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1) Message boards : The Lounge : Mars HiRISE pictures (Message 27195)
Posted 9 Sep 2009 by John37309
Some pretty cool images there!

I want to build my house here;

Ageless its about 1,500 miles from your house so I'm only calling over for tea once a month! Its a too long of a drive in the Martian sand storms.

2) Message boards : Teams : PADDY'S IN SPACE and team Ireland (Message 26564)
Posted 11 Aug 2009 by John37309

You could also join Ireland's largest SETI@home team PADDY'S IN SPACE. The PADDY'S IN SPACE team is really only focused on the SETI@home project.

Join our team --> Click here to join PADDY'S IN SPACE

PADDY'S IN SPACE team page at SETI@home; PADDY'S IN SPACE team page

PADDY'S IN SPACE team movie; Team movie on Youtube


Paddy's and Ireland Proud winners of the SETI@home Gauntlet 4th-18th Nov 2007
3) Message boards : Teams : PADDY'S IN SPACE and team Ireland (Message 26562)
Posted 10 Aug 2009 by John37309
Come and join team Ireland today. We would love to have you with us!

Join our team; Click here to join team Ireland on any BOINC project!

Team Ireland website;

Team Ireland is registered on all the scientific projects that use BOINC software. Some of the more popular projects include SETI@home, Einstein@home, Climateprediction, Rosseta@home, World Community Grid and many more. If you are running other BOINC projects, then come to the team website and join team Ireland on those projects also as all the projects are separate.

Team Ireland has a very cool team website linking all the BOINC projects. The website is an Internet forum so you can register and join in the chat. It has lots of team information to help you learn about all the science projects. Come and visit the team website regularly for the latest news and do join in the chat or post a message to say hello.


4) Message boards : The Lounge : Check your bank-records... (Message 26110)
Posted 19 Jul 2009 by John37309
Its a good story. The guy must have purchased an oil tanker load of gas from the station...LOL

5) Message boards : The Lounge : WOW Sequel: World of World of Warcraft (Message 26109)
Posted 19 Jul 2009 by John37309
I guess this means that i can expect more spam mail and robots registering on my websites trying to sell me "Wow - Gold" of some kind.

Its funny, but for all the spam user accounts advertising Wow-Gold i have deleted in the last 3 years, up until now, i never knew what the letters "wow" stood for....LOL

Learn something new every day.

6) Message boards : Teams : Want to combine my several Project Teams into one BOINC-wide Team (Message 26108)
Posted 19 Jul 2009 by John37309
First i will just clarify a few things for you!

1. The ONLY thing that links 2 teams together on 2 different projects is the team name being spelled identically! Remember that! So you need to visit the projects you have teams on and change all the team names so they are identical. The spelling is case sensitive, so watch your capital letters in spelling the name.

You cannot have "Great White SETI" on the SETI@home project and "Great White Einstein" on the Einstein@home project if you want the stats for the boinc-wide team to line up! You must pick one name that can be used on all projects.

My personal opinion is that you should add your country name to your team name if you want people from Canada to find it. My suggestion is; "Canada - Great White North" spelled exactly like that on every project!

2. You can start a new team on any project! add this after the main project url; team_create_form.php

3. Once you change your team name on all the projects so its identical, it will take several days for all the stats websites to see this. Give it at least a week before you see them line up.

4. Worth noting that you should always use the same user name and email address on all the projects. This will help the stats sites to line up your accounts.

5. Nothing will happen to yours or your teams credit, they will stay exactly the same.

6. You will get people to join your team if you promote your team on the projects and especially if you promote your team on other websites!. This is very hard work, its up to you!

7. Running a team, maintaining it and promoting it is hugh work if you want it to be successful. You could skip all the hassel involved in it and help team Canada instead; Team Canada is a really great bunch of guys and they could do with all the help they can get. Its the largest team in Canada and about the 12th largest in the world.


Use this list of projects to help you;

You could also read these to help you;

And lots more info here;

Good luck!

7) Message boards : Promotion : "Boinc Yourself" (Message 25595)
Posted 22 Jun 2009 by John37309
just an idea, but it would be nice if it was up somewhere.

Be nice if i won the lottery too. But we know that's not going to happen.

SETI@home gets AD's with Google. Type SETI into google and you will see the advert on the right!

8) Message boards : Promotion : "Boinc Yourself" (Message 25483)
Posted 17 Jun 2009 by John37309
Are you paying for this to run as an advertisement somewhere? Or is it just an idea you had?

Fair dues to you if you are paying for it!

9) Message boards : Projects : Ibercivis giving away PC's as prizes! (Message 25155)
Posted 1 Jun 2009 by John37309
I got an email from Ibercivis BOINC project about this competition;

It says;
Starting 1st June, results received in Ibercivis can be used to participate in a small contest, with some national (Spain) and international prizes, even if the primary focus is in the area near Zaragoza.

We count two different metrics, according credit or according cputime (so slow machines are welcome, if enough RAM is provided!).

Information will appear tonight in To participate, it will be needed to register in the website during the first week of June, giving explicit identification and agreen to be bound by the contest rules.

Discussion can be done in the developer blog,, and in Facebook Ibercivis pages, where a forum area is supported.

To opt out of future emails from Ibercivis, please edit your project preferences at

10) Message boards : Projects : Ibercivis giving away PC's as prizes! (Message 25112)
Posted 29 May 2009 by John37309
The Ibercivis BOINC project is giving away PC's as prizes for crunching for the project!

This is no joke. If you only speak English, you will need to use a web translator like Yahoo Bablefish to understand the website.

Ibercivis main website;

Ibercivis BOINC project;

Ibercivis competition page;

Bablefish translator;

This is the rough translation of the prizes;
Ibercivis wants to award the citizens who collaborate more with the project from their houses. Thanks to their sponsors, the following prizes exist:

Hewlett-Packard prize: A portáil HP for the best participant of Ibercivis of the world.
Ibercaja prize: 18 netbooks, 1 by independent community and another one for Ceuta and Melilla.
Prize Provincial Delegation of Saragossa: 6 netbooks, 1 by each judicial party of the province of Saragossa.
Prize City council of Saragossa: A portable one for the empadronados ones in the city of Saragossa.
Sun Microsystems prize: 2 workstations for the best participant equipment of the world in Ibercivis.

A picture of the prizes;


I don't speak Spanish so if someone can give us a better explaination for whats involved, that would be great!

John :)
11) Message boards : Promotion : Colbert Report (Message 25004)
Posted 22 May 2009 by John37309
Can watch the show outside the US :(

Send them an email, can't hurt anyway. Its unlikely they will run 2 shows with people related to "SETI" projects in close succession. But there are many other US TV shows like Conan O'Brien and J Leno.

Maybe it should be Jerry Springer you should be contacting! Go Jerry!...Go Jerry!...Go Jerry!...

12) Message boards : The Lounge : BOINC in the News (Message 24675)
Posted 1 May 2009 by John37309
BOINC, ASIA@home and grid computing were featured on BBC world service;

Its a 30 minute Podcast discussing several topics. BOINC and ASIA@home discussion starts 5 minutes in.

13) Message boards : Projects : BOINC & ASIA@home on BBC world service (Message 24674)
Posted 1 May 2009 by John37309
BOINC, ASIA@home and grid computing were featured on BBC world service;

Its a 30 minute Podcast discussing several topics. BOINC and ASIA@home discussion starts 5 minutes in.

14) Message boards : Promotion : Post your ideas for promoting BOINC (Message 24657)
Posted 30 Apr 2009 by John37309
BOINC needs a slogan to go with it's graphic logo...Something that gives a hint of the good that people can do when they participate in BOINC projects...

Some samples:

Save the World...Help unlock the secrets of the universe...

Real home on your computer

BOINC...The world working together.

The power of your computer...Unleashed

Or how about;
"Get BOINC Now!"
"Download BOINC"
"Powered by BOINC"
"Do you BOINC?"

Help promote BOINC;

15) Message boards : Promotion : A naive question re BOINC, energy use & heat by electricity (Message 24294)
Posted 14 Apr 2009 by John37309
It's basic conservation of energy. If a CPU is using 80 watts, it will produce 80 watts of heat. Where else would the energy go?

This is not entirely true Nicolas. Although heat is an unwanted by-product of getting a microchip or CPU to run, there are many things happening that use energy or need energy to complete a task.

Time - Usually acquired by applying pressure to quartz
Capacitance & Time - Charging and discharging of capacitors leaks energy(Usually not inside chips)
Reactance -
Reluctance -
Inductance -
Impedance -
Gate switching in components - Switching logic gates and transistors does use energy, but its very small.

In most cases, its resistance of both copper wires and components that use the energy.

Most CPU's have wapping big fans to cool or take away the heat. The fan itself uses energy in its physical rotation. Fans also produce sound, this is also using energy. Sometimes fans can be a large percentage of the overall power used.

For PC's in general, there are loads of other stuff like LED lights, transformers, speakers, etc, etc.

But yes, much of the 80 watts of power consumption in a CPU would be heat. The percentage would vary from machine to machine.

16) Message boards : Promotion : so I've created a BOINC vista gadget... (Message 24082)
Posted 2 Apr 2009 by John37309
Where can people download this? Nobody is going to try it if you have to register on that forum.

17) Message boards : Promotion : Promote the projects with News signature images (Message 23979)
Posted 28 Mar 2009 by John37309
BOINC projects news signature images are now available
for all the projects here;

The BOINC project news signature image generator takes the latest news from the most popular BOINC science projects and generates an image containing that news. Its the same news you see displayed on the project news page on the website. You can display the image that YOU designed in your forum signature or any website. Once you program the options for the type, project, colour and number of news items, a code is generated just below the image and you can simply copy the code for the image you programmed.

You can select news from all BOINC projects, a single project or you can tick boxes to select your own specific group of projects (Very handy to exclude news from projects you're not interested in!). There are several different background colours to choose from and you can choose to display 1, 2 or 3 news items. Displaying 3 news items in the image looks great but the image is quite large and you might prefer to keep the image smaller by selecting just 1 or 2 news items.

Important note; Worth noting that the most active image that will change most frequently will be if you select "Type 1" and "All BOINC projects" or "Type 2" and a very large collection of single projects. Some projects produce regular daily or weekly news but other projects might not produce news for a long time. The image is updated every 3 hours regardless.

This is a great way to get the very latest news from your favourite projects and display the news on the forums and websites you visit. Its also a great way to promote your favourite BOINC projects.

Some examples;
News from this website "BOINC" with only one news item;

News from SETI@home with 2 news items and a black background;

News from World Community Grid with 3 news items;

News from all BOINC projects;

18) Message boards : Promotion : my weblog post on crunching (Message 23978)
Posted 28 Mar 2009 by John37309
Your blog is good, well done.

If you want to edit it, Arecibo is in Puerto Rico, not Mexico. But everything else looks good.

19) Message boards : The Lounge : 98% of people have no interest in the projects (Message 23696)
Posted 15 Mar 2009 by John37309
< Johnnie - give a shout - GMail me and i'll give you my number - we should talk

Email send Richard, thanks buddy!

20) Message boards : Promotion : so I've created a BOINC vista gadget... (Message 23547)
Posted 8 Mar 2009 by John37309
I like cool shiny stuff and this looks cool!

You get one vote from me anyway!

I say release it to the public.


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