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1) Message boards : Questions and problems : Boinc no longer connects in protected (service) mode (Message 42210)
Posted 24 Jan 2012 by txr13
The problem is still with the ATI 11.7 (or 11.8) catalysts, which break the detection of the card. If you do not use your GPU, you can get around this with a cc_config.xml file that contains the following lines:


This will require a restart of the client.

THIS. Thank you, Ageless!
2) Message boards : Questions and problems : Help in creating custom installer (Message 35942)
Posted 2 Dec 2010 by txr13
I remember looking over this thread while I was originally fiddling with the MSI options. I'm not going to try installing BOINC on a DC, though now that I think about it, I probably could if and only if I could use a pre-created domain account in the MSI installer, as the custom installers article references.

If BOINC was going to create its own accounts, I could see the DC installation being an issue, since the devs apparently used the API for local accounts, which don't exist on a DC. But I don't want BOINc to have to create its accounts in the first place. I'd like to tell it "here's your accounts and groups, now install your files and set your permissions however you like."

The custom installers document says I can use a domain account for the sandbox accounts. The ClientSetupLogicWinSix document even includes provision for installing BOINC to a DC. It is common knowledge, however, that BOINC does not install on DCs, and Ageless seems to have confirmed this. That's okay, because I don't plan on installing BOINC to any DCs or even any servers. I just want to get this setup so I can assign it via Group Policy to the workstations, and I'd rather have the necessary accounts and groups set up in the domain, rather than having a seperate batch of accounts and groups created on every single workstation. So...which of these documents is no longer correct, or am I missing something mind-bogglingly simple?
3) Message boards : Questions and problems : Help in creating custom installer (Message 35938)
Posted 2 Dec 2010 by txr13
Hi there everybody! I'm looking for some assistance in creating a custom installer for BOINC.

The idea is to create an MSI installer for domain-wide installation, along with the required remote control and account manager setup files. I've been fumbling my way through Orca, and I've added the requisite files to the correct table, so I'm pretty sure that's okay.

Right now, I'm trying to find the correct place to specify the sandbox group and usernames, such as BOINC_ADMINS_GROUPNAME. According to the custom installers article, there are version 6.x installer properties for these groups and usernames, and they can be domain accounts. This is what I'd like to do--set the groups and users to domain groups and user accounts that can then be managed by policy, rather than having these accoutns replicated uniquely to each machine.

However, I'm having trouble finding the place to set these properties, and I'm wondering if I'm missing some detail. Sadly, nobody has yet put together a comprehensive how-to for deploying BOINC version 6 across a domain!

Thanks for any help!
4) Message boards : BOINC client : BOINC only Linux distro (Message 22257)
Posted 2 Jan 2009 by txr13
I've used / created a few solutions for something like this.

One suggestion which uses Windows is BOINCpe. From what I've seen, it works rather well, especially when configured with the included BOINC Persistency Service. If you don't want to configure persistency, there may be a way to prevent the client from continually creating a new host on the project, but any interrupted workunits will certainly be lost.

I've also created Linux boot CDs which essentially were a command-line environment, set to mount an NFS filesystem with workunits and configuration files on boot. It was a bit unwieldy, and I could probably do a better job of it these days, but it was an interesting experiment to run. :) I based my boot CDs off Minibuntu 7.10 (now renamed Ubuntu Mini Remix) and BOINC 5.8.16, but would update that these days to UMR 8.04 and BOINC 5.10.45, at the very least.

So it certainly can be done, but nobody seems to have released such work publicly.
5) Message boards : Web interfaces : Local web page to display current client status (Message 12493)
Posted 13 Sep 2007 by txr13
Actually, I think I just found a possible solution: parsing the client_state.xml file. :P

Still, that would require me to share the BOINC folder on every machine. I'd really like to find a way to communicate with the core client itself, since that wouldn't require me to fiddle with every individual machine.
6) Message boards : Web interfaces : Local web page to display current client status (Message 12491)
Posted 13 Sep 2007 by txr13
I've got a local network running several BOINC machines. What I'd like to do is create a CGI page for my webserver that will poll the clients on the network and then return a listing with the current project(s), current workunit(s), percent complete, and estimated time to completion for each machine/workunit.

Can anybody point me to a source of documentation or pointers on how to create a program to poll the BOINC core client for this kind of information? I'm not even sure if this can be done using a CGI language like PHP or Perl, but I'd like to at least give it a shot.
7) Message boards : BOINC client : Automated init script for BOINC on Ubuntu 7.04 (Message 11924)
Posted 2 Aug 2007 by txr13
Hey, thanks for the link! :) I think that'll be really helpful.
8) Message boards : BOINC client : Automated init script for BOINC on Ubuntu 7.04 (Message 11919)
Posted 2 Aug 2007 by txr13
I'm currently using the init script for Ubuntu that was posted at

BOINC starts just fine through the script. However, I can't stop it from the script any more, because BOINC isn't running as the process ID that's written to the PID file. I end up getting the message "start-stop-daemon: warning: failed to kill process 7512: No such process". A quick check with ps aux shows that the BOINC daemon is running as PID 7513, for example. But sometimes it could be something like 7515, so the distance between what the file says and what it actually is seems to vary.

Am I missing something somewhere? If this has been touched on or mentioned elsewhere, I apologize.

System is running Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty) with BOINC 5.8.16 (command-line only) and the SETI@home SSE-optimized project from

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