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Posted 30 Aug 2010 by Patrick_Dickey
It's computation time, not calendar time i.e. you'll have to pretty much leave the client run 24/7 from now till when that task is done. Given you already have a job processing in HP it suggests that there's already panic on the client of some kind (you don't say how many cores that computer has that BOINC is allowed to use). HP processing indicates a condition where task switching is suspended and Earliest Deadline First takes prevalence.

Hi there,

It's a single core AMD Athalon 1800 XP + (1.5Ghz frequency). I have five Einstein@Home tasks that are due on 9/12/2010 which would take about 24 hours total to complete (non-stop), one ClimatePrediction that isn't started (and isn't due for a year) and the Seti@Home which is in HP (due 9/23/2010 and currently down to 469:38:00. Ironically enough, it went from 481:40:00 or so down to the current level in under 5 hours.

Now I have a few more questions then. Currently I have it set to stop running between 19:00 and 22:00 Monday through Friday, as I use the computer as a Media Center. The TV Tuners do the heavy lifting, so I may be able to let it run at the same time (I'll try it tonight).

So, my questions are:

1. Because of my downtime, will I still be in danger of running out of time? I ask since it's only got 19 days according to the Remaning Time, and still has around 25 days in real time left.

2. Will it ever give the other project time (or will it wait until it's comfortable with it's time remaining to switch back to low priority or that the other project is almost out of time and makes it a high priority)?

3. Currently I'm only allowing it to use about half of the avaialable memory and processor capabilities. Would increasing those (at least when the computer is not in use) speed things up?

4. I have another computer that's on 24/7. Can I install BOINC on that, and attach it to these projects to help out? If I do, will it take part of these tasks, or will it get it's own tasks?

Sorry for all of the questions. It's been quite a while since I used this program. And I haven't tried linking computers together to work on projects.

Have a great day:)
2) Message boards : Questions and problems : Is Time to Completion based on preferences? (Message 34427)
Posted 29 Aug 2010 by Patrick_Dickey
Hi there everyone,

I'm curious in the tasks pane, if the Time to Completion is based on your current preferences or whether the task was allowed to run non-stop. I have one that has a Time to completion of 481 hours, with a deadline of 9/23/2010 (which is about 3 days after the 481 hours would be up).

So, if it's calclulating that based on my preferences, I won't worry. But if it's basing that on if the task ran non-stop, then I'll alter my schedule to meet the deadline.

I should note that my preferences are set to run each project for 1 hour then switch, and I currently have 5 tasks sitting there waiting to run (with the one in question running at high priority).

Thanks, and have a great day:)
3) Message boards : BOINC Manager : Windows Defender is stopping BOINC at startup (Message 12297)
Posted 4 Sep 2007 by Patrick_Dickey

I confirmed this as a UAC issue because I tried reverting from 5.9.10 to 5.8.16, still had the issue. (It was after installing 5.9.10 that I first noticed it - probably a bit of a coincidence I now believe.This was even after completely deleting all Boinc folders from the comp. I then did some serious searching through microsoft.

In my case I was sure that I had already switched off UAC - but somehow Vista seemed to have switched it on again, possibly after a Vista update.

I have since reinstalled 5.9.10 and with UAC disabled BOINC starts right up at boot up.

I have also tried installing boinc both as a single user and multi user and get the same symptoms.

Until Boinc is accepted as a legitimate program by Microsoft and the appropriate code added via a Vista update I do not see anyway around this. Except of course by ditching Vista.

Anyone got any other suggestions?

Would it be possible/prudent to start the manager as a service also? The issue is this. Since BOINC Manager requires Administrative power, you will always have to start it by hand. UAC is designed to stop programs from auto-starting with Administrative powers.

To Quote Windows Help and Support (Windows Vista Ultimate):

Run or remove blocked startup programs

User Account Control prevents programs that require permission or an administrator password from running automatically when Windows starts. If a program is blocked, you'll see a message in the notification area that says some startup programs need permission to run. You can run a blocked program, remove blocked programs from startup, or ignore the notification.

To run a blocked program
Right-click the Blocked startup programs icon in the notification area.

Click Run blocked program, and then click the name of the program you want to run. If you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

You'll need to repeat these steps each time you want to run the program after starting Windows.

The Note at the bottom explains everything.. You have to do this every time, if the program requires Administrative powers.

I'm not a windows developer, but if the program was started as a service, could it be designed to show up in the user's system tray (so they can open and manage their projects), and further, could it be designed to only show up in certain user's trays (ex Administrators only or specific users)?

Have a wonderful week:-)

***** Edited to fix the original quote

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