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1) Message boards : Android : No tasks being sent to a new phone (Message 92390)
Posted 6 Aug 2019 by jedistocky
I've been given a Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1. It's running stock android 9 & has been factory reset. The only app I've installed is Boinc & have logged in to both Asteroids & Rosetta (the 2 projects I run on my ratbag collection of old tech).

There are no tasks. It's getting no tasks at all & hasn't since I logged into it. My other tech running those projects are chewing thru tasks & getting new ones with no issues.

The log out put says "no tasks sent". It's asking for them, but not getting anything in return. Curiously, when I look at the stats page for the phone on the Asteroids or Rosetta site, it comes up with a blank CPU reading. It says there's 8 processors, but no detail about what type of CPU it is (my other tech comes up with ARM or Intel CPU, etc). It's just blank.‚Äč

Anyone run into this before?

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