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21) Message boards : Promotion : Analyse of the user survey and improvments (Message 19821)
Posted 28 Aug 2008 by Profile Saenger
OK, been there, done that.
I'll post in our teams board as a link.
22) Message boards : Promotion : Analyse of the user survey and improvments (Message 19715)
Posted 23 Aug 2008 by Profile Saenger
Who has access to the private data asked on the very first page (and probably more to follow)?
How is the trustworthiness of this possible private data harvesting tool proven?

In the pivacy policy it's differentiated between the user (that's if I understand it correct the originator of the survey, Jack, not us participants) and a company called "MarketTools, Inc.". I suspect private companies of not treating my private data confidential as a first guess, they have to prove their trustworthiness somehow. Is it absolute guaranteed that my private data will never be used for other purposes but this survey, and definitely not in some unwanted marketing lists?
23) Message boards : Projects : PS3GRID/GPUGRID (Message 18767)
Posted 23 Jul 2008 by Profile Saenger
Well... and aren't the same - look at the upper right corner. On one site you see a PS3 on the other site a graphics card... ;-)
Its the same, you will link to your same account ;)

But that's just the content, not the look.

Doesn't the look matter far more then the content? ;) ;)
24) Message boards : Questions and problems : SETI@home|Message from server: No work sent (Message 18760)
Posted 23 Jul 2008 by Profile Saenger
And why do you ask this here, is it happening in other projects as well?
If it's a Seti problem, please go to their number crunching forum.

BTW: This is the computer in question methinks ;)
25) Message boards : Questions and problems : Stolen Team. (Message 18574)
Posted 17 Jul 2008 by Profile Saenger
Could we get the stats sites to not display teams that have 2 IDs for the same name?

Isn't that counterproductive when it comes to flushing these things out?

Is it possible at all to have the same name for 2 teams? Can anybody found a new team SETI.Germany in any project?
He's taken one "xxx" and one "xx", so I thought it was prevented.

And the possibility of name change should be possible, perhaps a bit harder to manage. But it's imho not only necessary in the first weeks for speling eroors, but for example for expanding teams as well.If someone founds a team Smallville Einsteins @Einstein, and discovers a year later Milkyway, she should be able to rename the team to Smallville Astronomers or such.
26) Message boards : Questions and problems : Stolen Team. (Message 18521)
Posted 16 Jul 2008 by Profile Saenger
I will not speak for my team as a whole, but I think most will agree:
We (That's SETI.Germany) have different founders in different projects and like it this way.
We have definitely different team descriptions in every projects and think this is a must, no way to make them all the same.
We have a team in BOINC wide teams as well of course, with an email somehow connected to our URL afaik, but I'm not sure. It's of course just a start, as we prefer real people as founders over dummy accounts.

One of the minus points of BWT is the free distribution of valid email addresses, if BWT will become mandatory this will become even worse. BWT will be a spammers wet dream. So this valid emails have to be something else but the ordinary ones, some account that can be ditched if too flooded.
27) Message boards : Questions and problems : Stolen Team. (Message 18488)
Posted 15 Jul 2008 by Profile Saenger
Can't we integrate BOINC Wide Teams into this somehow?

It's not used by any projects at this moment, or at least, I've not found any new projects lately that were using it. I always have to make my team afresh. Only Orbit used it thus far, afaik.

So isn't there a check that can be done through BWT that active team founders have to react on, while afterwards projects pick up this latest data again? Just brain storming.

I've got 14 mails with a header like:
"Team created on IBERCIVIS - public alpha version"
and the content:
An instance of the BOINC-wide team 'Saenger Sein Super-ATA Team'
has been created on the project:
name: IBERCIVIS - public alpha version
28) Message boards : Questions and problems : Stolen Team. (Message 18457)
Posted 15 Jul 2008 by Profile Saenger
Good point Saenger.

Maybe not allowing accounts with no computers attached to apply to change an already existing foundership.

It's a good idea.
If I could not ask for founder transfer without a puter attached it's fine, as long as the founder could make me founder in every case on his doing. Actions of the (real) founder should not be restricted by this, just the ability of rough members to get this status illigitimate.
29) Message boards : Questions and problems : Stolen Team. (Message 18455)
Posted 15 Jul 2008 by Profile Saenger
Now to the earlier proposals of JM7 and Ananas:

1) Allow projects to easily require admin permission for a team founder transfer that is not done by the current team founder.

So project admins need to engage in this actively?
Dunno how often it's nedded, but looks quite OK if they have the time and don't click on "OK" without looking.

2) Send an email to the team founder on a weekly basis to remind of the pending foundership transfer. This solves the upgrade problem as well.

Two-weekly should be sufficient, not too much mails please.
And include direct links to the deny function.

3) Send all users an email a short time (2 weeks) before the transfer is to become final due to an inactive founder. This should give enough time for the team members to appeal to the administrator to allow or disallow the foundership change.

No way.
May be OK for small teams up to 5 people, but for our team it would be impossible on a lot of projects. It would simply be spam if this would have happened, perhaps just because the mailing system whas not worked.

4) Send an email to any user that is kicked off a team.

Fine with me.

5) Do not allow these emails to be turned off.

I could agree with it. I don't see any spammer lurking in the backyard here.

6) Place a note on the team page that a founder change is pending, including the account of the person who requested it.

Good idea.

7) Make it all this stuff a lot easier and faster, when the current founder is not in the team anymore _OR_ (for the founder) deny leaving a team without having choosen a new founder first

I have used this ability once @malaria, where I was the founder and crunched for the memorial team of Dogbytes for two month. I could easily have changed the foundership to someone else, not much hassle.

8) Cancel the foundership request from a person, who leaves the team


9) Allow only one foundership request per person per year

Good idea, dunno how to implement it, and of course it has to be done per project ;)
30) Message boards : Questions and problems : Stolen Team. (Message 18453)
Posted 15 Jul 2008 by Profile Saenger
Dont allow accounts to be created that do not have any computers registered with that account, as these type of accounts do not show up in the stats and will never show any credit and can be used as placeholders to highjack multiple teams on the same project.

I often create accounts on projects with no Linux application yet, so no need to attach a computer, but I will still found our team if it's not there already.
I think I'm more then once the founder of SETI.Germany n some smaller projects without an attached computer and without a single WU crunched.

On some mor dubious looking projects it's fine to first ask some questions on the forum before attaching your computer to the project in the BM, as you first want to be sure not to get some trojans installed via BOINC.

Every account created via the (for me) normal way on the home page (project.url/create_accout_form.php) direct or via boinc wide teams will start without a computer attached.
31) Message boards : Projects : Project Conflict ??? (Message 18449)
Posted 15 Jul 2008 by Profile Saenger
Will Stanford's Folding@home project conflict with BOINC projects?

If you have a multi-core computer you can give each a certain number of cores that add up to the whole number. I think they will run fine in this case.
On single cores or with a sum of associated cores higher than the physical one it will lead to problems.
You can run the GPU-Client of FAH besides BOINC, it will take a bit CPU as well, but in this case a small reduction is afaik sufficient.
32) Message boards : Projects : new projects (Message 18012)
Posted 23 Jun 2008 by Profile Saenger
Hi all,

I'm currently carrying out some initial tests for a new project I'm considering starting up. When I'm ready to start running it for real how do I go about publicing it so that the wider community can consider contributing time to it ?


Get the URL to at least one of the ATAs (Alpha Testers Anonymous), and you'll be surprised how fast your project will be crowded ;)
To see who belongs to those bunch, go to any new peoject with a forum and look in the "Hello ATA" thread ;)
33) Message boards : The Lounge : Why have so few WCG folks come over to BOINC (Message 15517)
Posted 22 Feb 2008 by Profile Saenger
Some people prefer KISS over lots of options.

That's why I run BOINC ;)
No hassle with deep-core meddling in the OS for perticipating in various projects.
34) Message boards : Documentation : BOINC as social network (Message 14553)
Posted 27 Dec 2007 by Profile Saenger
Thanks Carl,

I'm really not that much against social networking a bit here in BOINC, but the last few hasty implementations made me quite a lot suspicious. The BOINC-wiide teams were not discussed with some of the biggest teams, the team admins were implemented without any regard to data protection laws outside the US (and plain decency), the mailing lists were outsourced to Google without any real reason, private messages were just a spammers paradise in it's first implementation.

I got the impression nothing is tested anywhere beforehand but the first offspring of some brainstorming was let loose on all projects in the last time.

Why not test those new features in those projects that are meant to test it, like BOINC-Alpha, Pirates or even Seti-Beta, but don't mess around with running projects and alpha-stuff. Ask about the consequences before implementing them, it will reduce the bug-fixing considerably.

David Anderson has done a lot for DC, and I wish he will continue to do so. I just don't see the need for the haste to implement such stuff.
35) Message boards : Documentation : BOINC as social network (Message 14546)
Posted 27 Dec 2007 by Profile Saenger
I will push for stand alone apps on all projects I crunch for if this goes ahead.


Here are the choices, in order of what-to-do-if-it-gets-even-worse:

  • Try to avoid all this crap getting added to the project websites.
  • Make projects remove it after upgrading.
  • Fork web code, maintain a version independent of Berkeley, without the social features.
  • Write the web code from scratch without silly features and give it to the projects, to use as an alternative to the official crap (I'm not saying it's crap now; but this option would be reached when it becomes crap). But keep the backend server; replace only web.
  • If even the backend server is getting dirty, fork or start over with that, but keep it protocol-compatible with BOINC clients.
  • If even the client is getting dirty, fork or start over with that, but keep it protocol-compatible with official and unofficial BOINC servers, GUIs, and science apps.
  • Only after all the above are exhausted, use non-BOINC standalone apps, or start a new cross-project system similar but incompatible with BOINC.

There is a very long way until the last option (which is what you suggested) is reached.

I agree.
Unfortunately I'm not someone who can help here in any way. I neither have a server, nor any programming skills.

I'd like to have David (or whoever codes this crap) involved in this discussion, but obviously he doesn't like communicating in the old-fashioned social networking components like this forum here. Who is he discussing this stuff with anyway? Or is it just his lonely trip, and he should be brought back to earth asap?
36) Message boards : Documentation : BOINC as social network (Message 14527)
Posted 26 Dec 2007 by Profile Saenger
Why does he want to change this scientific project to some nifty web2.0 outfit???

Those, who want some social networks should go to the existing ones, there are more than enough available, and the science should stay clean.

I especially hope that European standards of data security and privacy protection will be implemented, and not the nearly non-existing American ones.
37) Message boards : Web interfaces : BOINC needs spam bot protection (Message 14152)
Posted 29 Nov 2007 by Profile Saenger
Here's an interesting article in a symantec blog:
Pharming Pharmaceuticals
Posted by Vikram Thakur on November 27, 2007 03:37 PM

About spammers using university fora for getting higher ranking in google e.a.
38) Message boards : Web interfaces : Team Fora on the projects (Message 14045)
Posted 23 Nov 2007 by Profile Saenger
I browsed the teams a bit on the look for those fora, and I saw something strange @Boinc.Synergy. I'm wondering how they hid one of their threads in the list, but it's still readable for everyone.

This one started by Zain is not in the list
I found it because there was a link to it in
this one by Astro, which is the only one in there

This is the link in the top to the forum part in both threads

Are hidden threads to be seen still?

Somehow B.S got hold of two internal fora (and several other teams as well).
Look in this post by Tony (Astro) over @Seti.

Somethings quite fishy with the implementation.
39) Message boards : Server programs : New forum feature may be used for spamming (Message 13981)
Posted 20 Nov 2007 by Profile Saenger
At least the email notification is now switched to "off" by default, thanks for that, David.

So the unsuspecting scientific cruncher will not be bothered by the team advert spammers in his private email, just in his accounts pm inbox, which s/he will perhaps never visit.
40) Message boards : Server programs : New login procedure when password forgotten (Message 13980)
Posted 20 Nov 2007 by Profile Saenger
I think it would be handy to have this description on another but the first page to retrieve your account key (and thus ultimately your wanted password), probably linked from here with a short sentence like:

If you don't have access to your email any longer, there's perhaps a possibility to retrieve it from your computer. For instructions look here.

The whole instructions look quite nerdy on the first retrieval page imho, far too technical for a normal user who just wants his/her account key send back once more.

Question to the mods here:
Is it necessary to post this to the mailing lists as well, as I definitely know that David doesn't use this board here or do you pass all this stuff further on to him?

Next Edit:
I just read the dev list and saw that it's already in there ;)

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