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Posted 15 Nov 2007 by arivero

A "buddy list" was planned like last year, although it never materialized in code.

Should it be welcome? I mean, the "buddies" in your BOINC system are your team partners, are there?
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Posted 15 Nov 2007 by arivero
Oh great. Another attempt to make BOINC a social networking product.

Actually, an attempt to short cut development in the webpages, because during the process you get modularity in iGoogle way.

Still, I am intrigued about your remark "Another". I will confess we have thought hard about the networking side because we are interested on building local community (having physical, not virtual, meetings). Do you have examples of social networking attempts under BOINC servers?
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Posted 14 Nov 2007 by arivero

Here at the BIFI we have planned to develop, in short deadline (15th
December), a couple ways for OpenSocial to support BOINC. In this way
BOINC websites could include OpenSocial gadgets, and some modules in
the websites could be portable to the Google Toolbar in Vista, and
perhaps to iGoogle. Not only thinking on "GOINC on steroids", but
more: for instance, a communication chat gadget for friends in a
social network would automatigically work between the components of a

Our preliminary vision is that the group an user is in can be
interpreted as the set of friend of this user, and that the recent
work done can be interpreted as recent activity of the user, form the
OpenSocial point of view. Still, I'd like to hear other ideas.

If you are planning to use OpenSocial in some way related to BOINC,
please contact us to share information and effort.

Alejandro Rivero
BIFI - Zaragoza, Spain
Project Zivis (soon to be upgraded to project "Ibercivis")

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