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1) Message boards : Projects : Rosetta@home down? (Message 107920)
Posted 21 Apr 2022 by Falconet
Rosetta Python work is available and requires VirtualBox to be installed and Hardware Virtualization to be active.
Rosetta 4.20 work, the one everyone was used to for years, barely exists these days bar for some very rare batch or some submission from Robetta.
2) Message boards : News : RIP Scott Drannon (Message 107898)
Posted 19 Apr 2022 by Falconet
May he rest in peace.
My condolences, Michelle.
3) Message boards : News : Windows communication failure: temporary workaround (Message 106660)
Posted 4 Jan 2022 by Falconet
and in fact my Boing installation is not uploading anything since then.
thanks for sharing the new certificate once available.
all my warmest regards to everybody

Please update your BOINC client to the lastest client, version 7.16.20.
4) Message boards : Projects : gerasim create account not possible? (Message 106390)
Posted 11 Dec 2021 by Falconet
Yeah, I can access the website now. Must have been a temporary error or something.
5) Message boards : Projects : gerasim create account not possible? (Message 106365)
Posted 9 Dec 2021 by Falconet
I think that project has been dead for years.
I tried accessing the website but immediately got a 404.
6) Message boards : Questions and problems : SLI computing (Message 105987)
Posted 5 Nov 2021 by Falconet
Rosetta@home only has CPU applications.
7) Message boards : Questions and problems : "No new tasks" keeps resetting with Rosetta@home (Message 105941)
Posted 2 Nov 2021 by Falconet
Basically, Science United is messing with your project list but not the local prefs like CPU usage, RAM usage, etc. The attached projects list is one thing and the local prefs is another. Every time you sync with Science United, it refreshes your attached projects. Because of that,if you told the local BOINC client that you wanted Rosetta@home to send no more work, it replaces that setting because on the Science United website, you told it that you wanted Rosetta@home work.

An individual BOINC project isn't an Account Manager so I don't think it can do anything like that but I could be wrong. Never seen it happen in over 12 years, anyway.
8) Message boards : Projects : WCG OPNG sans OPN1 (Message 105869)
Posted 27 Oct 2021 by Falconet
You are about a month behind the times. They have a new website, neither designed nor hosted by IBM (but I dare say there is some IBM influence lurking somewhere).
There's new Ts&Cs to read, new privacy statements to get to grips with and a new layout. All the major public facing pages don't refer to IBM (in the current tense), but I dare say some of the applications do. I would assume that the historic server stats are a low priority to be transferred, but given the project(s) are now being hosted on "new" servers that is of no surprise.

No. The new website is still hosted at IBM Cloud since that transition to Krembil has not happened yet. We'll know when it's coming once they announce it and it should take about 2 days of downtime.
Furthermore, the website is designed by IBM as stated more than once by WCG on their forums and was going to happen regardless of the Krembil takeover. In fact, all one has to do is go to and compare that to WCG's new design.

In all my years at WCG, I've never heard of anything resembling a server status page, a feature that has been asked over the years.
9) Message boards : Projects : News on Project Outages (Message 105867)
Posted 27 Oct 2021 by Falconet
Rosetta@home is down for some kind of maintenance.
10) Message boards : Projects : WCG OPNG sans OPN1 (Message 105866)
Posted 27 Oct 2021 by Falconet
I poked around WCG but cannot find a list of applications. Their site is so different from other projects it is difficult to even find my own account. Is there a list of apps or even a server status page?

On the old IBM hosted website, both apps and stats were available just like all other BOINC projects. But they never had those listed in the menus.

You had to know the URL of the pages and input that yourself like you have to do with other similar websites that don't show any menus options. I have to to do the same for GPUGrid for example.

You just pull up the normal server status page for example and replace stats with apps in the URL and it will show you the applications that are available for the project. It still used the basic BOINC server code that produces the normal set of pages. But apparently you can choose to not make them publicly available in the stock menus.

But this new Krembil website is so different it is hard to find anything.

I've never heard of this at WCG. Neither an application list nor the server stats. The only real time figure available previously that I recall right now was the number of returned results per project on the homepage.

Website is still IBM hosted and it was designed by IBM.
11) Message boards : News : Windows communication failure: temporary workaround (Message 105687)
Posted 7 Oct 2021 by Falconet
You don't have to install it.
Just copy and paste the file you got from Universe@home and replace the one at the BOINC install folder.
12) Message boards : Questions and problems : HTTP error: Peer certificate cannot be authenticated with given CA certificates (with workaround) (Message 105597)
Posted 1 Oct 2021 by Falconet
Just wanted to inform everyone that I checked my certificate, it expires in 2028, and things are still snafu after updating my computer and restarting. Hopefully, they'll accept late results at these various projects...

It's still affected. That file has many different certificates and one of those is the culprit. You can either follow the solutions presented on this thread or you can wait for a new BOINC version that includes the updated certificates.
13) Message boards : Questions and problems : You are attached to this project twice (Message 105595)
Posted 1 Oct 2021 by Falconet
WCG wrote in Boincmanager:
You are attached to this project twice.
Please remove projects named World Community Grid, then add

But, Boinc allowed only http:// and not https:// in 7.16.11 for this project to be added.

That was unrelated and has been resolved though it was never much of an issue other than a message in the event log.
Use the HTTP URL, not HTTPS.
14) Message boards : News : Android client version 7.18.1 released. (Message 104968)
Posted 6 Aug 2021 by Falconet
Release Notes for 7.18.1
15) Message boards : The Lounge : Zooniverse quests (Message 104908)
Posted 31 Jul 2021 by Falconet

Hubble Asteroid Hunter is back but this time it's hunting for satellite trails.

The results page has also been updated - looks like volunteers identified over 300 known asteroids but a whooping 1400 unknown asteroids/objects:

"Therefore, our data contains 1,400 unknown objects or objects with very large orbital uncertainties. This is not surprising, since most of the apparent magnitudes of our trails are fainter than magnitude 22 (see a distribution of brightnesses below), which is the approximate limit for the asteroid discovery surveys performed with ground-based telescopes. Most of these objects will correspond to main-belt objects with sizes <1 km, thus will help us characterize the distribution of small size asteroids in the Main Belt, a population poorly explored by current studies."

16) Message boards : Projects : AI Projects (Message 104446)
Posted 23 May 2021 by Falconet
That's up to whoever wants to start an AI-related project.

I haven't seen any new projects on that field.
17) Message boards : Promotion : Is it ok if I put the BOINC logo on my car? (Message 103601)
Posted 19 Mar 2021 by Falconet
Looks good!
18) Message boards : BOINC Manager : boinc manager key in email issue (Message 101682)
Posted 21 Nov 2020 by Falconet
Not a clue.

What BOINC Version?
Have you tried uninstalling and installing again?
19) Message boards : News : Welcome QuChemPedIA@home (Message 100778)
Posted 17 Sep 2020 by Falconet
Go the website, copy the invitation code you see on the main page (this one: 3VwMu3-eTCg32), register an account, then log in via BOINC.
20) Message boards : GPUs : Any projects still run on ATI Radeon HD 2300/2400/3200/4200? (Message 100611)
Posted 5 Sep 2020 by Falconet
I don't know.
You should try all AMD GPU projects and see if it downloads work from any of them and if it validates correctly.

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