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Posted 13 Mar 2012 by Mark McAndrew
Charity Engine defaults to crunching for existing BOINC projects when it has no paying work, but we select them.

So far, it's been Malaria, Einstein and Rosetta. They've had the entire CE grid up until a week ago and they've still got most of it.

We've only just brought the first user online and their app is very CPU-light. The majority of CE's crunching is still for the volunteer projects, and that proportion will never drop below 5%-10% even when it does have paying work.
2) Message boards : Promotion : Taking BOINC to the next level - The Charity Engine (Message 34367)
Posted 25 Aug 2010 by Mark McAndrew
Further info:

The Charity Engine will be a (simplified) account manager website, so we need someone with these skills:

1) PHP and MySQL expertise and track record
2) life-cycle completion of a large, consumer-grade software project
as primary developer, project manager, or preferably both
3) experience operating a scalable, highly-available server
(either using Amazon EC2 or own hardware)

3) Message boards : Promotion : Taking BOINC to the next level - The Charity Engine (Message 34354)
Posted 25 Aug 2010 by Mark McAndrew
Hi folks,

My name is Mark McAndrew, founder of The Charity Engine, a little project to (hopefully) create the Worldwide Computer.

We need a BOINC-enabled genius or three to set up and administer the back end architecture. It's all going to be living on AWS servers, so your location is not important.

The Charity Engine has secured start-up funding, so you will be paid well for your services. We're looking for talented, reliable people who share our ethics and believe in what the Internet is really capable of. If David A can vouch for you, even better.

If you want to know a bit more about The Charity Engine, please don't hesitate to contact me. I'm also attending the 6th Workshop in London.

Kind regards,
Mark McA

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