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1) Message boards : Questions and problems : Boincstats overrule all my changed accounts (Message 40040)
Posted 6 Sep 2011 by uBronan

You do not want to use it any longer, for now? That's possible.
Go to this page, edit what you can and fill in humbug, onzin.
Next go to this page, check all projects and click Update.

The last bit is in case you remember anything you filled in at the place where you're supposed to fill in humbug, onzin, and you attach to the account manager again. That way there are no projects registered in this account manager, for you to attach to and have more fits over.

Do know that neither BOINC, nor the University of Berkeley California, nor the developers of BOINC have any say in what happens on account managers. Any problem you have with the account manager, you will have to take up with the account manager developer/administrator.

I did all of the above you mention including any other options mentioned by all other friends/fellow boincers and weird ideas, in no way a person can remove access from this so called managers when once given access.
I somehow hope developers is going to change this.
Since i think is a missing security option.

There should be a option to stop these managers to get into your account(s)
I am not flaming nor attacking people i just try to explain that i have been busy on this for many months
And its frustrating to find that with totally different account info this managers simply take back control whenever.
What i think is through the projects access keys.
I am also warning people when using once such manager it never let loose your accounts even if you want it.

2) Message boards : Questions and problems : Boincstats overrule all my changed accounts (Message 40012)
Posted 5 Sep 2011 by uBronan
Dude you do not get it !

I do not want this crap bam to control my accounts as i said it should not have so much control if someone does not want it

I want the crap bam off / out of my accounts no matter what.

Try it there is no way you can get rid of this crap bam/boincstats
I asked them to delete the account
Changed all info turned it off, changed info again and again whatever you do you will not get rid of it in any way.
The fact that it can control all my accounts without me allowing it is insane!!!
3) Message boards : Questions and problems : I can always tell when Einstein@Home is running, sluggish (Message 40003)
Posted 4 Sep 2011 by uBronan
First of all sometimes it is possible to control gpu processing a little bit, depending on the project but this needs some advanced knowledge of boinc and tinkering with app_info.xml stuff which is not for normal users.

But besides that i would do this different cause i well know this issue
On my older quad i had the same problem it somehow became sluggish when running on 4 cores on the same project.

So i went to the project site and made a so called preference on all projects
Under your account you can set a bunch of handy things

Select the project its preferences

Now this depends if you have one or more machines when using different machines one should make new preferences for the different performing machines

For instance for the slower machines i use school as preference and set it to only run 2 cores( of the cpu) when you use this approach you need to set the preference for each machine under : computer on this account then choose details of the machine needed to change

So when only one machine you just have to set these preference for your project not to use more then 2 or 3 cores, einstein gets limited alot on my machines.
4) Message boards : Questions and problems : Boincstats overrule all my changed accounts (Message 40002)
Posted 4 Sep 2011 by uBronan
Well whatever you call it when i changed the total fake info on bam it changed many accounts with totally different login info into that of bam/boincstats
For me BAM and boincstats is one no matter how you like to call it.
So no i am not mistaken it clearly keeps control even if they do not match at all
As far as i can see it keeps control by collected account keys
If one does not want this, it should be possible to remove it.
And yes i clearly do not trust this..... i see this issue as a huge failure of boinc security.
If one person with certain intensions wants it can take over whatever, even if you turn of this so called bam and change all info on all accounts and on that site after a year you turn it on and poof it has full control again.
Again every project has been changed into fully different login info and email which obvious does not matter
5) Message boards : Questions and problems : Boincstats overrule all my changed accounts (Message 39999)
Posted 4 Sep 2011 by uBronan
I have been trying for months to get rid of boincstats keeping hostage of my accounts.
No matter what i change that site allways gets into all accounts and i do not want that.
I tried change first login info on boincstats then a few days later i changed all accounts info including email, password and user name but even when the 2 are totally different the site takes over all account when it/he wishes.

In the begin i did not know this person got so much control over my boinc accounts, so i changed email addresses and account name and country.

But whatever i do even with totally different and even fake login info in boincstats it take back every control whenever it wants

So this site uses some other ways to keep control everyones accounts

On my frequent requests to remove this i got no answer nor does the person in control stops using this.

I was under the impression i could end this control whenever i wanted but no matter what i do it/he keeps full control.
6) Message boards : The Lounge : Machines with 6-8GB of RAM getting more common? (Message 11436)
Posted 1 Jul 2007 by uBronan
Well actually many machines who are being updated with 4 Gb of memory seem to have a problem because somehow the os does not see or report the right amount of memory (windows xp,vista and seems even 2003 has this problem).
It seems that these machines only report 3 Gb of memory and are not addressing the extra 1 Gb memory.

On the other hand am i and some of my hardcore cruncher buddies are waiting till the new amd barcelona cores are released and if satisfied about the performance we'll buy a 2 cpu 8 core box with about 4 or 8 Gb of ram.

In stead of running 4 machines like i do now i will have one big machine with
loads of cpu's and memory :D

On the other hand we are cautious because we are not sure if these machines get support from os/program manufacturers anytime soon.

But at the moment it probably is going to be either linux or a win 64 os depending if these won't have a problem with the 3 Gb barrier.

I could install 4 Gb of mem on this machine, but when i do i have to lower the timings because of stability with more memory modules
I have these DDR running at 2-2-2-5 at 1T, i think many users gets issues with the stability if using 4 modules.

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