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Posted 5 May 2017 by DanNeely
Apologies for cross posting to the "" forum...

Had the "you are using an old URL" notice a couple weeks back and dutifully changed to "" but had no contact; after a quick search I learned about the server issues. Sorry to hear you had some pretty major dramas, hope things will improve!

Today I saw Ageless re-post of Andy's message, stating the main server was back online; so have attempted to reconnect by again removing the project and re-adding it. Still nothing, the communication keeps getting deferred for 24hrs.

I also noticed the main web address "" still returns an "Error establishing a database connection" message.

So I guess the question is should we go back to use the old "ithaqua" URL or stick with the new one?

Or are we better off removing the project completely and allowing some extra time for things to settle fully?

Thanks in advance for the reply and keep up the great work!


The old URL notice was a red herring caused by boinc not being smart enough to understand the idea of a temporary backup URL. On the CPDN forum they repeatedly said not to bother doingg anything with the URL because you'd just need to repeat the process when they went back to the primary server.

New task downloads are still having problems though, so it looks like they're still trying to sort out bits and pieces of their infrastructure after the kaboom from a few weeks ago.
2) Message boards : Questions and problems : Android Boinc freezing at splash screen (Message 73559)
Posted 25 Oct 2016 by DanNeely
That version seems to be working fine (had a few tasks complete and validate anyway). Is the breakage limited to Android/x86? I have several Android/arm devices; and they all work fine.
3) Message boards : Questions and problems : Android Boinc freezing at splash screen (Message 73547)
Posted 23 Oct 2016 by DanNeely
I have a Dell Venue 8 tablet running Android 5.1 on an Intel Atom. It had been running Seti unattended from Jan to late July of this year when it stopped connecting to Seti. When I discovered this and began investigating yesterday I found that Boinc was refusing to load past the splash screen. Un/reinstalling the client and rebooting my tablet didn't resolve the problem. What should I look at next to try and fix it?
4) Message boards : The Lounge : Machines with 6-8GB of RAM getting more common? (Message 11305)
Posted 26 Jun 2007 by DanNeely

The one I bought has 2 GB of RAM. It's not a particularly high end machine (I'm still debating whether it's a Pentium M dual core as the box says or a Core Duo (Yonah) as CPU-Z says).

"Pentium M dual core" is another example of intel's confusing branding system. It's a yonah with only 1 of the 2 1mb banks of cache enabled. I assume it's like the late 90's cacheless celerons that started out as a way to dump what would otherwise be QC rejects onto the market at the very low end.

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