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Posted 18 Feb 2020 by Burks
Hello fellow....Boincsters? Is that what they call us?

Anyways, I was digging through some stuff from years ago and ran across my old PC that has long since been forgotten about. FX-8350 and a HD 79x0 (I THINK 7950 but I didn't open the case). It booted to Windows 7 and I shut it off because I had to get to bed. Either way, what projects should I be looking at that would get me the best bang for the computing power? Yeah, this system sucks compared to a Threadripped and 2080 TI but it is literally sitting there, worth practically nothing, and electricity is $0.068/KW. So I might as well do something useful with my time.

I was considering running SETI@Home (as I love astronomy and space in general) on Linux (I've also NEVER ran Linux, perfect time to start? Too cheap to buy a Windows license). Probably going to OC the FX-8350 as well (have a 212 EVO coming) and replace the thermal paste on everything.

Any suggestions on what to do next? Just stick with SETI or is there something better suited to my setup? Any problems with Linux and BOINC I need to be aware of? Never ran Linux so that's an adventure in and of itself.

I do plan on a Threadripper build later this year and a nice GPU (or two). Have to finish grad school first.

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