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1) Message boards : The Lounge : CPUcoin scam? (Message 100753)
Posted 15 Sep 2020 by Profile Petrctale
I recently came across an article stating that they are dealing with David Andersen and have partnered with boinc to mine cpucoin to advance covid research. Saying it's using WCG Open Pandenic and Rosetta (no other projects) to earn coins. Seems to me there would have been some sorta announcement.
Is this true?
Any comments?
2) Message boards : Android : BOINC projects running under Android 10 (Message 100216)
Posted 4 Aug 2020 by Profile Petrctale
Great minds think a like.
I did pretty much the same thing.
My galaxy S9+ 8 cores threads what evers under the hood, was severely over heating and caused the battery to buldge cracking the screen, and it would stop processing to cool down way to much doubling the run time when it was runny all WCG then switching to Rosetta.
I adjusted the setting to constantly run
4 rosetta@home wu,
2 open pandemics wu, and 2 mapping cancer markers wu. Now it runs unbelievabley cool and has sped up running times considerably.
Now I'm playing with differant combinations to see what results I get.

Just FYI

SZtay safe people

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