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1) Message boards : Android : nvidia Shield with Android 7 (Message 75974)
Posted 16 Feb 2017 by Alexander
Process aborted with signal 6 means that the process itself has found that some essential pre-requisite for correct function is not available and voluntarily killing itself, rather than the process being killed by the kernel because it ran over resource limits or looked at memory addresses funny or something.

Best report this to the projects that the applications are from.

Thanks, i will do that.
2) Message boards : Android : nvidia Shield with Android 7 (Message 75970)
Posted 16 Feb 2017 by Alexander
I see problems at least with 2 projects. Error message is very similar, Cannot link executable.

@ universe this is the tablet:
@ seti beta this is the tablet

Since it happens with more than one project i think it might sense to leave a post here, might be a basic problem.
The skynet Pogs runs fine.
3) Message boards : Projects : Citizen Science Grid (Message 73469)
Posted 20 Oct 2016 by Alexander
Has anyone news about the project?
Someone posted that the code contains at least two error. Shortly after that the workgenerator was shut down, now all servers are down, but not a single note from the admins.

4) Message boards : GPUs : Request: DP computation speed (Message 72493)
Posted 16 Sep 2016 by Alexander
Absolute correct.
In the same manner as the peak flops are reported the DP flops should be reported.

THX for the info, where mere infos are stored (copoc_info.xml)
BTW, what is the meaning of:




5) Message boards : GPUs : Request: DP computation speed (Message 72471)
Posted 15 Sep 2016 by Alexander
Just a question:
is it possible to add a DP computation speed readout in the startup-messages for the GPU's?
The GFLOPS from the spec-sheets of the vendors do not really match the readout from BOINC, so this might help on some projects.
6) Message boards : Projects : News on Project Outages (Message 65646)
Posted 26 Nov 2015 by Alexander
Has anyone information about Citizen Science Grid (DNA@home and Subset Sum)?
Most servers are down and questions on message board are not answered.
7) Message boards : Questions and problems : 7.4.36 - Q and A - Waiting for memory !!! (Message 60070)
Posted 3 Feb 2015 by Alexander
I know these messages from when running the dna@home Gibbs sampler app. They require > 900MB of ram. The only thing one can do is limit to one wu or add ram.
The other app is the current poem@home 2.17 open_cl app when ruuning on nVidia. There is a memory leak which results in a steady increase of ram, up to > 2GB per wu. A new version is under test.
Both adressed in their forum.

8) Message boards : Questions and problems : Boinc & VM (Message 59809)
Posted 18 Jan 2015 by Alexander
Tha Skynet Pogs also has plans to use a virtual machine.

Message says: I won't be able to explain this as well as kevin. How ever the short answer for using VBOX is the ability to use a greater number of science libraries. A lot of radio astronomy computing tools are written only for *nix systems and often require complicated setup processes to get them running. Thus they need to be deployed in a virtual box to allow them to run on the vast number of different machines that connect to BOINC.

We are well aware of the problems this causes to boinc clients that allready run on VMware and we are looking at what projects we would be able to run without using a VBox alongside the other projects.

Message says: Virtual Box

To get a good fit for the galaxies, we really would like to try many other codes (some of which only run on *nix). I’ll then use Bayesian Ensemble methods to improve the fit we get from the data by running multiple codes. These codes are written in a variety of languages including python, and they’re under constant development. I want to be able to just deploy the code and let it run, rather than having to spend precious time and resources converting updates constantly.

The Virtual Box version will allow me to do that as I can have all the libraries precompiled in the VB file and I download the latest executables (as sticky files so you only download the once) and run all of them against all the pixels you have downloaded. The VB will be an automatic process within BOINC, you won’t have to do anything extra, and it will mean more science bang for our bucks.

The stand alone executable will remain as we have a solid Android user base and they can’t use VB, so there will be an option for standalone processing for those that don’t want to use the VB option.
9) Message boards : BOINC Manager : Suggestions For New Or Updated Features (Message 59782)
Posted 18 Jan 2015 by Alexander
Part of the code is available in the source code but it isn't finished. David Anderson on this: We never finished that feature, in part because we realized that it would be a security risk: if hackers break into the BOINC server they could use auto-update to distribute malware.

Intresting. Assuming someone hacked the server, how are the plans not to distribute possible malware to users that download new version manually?

errr - so BM has been going 10+ years, the world has moved on enormously since the early days when any and every website could be hacked (although I know some websites are still being hacked, eg Sony, etc)....but even so, it doesn't take much to secure a website and have the right security in place to allow this. Any standard browser (Chrome/Firefox) can "auto-update" themselves, as can many other programs, so it's NOT rocket science...and the benefits would be better for all concerned, if this was implemented.

BOINC has still the flair of being a high sophisticated technical software where design has a lower significance than a long list of possible 'technical' commands.
Remembering the 'old days', when SETI was a real screen saver only, the gui was the eye-catcher for new volunteers. Design is a matter today (ask the apple users!) as some basic automatic functions are.
At least for the androids there is a choice to use a different manager. Feel free to compare the design and functionality.

10) Message boards : Questions and problems : The concept of venues (Message 59772)
Posted 17 Jan 2015 by Alexander
... seems to be a bit outdated.

Looking on my mix of pc's and androids 4 venues are far not enough and I would like to give them more significant names like 'Android setup', 'Intel GPU only' etc.
A bigger step foreward could be a graphical UI to do all the setups that are done with app_info, app_config etc to make local setups to run one, two or even more wu's per gpu type attached to the system. And the new Citicen Science grid app also needs individual settings for # of concurrent wu's, dependig on installed memory.
Two more setups are required.
I usually run all my pc's with a work buffer of 0.1 day. But for example Poem has usually only once or twice a week gpu wu's available. When the have wu's, I would like to download a 3 day workbuffer for this project only, leaving the global wu buffer at 0.1.
The other thing is the big difference in cpu usage with gpu apps. Running several different project may lead to a over or under reservation of the cores, especially when running more than one wu per gpu or even mixed projects per gpu.

OK, I know this is a very difficult stuff, I do not expect an immediate solution, but I want to start a brainstorming process because it requires more and more efford to find a good setup for the running mix and it will be more difficult in the future, especiall when the openCL and cuda apps for android come (and I really hope that they will come).

Thank you for your attention,

11) Message boards : Projects : News about NRG ? (Message 56723)
Posted 15 Oct 2014 by Alexander
NRG web site is back up.

THX for the info, but no tasks available and most programs show 'not running'.

Maybe is a couple of days, but at least the project is not dead.
12) Message boards : Projects : News about NRG ? (Message 56415)
Posted 4 Oct 2014 by Alexander
Has anybody info what's going on there?
For many weeks they posted they are working on the app and will be back in a month or so. Now their Homepage is not reachable.

13) Message boards : Android : Running on Android GPU (Message 56043)
Posted 15 Sep 2014 by Alexander
Does this device support OpenCL ?

EDIT: accordingly WiKi page Adreno 420 should support OpenCL 1.2 full profile. Sounds promising.

As far as I know the mali GPU's 4xx support OpenCL 1.1 mobile profile, Mali-T628 MP6(OpenGL ES 3.0/2.0/1.1 and OpenCL 1.1 Full profile)
Zotac has a developement system (Zotac Jetson TK1) with Kepler Cuda GPU (192 cores) on chip but with downgraded capabilities.

14) Message boards : Projects : News on Project Outages (Message 55451)
Posted 18 Aug 2014 by Alexander
Asteroids@home is offline. The feeder and purge are down; the server drive is full, and the database can't connect. Kyong will hopefully fix it when he gets back from vacation.

CPDN is supposedly online, but has no new tasks and still has 2 upload servers that are down.

I can't get any new tasks for WCG, but that might be just me. (no server status page, so I can't check)

Asteroids is up and running again.
15) Message boards : BOINC Manager : Update project list in Boinc Manager (Message 55446)
Posted 17 Aug 2014 by Alexander
DNA and WUprop are also not present.
DNA is now at
wuprop is at
16) Message boards : Projects : News on Project Outages (Message 55324)
Posted 10 Aug 2014 by Alexander
I recall a post from a few days ago on their web page about a "pause in processing galaxies" to do some server & database work to get it ready to import new galaxy data.

I do not recall if they indicated how long it was going to be off-line but I would guess probably one or two days at most.

OK, so no need to place an emergency call.
17) Message boards : Projects : News on Project Outages (Message 55321)
Posted 10 Aug 2014 by Alexander
Has anyone info about the skynet pogs? I cannot reach the project since more than 12 hrs.
18) Message boards : BOINC client : 7.3.19 and 7.4.8 (Message 54779)
Posted 6 Jul 2014 by Alexander
Since it all started with a question @ pogs and the advice to return to previous version there is an ongoing discussion there as well.

Snow Crash posted:
If there is an admin watching ... wild guessing and questions about to ensue :-)

If I don't log in, when navigating around your site I'm getting secure (https) addresses with an extra/ at the end of your main address?

But after I log in I am not longer getting secure (http) addresses?

Feels backwards but I'm sure I don't understand intenetz anyway.

So how could this be messing up in BOINC Manager 7.3.19?
Perhaps BOINC Manager is now treating the first / in the // as an escape char so you end up building a different address (parameters) than what you are expecting for an "attach to project" call?
19) Message boards : BOINC client : 7.3.19 and 7.4.8 (Message 54772)
Posted 5 Jul 2014 by Alexander
After entering username and password I got the message 'Adding project failed. Try later again' . I'm not shure that this is the correct translation, I use a german version.
20) Message boards : BOINC client : 7.3.19 and 7.4.8 (Message 54745)
Posted 5 Jul 2014 by Alexander
both versions have problems with adding project pogs
Reverting to 7.2.42 solved the problem.

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