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1) Message boards : BOINC client : Boinc did not start in Fedora32 linux (Message 100907)
Posted 1 Oct 2020 by Profile JARKKY
It looks like the gui_rpc_port issue.
Starting both client & manager with below setting seemed to fix the problem:
boinc --gui_rpc_port 31316
boincmgr --gui_rpc_port 31316

If boinc uses or should use port 31416 that seems reserved for some other purposes (see /etc/services -file):
xqosd 31416/tcp # XQoS network monitor
xqosd 31416/udp # XQoS network monitor

I could not find the boinc startup files to set the port as 31316 or to make whatever setting is needed...
2) Message boards : BOINC Manager : The Boinc manager fails to connect if it was placed under the "startup applications" (Message 97959)
Posted 22 Apr 2020 by Profile JARKKY

If the Boinc manager was placed under the startup applications (of ZorinOS15.2) it did not connect
the boinc server normally.

And it looks I could not attach the image here in this message...

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