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Posted 16 Sep 2010 by sammeli42
I haven't done any android programming (I'm getting two books on android soon) and haven't programmed anything else either lately so I don't know if I could contribute very much right now on it, so

Because android is getting more popular and it's linux based, it shouldn't be impossible to make app running on it. I suppose without tweaking it should be java program that is run on android. The batteries on smart phones need to be recharged often so atleast I recharge the phone every night and it could as well do something useful while recharging.
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Posted 14 Sep 2010 by sammeli42
Hi folks,

I was wondering would it be good idea to do an app on android that would run BOINC when the phone is being recharged (at night perhaps)?

If the app was done in such way that it wouldn't consume power or memory except when it is being unused this phone calculation power could become increasingly useful...

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