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1) Message boards : Projects : Project DENIS has restarted (Message 109516)
Posted 6 Aug 2022 by Anna
Can you allow either Russian or Tor IPs? The server is not reachable for me.
2) Message boards : Projects : Revive a dead distributed complitation project? (Message 109515)
Posted 6 Aug 2022 by Anna
There used to be software platform called DMUCS for distributing distcc jobs between users. Its upstream is dead - last release was in 2006.

Does anyone want to revive the project? (either on BOINC platform or independent)
3) Message boards : Projects : Packaging BOINC applications for Gentoo Linux (Message 104901)
Posted 30 Jul 2021 by Anna
Gentoo is a metadistribution with source-based package management (software is compiled instead of being installed from binaries). Although I haven't noticed any increase in credits per workunit with -O2 and -march=native optimizations (maybe there is some with -O3 and LTO), this approach can help to run projects on officially unsupported platforms (such as non-mainstream CPU architectures and alternative libc implementations).

In case anyone's interested in writing ebuilds for BOINC apps, I came up with two eclasses to make packaging easier and more convenient:

  1. boinc-app.eclass
    Provides helper functions to install application files, app_info.xml (see BOINC Wiki on "Anonymous Platform") and wrapper jobs/symlinks.
  2. boinc.eclass
    It will be needed to install applications, which use BOINC API, until 7.18 client release (it works around issue #2964 by building apps inside BOINC source tree).

I've already packaged sci-biology/cmdock (used by SiDock@home) and sci-biology/geneathome (used by TN-Grid) because I have a personal interest in them. Both can be installed from the guru overlay.

If you wish to contribute, request access to the ::guru overlay and choose some open source applications from this list or this forum thread.
If you've never maintained software for Gentoo, read the Gentoo Development Guide.

P.S. Stupid forum with its stupid "Can't create thread. Too many links" complain.

4) Message boards : Questions and problems : Smallest CPU WUs? (Message 97859)
Posted 19 Apr 2020 by Anna
Most projects save their progress periodically, so you don't need to worry about it. And there is probably hibernation function in your OS, which allows you to save all running applications to disk and then shutdown.
5) Message boards : Questions and problems : Why is 60% CPU time and 100% CPU threads the default? (Message 97856)
Posted 19 Apr 2020 by Anna
There are single-core CPUs, and setting threads count to 60% would make them not running anything.
6) Message boards : Questions and problems : New PC build questions (Message 97854)
Posted 19 Apr 2020 by Anna
I would like to keep the 1660 super as a dedicated gpu that runs boinc
When you upgrade, you'll need to write
into your cc_config.xml to disable calculations on the second GPU.

Would it be wise to buy a power supply unit now with the extra wattage to cover powering both gpus in the future?
I suppose so.

would it be worth spending the extra money upfront to get an 80+ gold power supply vs just an 80+?
Yes. Firstly, you'd manage to save up on your electricity bills. And secondly, there would be less fan noise.

Nvidia vs AMD gpus for running boinc projects?
You can compare GPUs by computation time.
7) Message boards : Questions and problems : [Linux][BOINC 7.14] Stuck on "screensaver loading" (Message 97798)
Posted 17 Apr 2020 by Anna
Probably it's because not all graphics applications (including those provided by Rosetta@home and WCG) set WM_COMMAND or WM_CLASS. Boincscr looks for these window properties to embed graphics into its window but fails
8) Message boards : Questions and problems : Best way to see tasks in Linux command? (Message 97721)
Posted 15 Apr 2020 by Anna
There is boinc-status bash script, and it looks very nice. But you need to change
in the script code.
9) Message boards : Questions and problems : [Linux][BOINC 7.14] Stuck on "screensaver loading" (Message 97720)
Posted 15 Apr 2020 by Anna
When I run xscreensaver or simply boinscr, graphics application doesn't embed into that black window:

I use KDE on Gentoo, the problem is still there if I run a window manager.

And I don't know how to debug BOINC Screensaver to understand what the cause is.

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