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1) Message boards : BOINC client : Incorrect Disk Space (Message 10488)
Posted 26 May 2007 by John Dlugosz

Is that a terabyte HD?

979236032512 bytes = 911.984623 gigabytes (according to Google)

I wonder if it's possible that something in BOINC can't deal with sizes that large...

Then again, I thought BOINC pulled that info straight from the OS.

So what OS are you using?

Yes, it's a terabyte stripe set made from two 500GB units. It's actually partitioned into two volumes. And in explaining that to you, I found the answer! The number 979,236,032,512 (0.98 Gigabytes or 0.91 Gibibytes, so Google is wrong) is actually the size of drive E. The operating system and programs are on a separate partition of the same disk, to facilitate image backups of the system without the data files. That is drive F. The command prompt shell (4NT) is showing the large number for both!

It seems that the command
free f:
when the current working directory on F: is actually inside a symbolic link that points back to drive E (f:\documents and settings\John) is returning stats for E, not F. If I say
free f:\
then I get the expected answer, as when I change the current directory to someplace else.

The result for F is 20,974,428,160 bytes total disk space with 9,443,246,080 bytes free, which is consistent with what BONIC is reporting!

So, it's a false alarm. But, if the report stated which directory it was using, it would clear up confusion.

2) Message boards : BOINC client : Incorrect Disk Space (Message 10464)
Posted 24 May 2007 by John Dlugosz
I can't answer your question. But what version of BOINC are you using?

5.8.16 according to the About box
3) Message boards : Web interfaces : BIONIC Web page issues (Message 10448)
Posted 24 May 2007 by John Dlugosz
None of the forums' descriptions covered this, so I'm posting here.

The main page, <> has three problems I'd like to report.

There is no !DOCTYPE statement.

The character set is specified in the response header by the server, but is not in the document itself. So, if the content is saved locally as an HTML file, when loaded it wants to use the default of Latin 1, not UTF-8.

The language link for Bulgarian is messed up. It has a series of "replacement characters", little question-mark icons, actually coded in the HTML. The chars must have been lost when the file was being saved or generated.

BTW, I'd be happy to help out in this department.
4) Message boards : BOINC client : Incorrect Disk Space (Message 10447)
Posted 24 May 2007 by John Dlugosz
Is this the correct forum for this?

The "Computer Summary", which opens in a web page, and the "Disk Usage", which opens in a GUI window, get the disk space quite wrong.

In particular, it is telling me
Total disk space= 19.53 GB
Free Disk Space= 8.98 GB
but the disk BIONIC is installed on actually has
979,236,032,512 bytes total disk space
354,818,613,248 bytes used
624,417,419,264 bytes free

Also, it doesn't explain which disk it is talking about. Looking at the open handles, I figured it must be the drive that it is installed on, as it implicitly writes to a subdirectory of that.

5) Message boards : BOINC client : Optimized Client (Message 10446)
Posted 24 May 2007 by John Dlugosz
The risk with optimised science apps is that they don't return the same results as the original version.

Why is it different? I don't know much about SSE, but I might guess that it doesn't have the 80-bit intermediate results that "doubles" normally do?

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