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Posted 19 Apr 2020 by Prophet83

And sorry I answered so late, hadn't seen your questions.

Thanks. Since dropping down to 4 cores, my two devices have been behaving much better.
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Posted 14 Apr 2020 by Prophet83
Just FYI for everyone out there. I was trying to run 8 cores and had all kinds of weird symptoms/problems. It would suspend saying I needed to plug in to a charger when I already was. It would also say battery was too low and will resume when charge reached 90% and then show the current charge above 90. Also was getting computation errors. When I changed settings back to use only 4 cores all these issues went away.

That supports what was said earlier, that Android reserves 4 cores for the OS and leaves 4 cores for apps. By running 8 cores on BOINC, yours just running two jobs per core on the 4 available for apps, and therefore maxing out your processor and slowing down the overall processing. 4 cores is definitely the way to go.
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Posted 10 Apr 2020 by Prophet83
Actually what happens is that by setting BOINC to use 8 cores, you're using 4 and double load them.

Ok so I guess that leads me into my next question:
If you set BOINC to use 4 cores, but only run two projects at a time, do the two project get split over all four "available" cores? Would that increase the speed that a project can get done because it has more processing power behind it? Or is BOINC set to run one task per core only?
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Posted 8 Apr 2020 by Prophet83
While my PC is crunching F@H I set up BOINC on my tablet and phone, hoping for some COVID WUs. Luckily recently Rosetta has sent out some WUs for Android. Prior to that I was crunching WCG and Universe@Home.

I'm trying to work out the best config for # of processors, and number of active tasks.

Both devices have 8 cores in a big.LITTLE config. The Tablet has 3GB and phone has 6GB RAM.

When I set BOINC to run on all 8 cores, things get hot very quickly. But I'm curious if one active task can run on multiple cores.

Eg, if I run one task at a time, will the work get split across say 2 cores or more? Or will the task be confined to one core only? Is it one task to one core?

What's the most efficient way to run Android tasks?

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