, just a shady speeches !!

Good to hear from you the news about POEM's new application for AMD. Finally we'll set ourselves free from MW. Hope more to come.

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Posted 26 Nov 2011 by HassanShebli
It is not matter of fund as they said frequently. Many users there were ready to donate the needed hardware. MW complaint was lack of supervision staff as far as my knowledge . And I don't really know why the don't have a one or more backup server?!!!

It so frustrating That they didn't add another server. They have a minimum of a monthly breakdown since a joined them a year ago. At least they should keep the website on a separate server to let us know status of the project!

I really wish that other real scientific project have AMD support so we can switch to. I am really considering selling my AMD 6970 card and getting Nvidia 580.

Good luck

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